Empyrean Legacy

Precondition: The character must be exposed to, chosen by, or otherwise encounter a Celestial or fragment thereof.
Core Trait: Empyrean Spark
: You are restricted in the number of abilities that can be used simultaneously by your rank in the tradition. For each rank in Empyrean Legacy you can use two abilities at a time. For example, a character with two ranks can use four abilities simultaneously, while a character with five can use ten abilities simultaneously.
Drawback: The surge of energy used to power Empyrean abilities can interfere with and deteriorate mundane gear and advanced technology. Each time a new ability is activated roll 2d10. On a critical failure or any result below the number of abilities being used, one piece of worn or held equipment held is damaged or a nearby device suffers a malfunction.
Advancement: Empyrean Spark costs 7x new rank in XP to advance but Abilities don’t have ranks; all abilities operate at the rank of the Empyrean’s Spark. The character only needs to buy each ability once at a cost of 5xp each. The character can acquire as many abilities as they like but can only have 2x their level in Empyrean active at once.
Activation Cost: Each ability costs 2 stress to activate unless otherwise stated.
Duration: Abilities last for 1 scene unless otherwise stated

Celestial Armour

The character is shrouded in celestial armour. The appearance can differ depending on the nature of the character’s legacy; scales of raw obsidian, layers of orick, semi-liquid arcsteel, or a seemingly impenetrable storm of iron shards. This armour provides the following benefits.

  • +2 damage soak per rank in Empyrean Spark (all types) against attacks
  • +4 damage soak per rank in Empyrean Spark against environmental or fall damage
  • +1 damage inflicted on enemies in grapple per rank in Empyrean Spark

Sidereal Weaponry

The characters weapon is imbued with sidereal power. Blades are sharpened to a terrible edge, bludgeons are granted chthonic mass, and arrows and spears pierce even the sturdiest armours. If the character does not have a weapon at hand, they can conjure one which must be defined when this trait is taken.

  • Pre-existing weapons keep their traits and gain +2 damage per rank in Empyrean Spark
  • Conjured weapons have a base trait of 7D and gain +2 damage for each Empyrean Spark rank above one.
  • Both pre-existing and conjured weapons now damage entities that would otherwise ignore mundane weapons such as spirits.
  • Creatures with regeneration are unable to regenerate any health on any round where it takes damage from the weapon.

In Empyrean Time

The character is able to move at incredible speed, becoming a blur of motion to those who observe them as they dash short distances between heartbeats. Using this ability has the following effects:

  • The character can automatically succeed on any one athletics check involving running or jumping with a difficulty below 20+ their rank in Empyrean Spark.
  • On any round when this ability is used the character becomes much harder to hit with ranged weapons, increasing the ranged attack difficulty by +2 per rank in Empyrean Spark.
  • The character can add their rank in Empyrean Spark to their initiative.
  • The character can use this ability to make a charge attack which gains +2 damage per rank in Empyrean Spark (Charge = Power + Athletics vs. Dodge)

Hope’s Salve

The character is far more resilient than regular mortals. They can use this ability to close wounds and regenerate their health pool by focusing on their internal spark. The character instantly regains 2 health for each rank in Empyrean Spark. This ability can only be used once per day.

Omo’s Sight

The character sees the structure and order of things in a new way; for a moment they see the world from a celestial vantage and can discern solutions to mechanical problems and creative challenges that might elude mortals. This glimpse does not last, and the truths revealed are impossible to explain in human language, but they can be expressed in craft. The character can choose from the following effects when activating this ability:

  • Add +2 per rank in Empyrean Spark to Craft or Technology for one check.
  • Add 1 rank of hurried to an extended craft check per ability rank without increasing the difficulty
  • Another suitable effect agreed to by the Storyteller

Tenebrous Momentum

The character uses the momentum of defeating a foe as fuel for their spark, gaining one additional action. This can be additional movement or an attack, but not both. This ability has no stress cost but can only be used a number of times per combat equal to Empyrean Spark rank.

Tenebrous Blessing

The character fuels their spark with the breath of their dying foes. They can use this ability to regain their Empyrean Spark rank in Health or 2x Empyrean Spark rank in Stress after felling a worthy enemy. What counts as worthy is up to the storyteller but generally an enemy only counts as worthy if they have a mythic tradition or at least one combat bonus within 4 points of your own. This ability can be used only once per combat and has no stress cost.

Oto’s Challenge

The character’s heritage makes them an irresistible target for enemies. They can pick one or more enemies and bark a challenge. The challenged enemy must make a Will check vs a difficulty of 15 + Empyrean Spark rank. If the enemy succeeds, they can ignore the challenge and act as they wish but take a penalty on their next action equal to the challenger’s Spark rank. If they fail, they are driven to attack the challenger as their next action.

Aythrin Persistence

The character is driven by a celestial purpose and can automatically succeed at a number of persist checks equal to 2 per rank in Empyrean Spark until the end of combat. They are still restricted to one action per turn and take any existing penalties, but they do not fall unless they decide to. This ability has no stress cost.


The character is adept at protecting their allies from harm. Using this ability, they can choose to intercept an attack meant for an ally in range. This ability must be invoked when the ally fails on their defence check and cannot be used to defend allies who are not near to the character. Once invoked the Guardian can use their allies roll but their own bonus as a defense against the attack. If the new defense value makes it a success the attack is foiled. If it fails, the Empyrean takes the damage but soaks it using their gear or abilities.


The character focuses their might into the destruction of an enemies shield or armour. Using this ability, the character can reduce a targets armour soak by 2x Empyrean rank.  The player can choose which type of soak they wish to diminish on attack.  

Ama’s Wrath

The character can use their legacy to become a terrible avatar of ruination, one that unsettles even the sturdiest sapient foes. On activating this ability, the characters spark becomes a terrifying flame in the eyes of their enemies. All sapient enemies must make a Will check vs a difficulty of 15 + Empyrean Spark rank. If the enemy succeeds, they ignore effect but if they fail, they suffer a penalty to all actions equal to Empyrean Spark rank. Penalized enemies can roll the check each round, but the difficulty increases by 1 each time. Enemies whose actions are reduced to zero bonus have their morale broken and flee in terror. This ability does not work on creatures immune to fear such as certain aberrations and machines.


The character can imbue oaths with divine weight. If the character oversees or receives an oath from someone, they may spend 5 stress roll an Intellect + Lore + Empyrean Spark check. The result of this roll becomes the difficulty the oathbound individual must beat in order to violate its terms. Even success at ignoring the terms has a cost however and those who violate the oath suffer a penalty to any action contrary to the oath equal to the Empyrean rank. This oath can be ended at any time by the Empyrean. The character can observe as many oaths as they have ranks. (Ossator: Contractus Imperatoria: Ossandrian oaths and contracts imbued with this ability also bear more temporal weight; violation of the contract effectively removes all rights from the signatory, rendering the equivalent of a slave or foreigner to the Imperium.)

Scouring Aura

The characters mythic heritage manifests as an aura of rending chaotic energy. Anything in close range to the character takes 2 damage per rank in Empyrean Spark each round. This damage can only be soaked by unconventional armours such as barriers and shrouds and passes directly through mundane armour. The aura lasts for 2 rounds per rank in Empyrean Spark but only costs stress to activate, not to maintain. This ability does not discriminate between friend or foe and activating it triggers 2 Drawback rolls.

Scourge’s Touch

The character’s hands become a conduit for raw celestial power. Anything that the character touches, including people, takes a point of burning damage per character rank in Empyrean spark. Flammable substances and materials can be ignited, and a dim light is cast which can provide some illumination. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to the characters rank in Empyrean Spark. (Ossator: Ardenti Tactus)

Inspiring Aura

The character’s spark casts an invisible light which inspires their allies to greater feats. The character grants an ally a +2 bonus to one action per rank in Empyrean Spark. This ability can be used simultaneously on a number of allies equal to Empyrean Spark rank.

Rallying Aura

The character is a beacon of purpose and valour and can rally their allies, restoring stress. The character need not do anything grand (though they can if they wish) they must simply be a reassuring presence, holding fast in the face of exhaustion and danger. All allied characters present when this ability is invoked regain 2 stress per rank in Empyrean Spark. This ability can also be used to restore morale to NPCs who have been broken, adding the characters Rank in Empyrean Spark to a command or leadership check. This ability can be used once per day.

Etheric Memoria

The character can recall events they did not experience, perceiving the history of a location through the eyes of a celestial. The Empyrean must roll an Intuition + Observation + Empyrean at a difficulty of 16 to learn one piece of information about the location’s history. The greater the success, the more important the information learned. The Empyrean must be in the location in question to use this ability.

Caretakers Balm

The character uses their spark to soothe the pain and misery of others. Using this ability, the character can do one of the following:

  • Stop a target from bleeding
  • Relieve a target of heat exhaustion
  • Restore any damage caused by Frostbite received within the past week
  • Reduce the targets stage of starvation
  • Restore all dehydration damage and remove any penalties for dehydration
  • Remove any penalties for having only 1/2 health pool

The character can do this simultaneously for a number of individuals equal to their Empyrean rank (spending only 2 stress rather than having to spend 2 for each)

Animulus Spark

The characters spark connects them to the wilderness of Aeldos causing animals to react positively to their presence. Most wild animals now start with a disposition of Calm and animals with a negative disposition must make a check vs 15 + Empyrean Spark rank to attack the character. This effect lasts as long as the Empyrean does not harm or provoke the animal. This ability does not work on Aberrations.

Empyrean Custodian

The characters spark imbues them with special advantages over aberrant creatures. They gain the following benefits when using this ability:

  • They can sense if a creature is aberrant and gain a bonus to avoid ambushes from such creatures equal to their rank in Empyrean Spark.
  • Their attacks can damage aberrant creatures, even if the target might normally be immune to mundane injury. Any aberrant soak is reduced by their Empyrean Spark rank
  • They can add their rank in Empyrean Spark to attempts to track aberrant creatures.

There is no stress cost for the use of this ability.


The characters spark acts as a compass, offering them a supernal understanding of their place in the verse, both geographically and across the further dominions. This ability can be used to discern exactly where the character is in relation to a landmark of importance to them (typically defined when taking this ability). If the character becomes trapped in another domain they can also use this ability to locate a gateway back to Aeldos. Doing so requires an Intution + Pathfinder vs. difficulty of 20. At Rank 5 the Empyrean can create a portal with this roll. This portal always returns the Empyrean and any companions to the place of importance and can be kept open for 6 seconds per rank in Empyrean Spark.

Celestial Abjuration

The characters spark becomes a wave of celestial energy, weakening and even destroying creatures from other dominions by their sheer presence. This ability primarily affects Sucha (Caligory), Ortug (Sheol), and Atavari (Acheron).  Upon activating this ability all aberrant enemies in sight of the Empyrean must roll 2d10 + their Core Trait. Any targets which roll a critical failure are destroyed and the Empyrean regains an amount of stress equal to the victims Core trait. Any targets with a result below the characters rank in Empyrean Spark are destroyed. Any targets with a result below 12 + Empyrean Spark rank take a penalty to all actions equal to Empyrean Spark for the remainder of the scene. Targets which exceed the check ignore effects of the ability.

Libertine’s Touch

The character can use their spark to cause pain, pleasure, intoxication, or sobriety. The character must touch a target to use this ability and can trigger one of the following effects:

  • Agony/Ecstasy: The characters touch imparts terrible pain or immense pleasure in the target for as long as they are in contact. Pain is perceived but does not represent actual injury and pleasure does not have a specific quality other than general rapture. The target must make a Power + Will check vs. difficulty of 14 + Empyrean Spark. If they fail they cannot do anything until their turn when they may try and reflexively escape the grip which requires an opposed Power + Combat or Athletics. If they succeed, they can endure and take other actions but suffer a penalty equal to the ability rank. They do not take a penalty to checks to escape the grip.
  • Intoxication: The characters touch is intoxicating in a very literal sense. The target must make a Power or Will + Concentration check against a difficulty of 14 + Empyrean Spark. If they succeed in this roll, they are able to shake off the effect, but if they fail they are effectively drunk. On a critical failure the target is rendered incapacitated. This ability can also be reversed to create sobriety in a target, but only lasts so long as the target is in contact.

Hungry Spark

The character can use their spark to boil away illness, poisons, and venom in themselves and others. The level of illness, poison, or venom that is expunged is limited by the characters Empyrean rank. More potent poisons, venoms, and illnesses require higher ranks in Empyrean Spark to be destroyed.

Charming Aura

The characters spark creates a largely imperceptible but pleasing aura to those around them. Using this ability the character can use their rank in Empyrean Spark in place of their rank in Appearance or Personality for the purposes of one social roll.

Voice of Purification

The character can use their spark to directly injure an Aberrant foe with a directed blast of supernal energy. Using this ability requires the Empyrean to roll Will + Empyrean Spark vs. the targets Core trait as a reflexive defence. If the target fails their defense they take the spread + 2x the rank in Empyrean Spark in agonizing and unsoakable damage. If the target succeeds in their defense they take the Empyrean rank in damage only.

Empyrean Craft

The character can imbue a physical object with a portion of their spark. They must use a material capable of retaining celestial power such as Arcsteel, Orick, Hartwood, or rare crystals. The nature of the object is up to the Empyrean, but common items include staves, jewellery, weapons, and armour. The act of imbuing the item with power creates hidden celestial patterns visible only to those with enhanced senses. Whatever the form, the item must be crafted without direct help using a standard craft roll <See Craft Rules>. Once completed the Empyrean must pour a bit of their spark into the object, taking 2 points of unsoakable physical damage to make an Intellect + Empyrean roll versus a difficulty of 16. On a success they can imbue the object with one of their other Empyrean abilities. For example, they might imbue a weapon with Purifier, granting it If 2x damage against Aberrations. The exact nature of the bonus should be discussed with the storyteller. On a critical success they can imbue two abilities. On a failure they are unable to contain the energy and must wait a day before they can try the process again. The imbued object retains its power indefinitely, unless used against the Empyrean or revoked by them.

Living Engine

The character can use their spark to power machinery which would normally be powered by Helion. This ability lasts for a number of hours equal to the rank in Empyrean Spark or can affect a number of simultaneous machines equal to the same for 1 hour. 

Outsider’s Shadow

The characters spark consumes the light around them, plunging the nearby area into a dense chthonic darkness that blinds even those with enhanced senses. Despite this darkness, the Empyrean can see and act without difficulty. The size of this darkness is determined by the characters Empyrean Spark rank, ranging from a few meters up to a square kilometre, and lasts for 2 rounds (12 seconds) per rank. Entities with advanced senses can make a Perception check against a difficulty of 18 + Empyrean Spark rank to navigate the darkness but even if they succeed, they are at a -3 to all actions requiring sight.

Exile’s Sense

The characters spark can force a target to reveal what they have hidden. Using this ability triggers an opposed roll of Will + Empyrean Spark vs. the targets Will + Core trait. If the target succeeds nothing happens, but if they fail the Empyrean learns a secret the character is hiding from them, or if they are not hiding anything meaningful, the characters disposition towards the Empyrean, ranging from maliciously hostile to faithfully devoted. This ability also reveals to the Empyrean if the target is a covert quasi-human such as a Tamaa, Kaeki, or Oneiri, or if they are an Arcanist. This knowledge is not spoken, it is something the Empyrean simply knows, and the target is unaware of the effect unless they have an equivalent supernatural perception which might reveal such actions (e.g. Paragons, Conduits, and some Reborn). (Ossator: Visus Supernae)

Penitent Touch

The character can use their spark to force a target to experience the pain their actions have inflicted on others from their victim’s perspective. The Empyrean must touch the target in question and roll a Will + Empyrean Spark versus the targets Will + Core trait. If the target succeeds nothing happens, but if they fail the Empyrean can specify the actions which harmed others, or the others harmed. The target is paralyzed for a number of rounds equal to the Empyrean Spark rank, as they are inundated by their victims anguish and pain. After the vision has passed the target can act again, but their exact reactions and dispositions will depend on what they have experienced. If the Empyrean does not know of any specific pain the character has caused, or if they accuse the target of a pain they did not actually cause, the ability does not work and the Empyrean takes 1 point of unsoakable physical damage.

Arbiter’s Clarity

The character can discern truth from lies. They can use this ability to determine if a single statement is true or false as the target understands it to be.

Strange Symbol

The character can craft a mysterious supernal symbol which entrances and disorients sapients which look upon it. The character must paint, carve, or otherwise make a mark that is large enough to be easily seen. They can then roll Intellect + Empyrean Spark. The result of this roll is the difficulty other characters must exceed on an Intellect + Concentration check to look away from the symbol. Characters who fail this check will spend at least 1 minute per rank in Empyrean Spark studying the symbol. Characters who do not have points in both Intellect and Concentration are entranced for at least 1 hour per rank. Entranced characters can be roused if attacked or if the symbol is covered but they cannot do so themselves. The Empyrean is aware when someone has been captured by the symbol, but they do not know who or for how long.

Tyrannical Aura

The characters spark generates an aura which instils a paralyzing sense of authority in all characters viewing them. When this ability is activated the Empyrean must roll a Will + Empyrean Spark and all sapient creatures who can see him must make a Will + Core Trait check. Anyone who fails this roll cannot interrupt, attack, or leave the presence of the Empyrean. They experience this effect as a sense of natural submission to the Emyprean. This effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the rank in Empyrean Spark. Any target which is attacked or placed in imminent danger during the use of this ability can reroll their defense against this ability with 3d10k2+. Even characters who succeed in this check find it difficult to proceed and if they wish to attack the Empyrean they must spend an amount of stress equal to the Empyreans rank in spark to do so. They need only do this once, but each character who attacks must spend stress to do so. (Ossator: Scuto ab Imperatore)

Sovereign Silence

The character can use their spark to silence an individual or group with gesture. They must roll a Will + Empyrean Spark and targets with a Will of 1 or higher can roll a Will + Core Trait to resist. Silenced targets cannot communicate verbally or use the Lingua Arcana. Silence only affects voices, it does not affect ambient or local sounds nor does it dispel existing Arcana. (Ossator: Solentium Caelestis)

Rank Targets Affected
5Everyone within 10 meters

Princely Harrow

The character’s words carry harrowing weight. Simply speaking to a target may inflict stress. The target must understand the Empyrean’s words for this ability to work and the Empyrean must roll a Personality + Empyrean Spark versus the targets Will + Core Trait. If the Empyrean succeeds the target takes a point of stress for each rank in Empyrean Spark. This stress cannot be soaked by other abilities. (Ossator: Inferet Anxietas)

Servant of the Ayr

The character can transmit a portion of the their spark to a loyal servant, vesting them authority and fortune. The higher the level the character has Empyrean spark, the more potent the boon they may offer. This ability only affects one target at a time but the Empyrean may grant them as many or few boons as they like though they do take an amount of stress equal to each boon given (e.g. to give all boons the Empyrean would take 15 stress) (Ossator: Gloria Muneris)

1Fortuna: The target can re-roll one action per day.
2Mollis: The target heals twice as much when healed once per day.
3Virtus: The target gains +1 to a specific Aspect.
4Procurator: The target can use the Ossator’s skills as if they were their own
5Nova Vita: The target may die, but they do not stay dead. Once, and only once, the target of this boon can return from certain death.

Bright Spark

The character flares their spark to a bright luminescence, creating an aura which casts blinding light in all directions. Only the fast witted can avoid the effect of this power. The ability affects all targets with an Intuition below the Empyrean spark rank. For example, if the Empyrean has rank 3 the ability affects all characters with an Intuition below 3. Characters with an Intuition of 5 are always quick enough to avert their gaze. (Ossator: Lux Ossandria)

Sidereal Sigil

The character can craft a sigil and imbue it with a portion of their spark. When this sigil is placed on an entrance it makes it impossible for anyone with a Will lower than the Empyrean’s spark rank to enter the marked entrance without the Empyrean’s permission. This ability can be used on doors, windows, chests, or other openings at the discretion of the storyteller.

Mark of Anathema

The character can touch a target and place a mark on their body that identifies them as an enemy of the devoted. Any devout religious character who sees the bearer of such a mark immediately senses the censure that has been placed on them and their disposition is affected accordingly. This occurs regardless of whether they can actually see the mark or not. The mark can only be removed by an Empyrean of equivalent spark or higher spark rank and the duration the mark lasts is determined by the rank of Empyrean Spark. (Ossator: This ability has additional weight in Ossandria where it is not considered a crime under Ossandrian law to kill any individual bearing the mark.)

11 week
21 month
31 year
410 years

Elevation of the Form

The character’s spark bestows a measure of immortality, vigor, and resilience. There is no stress cost for this ability. (Ossator: Imperatoris Praesidium)

1The character becomes immune to mundane illnesses.
2The character becomes immune to poisons and toxins.
3The character requires far less rest and can survive perpetually off of 2-3 hours of rest per night.
4The character is restored to their physical prime and ceases aging.
5The character can survive indefinitely without food, water, or air.

Calamitous End

This grim ability allows the character to channel their spark to terrible and self-destructive ends, consuming their body in the process and changing them into an avatar of celestial power for a brief time. All Aspects, Pools, and Soaks are doubled for the duration of this ability, as are ability effects and this ability lasts for 1 minute for each point in Empyrean Spark. Once that time is up however the characters spark consumes them, destroying them entirely. This death can be a contained one or, as the characters final act of retribution, they can unleash a destructive blast of energy, allowing their spark to consume other nearby enemies. This inflicts an amount of damage to all nearby enemies equal to 10d10 multiplied by the Empyrean Spark Rank.