Mythic Traditions

Narrative Definition: A mythic tradition is a legacy or heritage held by individuals with unusual or supernatural abilities and capacities beyond calling or mundane ability. Traditions are often represented by organizations, schools, or other groups, but can just as easily be the domain of singular individuals with innate gifts. What unifies a tradition is their fundamental nature, what they represent for the characters who possess them, and the sets of related mythic traits they grant access to.

System Definition: A mythic tradition is a defined collection of abilities united under a common theme and unified by some common mechanics.

The process for a player to take on a mythic tradition is roughly as follows.

  1. Player decides they want to pursue a mythic tradition for their character or indicates their desire to have the storyteller guide the process.
  2. Player and storyteller discuss
  3. Player buys into a mythic tradition/key trait which unlocks access to dependent ‘advanced’ traits and supernatural abilities
  4. Storyteller integrates realization/acquisition in to story (if necessary, desired, or not already done)
  5. Player purchases advanced traits from the list associated with their tradition to develop their characters abilities.

A mythic tradition is a broad category, but within each there can be subgroups of more focused paths or approaches to the power. These represent specific in-world examples of organizations, groups, or figures who follow the related tradition.

Empyrean Legacy

The character has been uplifted by supernal entities known as Celestials, the most common of which are the Ayr. Those who carry the Empyrian legacy are known as Empyreans, Aythrin, Ayrkin, or the Elevated. Some Empyreans are instruments of celestial design, opaque though it may be, but some are also the result of passing encounters with Celestials or fragments thereof.
All Empyreans possess a spark that grants them impossible abilities and each rank in this tradition represents a brighter spark, allowing the character to access more abilities simultaneously as a result.
Example Paths: Umbrals, Tariq, Kernus, Usari, Ossator

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Esoteric Enlightenment

The character has developed an obscure and arcane knowledge and the will to harness that knowledge to incredible ends. They are able to use this knowledge to achieve things that might seem impossible to others. Each rank in this tradition represents an increase in the breadth and depth of this knowledge and allows the character to draw on their comprehension and will in new and more potent ways.
Shifters (Colonial, Protean), Shapers (Forceweavers, Axiswalkers, Conjurers), Bonescribe (Chimori, Black Hand, Gyren), Singer (Vashald, Skald, Rashasa)

Occult Conduit

The character was born with or has developed a connection to an eldritch source of power, typically a spirit. This relationship may be one of hapless thrall or dominant member of a union or partnership but regardless of the nature of the connection, the character is imbued with some portion of power via their connection. Each rank in this tradition represents an increase in the resilience and capacity of this connection, allowing the character to call on greater powers as a result.
Shaman (Wen, Ngama), Vilkappi, Mariner (?), Xia, Ossator

Paragon of the Species

The character is uniquely talented and adept with their species specific traits/abilities.
Heliar, Kaeki, Sibyla, Tamaa, Tollam, Oneiri

Reborn in Shadow

The characters body has been permanently altered by exposure to arcane or unknown forces. They have gained capacities and powers beyond the norm as a result of their mutation. Each rank in this tradition represents an additional changes to their form, or increase potency of existing changes.
Altere (Kholblod, Iyreni, Lictor)

Chryomorph/Iceblood: Unaffected by cold and able to chill things by touch and concentration
Pyromorph/Coalblood:Unaffected heat and able to set things on fire by touch and concentration
Venemoprh/Ichorblood: Unaffected by poison and able to envenomate by touch and concentration
Umbramorph/Shadowblood: Unaffected by arcane shadows and able to exude a debilitating toxic aura with concentration.
Gigantism: Grows larger with each level in this feature
Bestial: Develops bestial traits such as fur, claws, fangs, or a tail.

Sige Heritage

The character possesses and is attuned with one or more pieces of advanced Sige technology. They are able to use this technology to its fullest, ‘synchronizing’ with it and gaining abilities beyond others who simple possess such devices. Each rank in this tradition represents a greater synchronicity and an associated improvement to the capacity and power of such equipment.
Sige (Artifex, Sibyla, Urangi), Matterwright (Sandweaver), Longshot, Ikaelos, Lightbender (Enganarome, Deceptor)

List of available traits (not the traits themselves which are maintained in a central list ala spell list)
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