Creature Abilities


The following are a list of tags, traits, and abilities for creatures. This list is not considered complete and is meant primarily to act as inspiration or assist the Storyteller in defining creature features. The exact traits for each creature in the Bestiary are not provided to provide flexibility, increase suspense, and reduce tactical metagaming.


Size: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Enormous
Locomotion: Bipedal, Semi-bipedal, Quadrapedal
Intellect: Intelligent, Bestial
Social: Solitary, Duo, Pack
Weapons: Claws, Gore, Hook Claw, Barb Tail, Bite
Movement: Burrow, Climb, Glide, Fly, Swim
Attacks: Pounce, Sweep, Slam, Rend / Rake, Trample, Flurry, Stunning attack, Stealthy, Thermo Perceptive, Thick Hide, Regen, Terror Aura, Immunity, Chromatophores, Howl / Roar, Summon / Call, Coordinated Attack, Rush, Grace / Speed, Power / Might, Toxic Flesh, Toxic Blood, Venomous, Disorienting Attack, Dodge, Entangle, Diseased, Leech

Enemy Abilities

Sweep: The enemy does not attack a person, they attack an entire area and anyone in it is liable to get hurt. This can range from a monstrous cleave to a gout of acid spewed across an area.
Terror: The appearance or actions of the enemy is somehow capable of draining the courage from the stoutest heart. The enemy isn’t attacking the characters physically, they’re attacking their will to fight, demonstrating a prowess or danger that taps the characters on a visceral, primal level.
Madness: The enemies appearance or actions are an affront to reason and order. They assault the minds ability to cope with the world, bending reality in ways that leave the character stunned, reeling, and unable to sort truth from fiction. They may perceive enemies as friends and vice versa or be assaulted with hallucinations or left in a reverie, a dream or nightmare they cannot escape.
Brutalize: The enemies attack does not merely do damage, it inflicts grievous wounds, pulverizing bone, removing limbs, or flaying and burning. Every attack inflicts a wound, often grievous.
Toxic: The enemies attack envenomates the character, and the results are grisly. Breathing shortens as lungs seize and throat closes, blood thickens into a pudding in the veins, stopping the heart, or becomes like water making it impossible to stop bleeding, or the the brain itself is turned to soup by neurotoxicity.
Invisiblity: The enemy is either camoflauged or moves so quickly they are almost imperceptible, making defending against them equally impossible. Wounds appear, limbs are crippled, and the enemy lingers beyond perception.
Crescendo: The enemies attack takes time but the end result is devastating. They howl and raise their arms, bones popping and muscles flexing as they prepare a blow that will render armour useless, or their throat sac bulges as they generate a gout of metal eating acid that they will spray across the battlefield, or their scream-howl is a raising tone that first stuns, then paralyzes, then kills.
Paralysis: The enemy secrets something that paralyzes a character, either partially or entirely, leaving them helpless in the face of a different attack.
Senses: The enemy attacks the senses, blinding or deafening the character, leaving them vulnerable.
Wrecker: The enemy destroys equipment. Armour crumples, blades bend or dissolve, arrows are turned to ash. Something about the enemy or their aura is inimical to created things.
Counter: The enemy is particularly adept at countering or diminishing calling abilities, forcing characters to rely on other methods to defeat them.
Memory thief: The enemy is able to steal parts of the characters memory, wounding them in a profound and invisible manner by taking something deeply personal.
Multiply: The enemy splits or disgorges other enemies, creating new threats to deal with and overwhelming the characters.
Immobilize: The enemy locks a character in place with a sticky substance or field of force that allows the character to move but not to leave, keeping them from fleeing and forcing them to fight at a disadvantage as they can no longer properly dodge large attacks.
Ignite: The enemy is able to create fire, either in the environment to trap or terrify a character, or directly, setting the character on fire.
Swallow: The enemy is large enough to eat a character whole, cramming them into their gullet and either rending them with teeth, suffocating them in flesh, or boiling them in their internal acids.
Antitech: The enemy interferes with technology, rendering advanced weapons and armour unpredictible or inoperative.


Flooding, Landslide/Avalanche, Electrical discharge, Fire, Freezing, Airless, Zero G, Toxic