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Per Lumen Eius / By His Light.
-Common Ossator salutation

Also Known As: Inquisitors
Pre-requisites: Human, Culture: Ossandrian, Calling: Spy, Aristocrat, Curate, or Soldier level 4+, Trait: Devoted to Imperator, Background of devotion to Ossandrian service (e.g. Legion, Temple, Senate, etc)


Ossators are the specially selected and elite guardians of Ossandria, specifically chosen to execute the Imperator’s will. Ossators are granted immense authority both within and outside the empire, and also gain a variety of celestial boons as a result of their devotion to and direct connection with the Imperator. Ossators are spy-masters, inquisitors, and assassins, feared by all familiar with their role.


The most obvious advantage of the Ossator is the political and social power they wield. Ossators are granted authority by the Imperator himself and function above much of the political fray that defines Ossandrian life. The word of an Ossator carries incredible weight and a skilled Ossator can unseat Senators, Legates, and Tribunes with just a few sentences in the right ears. Ossators gain a more direct form of power from pledging full devotion to the Imperator, developing arcane features including enhanced vitality and resilience, fearsome or impressive auras, and


Ossators typically come from particular backgrounds. Much of the Ossator’s power is tied to the Imperium itself. Outside Ossandria the authority and the punitive mechanisms of the Imperium mean little. The Ossator is also dependent on their connection to the Imperator for their power. Actions against the will of the Imperator they may cause the Ossator to lose their gifts, and the will of the Imperator is not at all transparent.


The Ossators of Ossandria are a well known but rarely seen force within the Empire. These elite servants of the Imperator are individuals of particular talent tasked with serving the Empire from the shadows. They act in a variety of roles, from masters of its clandestine services to religious inquisitors pursuing heresy, to special forces engaging in hidden battles. As a result, Ossators come from a a handful of specific backgrounds; Senators, Priests, Legionaries, and Spies. Regardless of origin, all Ossators are feared figures within the Empire, recognized as existing outside many of the normal hierarchies and permitted to act in ways that other Ossandrians would not.

Potential Ossators are first selected by current Ossators. Recruits must participate in a ceremony which demonstrates their devotion to the Imperium. The features of this ceremony are a well kept secret but it is believed an act of loyalty must be undertaken to complete the ritual. Those who pass this stem become Ossators and are given a special coin and ring bearing the Imperator’s personal signum. These symbols of office are known throughout Ossandria and those who bear them are given unique privileges such as immunity from prosecution and preferential treatment by merchants. They are then directed by higher ranking Ossators, given directives and tasks which they are free to pursue however they see fit. Ossators who reach a high enough rank are granted a personal audience with the Imperator himself. This private audience is almost always a life changing event; those who enter are granted sight of a living god, a glimpse of power few mortals can even conceive. The events of such a meeting are the source of ample speculation but little fact.

Outside of Ossandria the Ossators are the infamous hidden blade of a powerful and brutal empire. They are often attributed responsibility for an array of horrific atrocities. This characterization is generally unfair as the Ossators are few and the breadth of the Empire is wide, but to many the organization is the well-known secret behind Ossandrian cruelty. This reputation makes them a target. The occupied peoples of Nehep, the embattled guardians of Lux and Mujin, the servants of the Silent city of Selene, and the clandestine groups of most cultures place significant value on the death or capture of Ossators and the arcane powers the Ossators wield also make them the target of Linguists, religious fanatics, and mage hunters.


Iure Immunitatis: The Ossator cannot be held or prosecuted for crimes by anyone other than a higher ranking Ossator. Minor crimes such as theft, breaking and entering, or assault are almost always ignored or covered up by fearful locals however major crimes such as murder of a patrician or major larceny may attract attention.
Fides Mercator: The Ossator may demand a discount of 50% on any goods sold by loyal Ossandrians.

Hoste Cruor: The Ossators are considered the blood enemies of many and can expect to be targeted by a variety of dangerous groups and individuals. Beyond those Ossandrians whose lives or family have been destroyed by the zealous loyalty of the Ossatori, many from beyond Ossandria also bear irreconcilable grudges against the order; Nehepi Dervishes, Selenian Umbrals, Luxi Kenvir, Mujin Xia and many others rightly see the Ossatori as an existential threat to their cultures and lives.
Obedientes Imperii: Ossators must follow the will of the Imperator and any call to service made by the Imperator must be obeyed. Defiance or acts that go against his will are apt to leave the Ossator powerless and hunted. This is made more difficult by the fact that the Imperator does not always make his will particularly clear.

Core Trait

Celestial Conduit: The core trait for an Ossator is defined by their spiritual connection to the Imperator himself and the amount of power they can channel through it. By abiding the will of the Imperator and devoting oneself fully to his service the Ossator can act as a channel for his authority and a portion of his divinity.

Ability levels cannot exceed the characters level in Celestial Conduit.


Authoritas Imperatoria: The Ossator represents the Empire and may command those of lesser rank to do their bidding. For each point taken in this ability the Ossator can command any rank equal to or below the one listed in the table below. The Ossator can expect their command to carry the weight of words from the Imperator himself.

Level Rank
1 Centurions and Citizens: Lower officers and the general public.
2 Praefects and Tribunes: Higher officers within the Legion or local officials.
3 Legates and Praetors: Generals, and commanders.
4 Senators, Prelates, Consuls: Rulers and governers.
5 Ossators: Other Ossators.

Where two Ossators with equivalent rank give conflicting orders both must roll their Will + Core Trait + Authoritas. Whoever rolls higher is considered to have the higher authority.

Contractus Imperatoria: The Ossator’s contracts are sanctioned by the Imperator and bear the weight of the Imperium behind them. The Ossator must write out a contract and expend 5 stress and make an Intellect + Lore roll. If the result of the roll is above 10 signatories to the contract face both legal and spiritual dangers for violation of the contract. For each point in this ability signatories suffer a penalty to any action against the terms of the contract. Regardless of the character’s rank or status, violation of the contract effectively removes all rights from the signatory, rendering the equivalent of a slave or foreigner to the Imperium. Additionally, the violator suffers an amount of permanent, unhealable stress equal to the Ossator’s points in this ability.

Sigillum Caelestis: The Ossator marks an entrance with an arcane sigil, imbuing it with a portion of the Imperators power. This sigil makes it impossible for anyone with a Will lower than the level in this mark to enter the marked entrance without the Ossator’s permission. This ability can be used on doors, windows, chests or other openings.

Anathema: The Ossator touches a target and places a mark upon their body that identifies them as an enemy of the Imperium. Any loyal Ossandrian who sees the bearer of such a mark is driven into a murderous frenzy and will attempt to kill the bearer. This occurs regardless of whether they can actually see the mark or not. The murder of Anathema carries no penalties under Ossandrian law. The Ossator must spend 5 stress and they must physically touch the target to apply the mark. The mark can only be removed by an Ossator. The duration of the mark is determined by the level in the ability.

Level Length
1 1 week
2 1 month
3 1 year
4 10 years
5 Forever

Scuto ab Imperatore: The Ossator is protected by the power of the Imperator. For each point taken in this ability enemies suffer an equivalent penalty to their attack rolls. Costs 3 stress to activate and lasts for a single combat.

Visus Supernae: The Ossator sees things as the Imperator sees them, beyond mere sight. They can automatically identify covert quasi-humans such as Tamaa, Kaeki, and Oneiri. They are also able to identify Arcane Linguists with a glance.

Inferet Anxietas: The Ossator’s words carry harrowing weight. Simply speaking to a target may inflict stress. The target must understand the Ossator’s words for this ability to work. The Ossator rolls a Personality + Core Trait + Ability versus the targets Will + Core Ability. If the Ossator succeeds the target takes a point of stress for each point in this ability the Ossator possesses. This stress cannot be soaked by other abilities. This ability can be used 1/day/level.

Silentium Caelestis: The Ossator can silence an individual or group with gesture. The Ossator spends 3 stress to roll a Will + Core Trait + Ability and targets with a Will of 1 or higher can roll a Will + Core Trait to resist. Silenced targets cannot communicate verbally or use the Lingua Arcana. Silence only affects voices, it does not affect ambient or local sounds nor does it dispel existing Arcana. Each level taken in Silence makes it more difficult for targets to resist the effect and also extends the effect.

Level Targets Affected
1 1
2 3
3 7
4 11
5 Everyone within 10 meters

Supra Notitiam: The Ossator channels a portion of the Imperator’s power and vanishes from the perception of those who lack awareness. The Ossator spends 3 stress to activate this ability for a scene. Any character with an Intuition score below the level of this ability cannot see the Ossator. This ability does not work on Beasts or Kaeki. An individual who can perceive the Ossator can attempt to point them out to others; doing so triggers those characters to make an active Perception roll with a difficulty of 12 + Ability Level. Failure indicates the character cannot perceive the Ossator, regardless of the active direction.

Imperatoris Praesidium: The Ossator gains a portion of the immortality, vigor and resilience of the Imperator.

Level Effect
1 The character becomes immune to mundane illnesses.
2 The character becomes immune to poisons and toxins.
3 The character requires far less rest and can survive perpetually off of 2-3 hours of rest per night.
4 The character is restored to their physical prime and ceases aging.
5 The character can survive indefinitely without food or water.

Gloria Muneris: The Ossator can transmit a portion of the Imperator’s power to a loyal servant, vesting them with a portion of their authority and fortune. The higher the level the Ossator has in this ability the more potent the boon they may offer. This ability only affects one target at a time but the Ossator may grant them as many or few boons as they like though they do take an amount of stress equal to each boon given (e.g. to give all boons the Ossator would take 15 stress)

Level Effect
1 Fortuna: The target can re-roll one action per day.
2 Mollis: The target gains double their normal healing rate.
3 Virtus: The target gains +1 to a specific Aspect.
4 Procurator: The target can use the Ossator’s skills as if they were their own
5 Nova Vita: The target may die, but they do not stay dead. Once, and only once, the target of this boon can return from certain death.

Dirige Filios: The Ossator can set individuals against one another with a whisper. The Ossator must select two individuals, a target and a subject. They can then spend 3 stress and roll a Personality + Celestial Favour + Ability Level. Targets with +1 will or higher can roll a Will + Socialize + Core Trait to resist. If the Ossator wins they can define the targets feelings towards the subject.

Lux Ossandria: The Ossator summons a portion of the Imperator’s luminescence, casting a blinding light in all directions. Only the fast witted can avoid the effect of this power. The Ossator must spend 3 stress to activate the ability and it affects all targets with an Inuition below the Ossator’s level in the ability. For example, if the Ossator has level 3 the ability affects all characters with an Intuition below 3. Characters with an Intuition of 5 are always quick enough to avert their gaze.

Ardenti Tactus: The Ossators hands become a conduit for the divine fire of the Imperator. The character must spend 3 stress to activate the ability and it lasts for a number of rounds equal to the ability level. Targets take a point of burning damage for each level the Ossator has in this ability. This ability can also be used to ignite flammable substances and materials or provide light equivalent to a torch for a scene.

Lancea Imperator: The Ossator calls out to the Imperator to strike an enemy from on high. A lance of lightning descends from the sky inflicting an amount of damage equal to their level the ability x2. The Ossator must spend 3 stress to call upon this ability and targets who can see the Ossator can make a Grace + Athletics check to try and dodge the strike. The difficulty of this check is 18.