Await not in quiet the coming of machines, the marching iron feet. Slip away, or turn your back. You will meet in battle anyway.
-Samus Rao, Sibyla of Kufra

Also Known As: Machine Witch/Mage, Mechromancer, Vexatari, Malak, Oss.-Kerscalix, Sub.-Rulpa, Svert.-Vardoger, Vic.-Anmare
Prerequisites: Will 3, Tech 3, Concentration 3


Sibyla are artilect-priests and geist-shamans who have learned how to control machines with their will and in turn act as host to machine spirits within their own bodies using an implant known as a Neural Mirror, which allows them to enhance their own abilities. Sibyla are found in several modern cultures across the continent, particularly anywhere that machines are needed but feared, and are often mistrusted for their ability to control technology.


Sibyla dominate and control machines via their neural mirror which allows them to use their will to ensure obedience. Machines that might otherwise be hostile can be made passive or forced into the Sibyla’s service, from luminar to clatterjacks, and even control technological infrastructure. They can also craft and use implants and prosthesis to enhance their abilities and enslave and host geists and artilects within their body. And while they lack the improvisational skills of the Urangi or the craftsmenship of the Artifex, they are still skilled at maintaining and repairing a wide array of advanced technologies.


Sibyla engage in dangerous self-modification in order to enable their powers, which can lead to long term complications and vulnerabilities. The Sibylla focus on dominating and controlling machines without properly understanding them also tends to make them enemies of advanced artilects and Heliar.


“Few people have heard of Sibyla and those who have are rightly frightened of these enigmatic machine masters. Sibyla are those who have discovered or been gifted ancient technology that allow them modify their own bodies and directly control a wide variety of relics, turning themselves into powerful hybrids of machine and human, and turning machines into obedient slaves. Along with Artifex and Urangi, Sibylla represent one of the three branches of the gifted, descended from the mythical Sige of the first age.

While the circumstances vary, Sibyla most often originate in cults of technology where ancient artilects are worshipped as powerful totem spirits. Since the most powerful of these ancient machines are often trapped in stationary forms, they may seek to elevate one of their chosen to Sibyla, bestowing upon them the painful gift of a Neural Mirror. This mirror blurs the line between Sibyla and machine and allows the bearer to both act as host for and take control of powerful machinery.

Sibyla advance in their calling by developing greater control over their Neural Mirror, allowing them to truly master technology as only the Sige could before them. This process often requires them to seek out a wide array of increasingly challenging technologies to test themselves against. Such challenges don’t always succeed and many Sibyla bear the scars of failed pairings, or worse, have become hosts to artilects that dominate their own minds.

While few humans are aware of the Sibyla, most Artilects have some concept of them. Most low level artilects possess no volition to violate and only resist Sibyla at an autonomic level, possessing no meaingful thoughts on them. Artilects of Class III or above howver are negatively disposed towards them as a result of both the violating nature of Sibyla domination and the potential for Sibyla control to be detrimental to their somatic code and even their sanity.

Sibyla can find a niche in both technologically advanced and primitive cultures and are equally likely to be ostracized by both for meddling with things of value or threat. This is why most tend to gather in small coteries and clans, hiding themselves and their machine patrons away from the world at large.


Interdictor: A side effect of the Neural Mirror’s attempts to entrain all local technology to the user, the mere presence of a Sibyla can cause malfuctions in technology which they do not have control over. This can pose a considerable threat to the Sibyla’s enemies.
Feature: Neural Mirror Upgrades and Prosthesis

Feature: Negatively viewed by Artilects and Heliar
Feature: Introduce the risk of possession by machine spirits, particularly with each upgrade made to their Mirror.

Core Trait

Reflection: Sibyla utilize an implant known as a Neural Mirror to take direct control of technology. This implant takes the form of markings that look like circuitry on the surface of the skin but are actually directly (often painfully) integrated into the Sibyla’s nervous system. The mirror allows the user to interface with most forms of first age technology on a fundamental level in a process known as “entrainment and reflection”. The stronger a Sibyla’s reflection the more diverse, potent and robust the control they can exert over advanced technological devices. The process of strengthening one’s Reflection differs for each Sibyla but typically involves either use and practice, ritual and meditation, or communion with a powerful artilect.
Ability levels cannot exceed the Sibyla’s level in Reflection.


Avatar: The Neural Mirror also includes light plugs that allow the Sibyla to enter the webwork shadow world as an avatar, a technology largely lost to the modern world.

Barrier: Description. Mechanics.

Blast Flies: Description. Mechanics.

Short Directive: The Sibyla can give a machine a direct command, typically only a sentence and not complex, and the machine will obey, regardless of its normal controller. The higher the level the higher the bonus to the roll and the higher the complexity of the machine that can be controlled.

Shutdown Command: The Sibyla can attempt to remotely deactivate a machine with a silent command. This leaves the machine dormant until it can be reinitialized. The higher the level the higher the bonus to the roll and the higher the complexity of the machine that can be shut down.

Wake on Command: The Sibyla can attempt to remotely awaken a machine with a silent command. The machine must go through any standard initialization that may be required. The higher the level in this ability the better the roll and more machines or more potent the machine that can be awakened.

Cascade Discharge: The Sibyla can attempt to trigger a Helion cascade within a powered device, causing it to generate a shocking static field that affects anyone in contact or within 2 meters of the device. The higher the level in this ability the more damage is triggered on its use.

Wiretap: The Sibyla can perceive through the sensorum of a machine, turning any relic into a listening device. The higher the level in this ability the longer and further they can maintain it.

Synchronize: The Sibyla can ‘pair’ with an animate machine and both perceive and act through it. The higher the level the in this ability the more machines they can control or the more potent the machine.

Read Only Memory: The Sibyla can quickly skim the ‘memories’ of a machine, learning what it has heard, seen, or done. The higher the level in this ability the further back the memory they can access.

Black Hood: The Sibyla can deny other mechanists access to a technology, modifying a Clatterjack to ignore external commands, or creating code that makes it extremely difficult for others to alter a given relic. The Sibyla can even replace the code that operates a machine, changing it’s purpose or breaking another person’s access to it.

VÄ«cira; The Sige can house an artilect within their own body. This artilect acts as a complement to the Sibyla ‘s abilities, granting them features such as:

-Perfect Recall
-Increased Intellect
-Increased Intuition
-Increased Variable Skill Pool
-Autonomic control
-Automatic healing

Companion: Some Sibyla are granted unique machine companions by their patron Artilects.

Ability 15: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 16: Description. Mechanics.

Unused Tech Source:
Crafting – Quick Repair
Breach Locks
Access Areas with Traps/Defenses
Harvest Resources
Control Tech – Minor
Enhance Tech
Crafting – Initial Craft
Advantage Tech
Social Advantage with Artilects
Helion Engine
First Age Armour
First Age Weaponry – Melee