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Also Known As: Durables, Knights, E.Svert.-Ritari, W.Svert-Varig, Lux.-Roa, Oss.-Durum or Centurion, Neh.-Zor, Vic.-Caledyn
Pre-requisites: Power or Grace 3, Intuition or Will 3, Combat 3 or Athletics 3, sponsorship by a member or inheritance from a parent


Who are they? How are they perceived? How do you become one (short version)?

The devoted servants of the Ayr, Aythrin, and Ayrkin, encompassing ascetic mendicants, mystics, and spiritual warriors.
Typically associated with an honour society of either hereditary, military, or religious, and loyal or sovereign.
Durant Order purposes?




Who are they? What can they do? Where do they come from?

How does the calling manifest? What is the mechanism for acquiring and following it

Where do they range? How are they perceived by those who encounter them? By those who have only heard of them?

V’anma: Wandering protectors and resilient religious guardians changed by ritualized exposure to occult forces. Bulwarks, justicars, and monks.

Iyreni: Mutants physically changed by wild arcane phenomena. Monstrous or aberrant humans that gain a set of features, abilities, and flaws and can then enhance them through the focus of Eitre.

Kholblod: Survivors altered by exposure to unnatural conditions and creatures found in the Chillwaste. Aberrrant or bestial entities tied to powerful and mysterious wild gods.


Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Positive
Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Positive

Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Negative
Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Negative

Core Trait

*Name**: Description of the core trait
Ability levels cannot exceed the characters level in Core Trait

Celestial resilience, celestial might, protecting others, enforcing oaths
– Righteous Fury: Strike with holy fury. Add the bonus in this ability to an act of force.
– Zealot: Faith and devotion provide endurance. Ignore stress for a number of rounds or regain health temporarily.
– Celestial Aegis: Holy favour grants enhanced resistance. Ignore an attack or damage for a number of rounds.
– Ayrblessed: Impart additional base power for endurance or offense.
– Shieldbreaker: Shatter a shield or damage armour, reducing effectiveness.
– Beacon of Hope: Righteous action inspire’s allies. Recover stress, health, stress armour.
– Beacon of Fury: Zealous fury inspires allies. Bonus to actions, ignore penalties
– Beacon of Firmament: Faith tethers to reality. Penalty to Sucha and other aberrations in presence.
– Becaon of Silence: Faith can shield against even celestial might. Bonus to resist Lingua
– Vengeance: Enemies are punished for their actions. Riposte modification or bonus when executing vengeance or provoke riposte when attacking allies instead of wielder.
– Rally: Revive allies who are affected by stress breaks or otherwise impeded.
– Teamwork: Working together enhances group effectiveness. Bonus to others or vice versa when taken.
– Oath: Make an oath and gain some benefit to actions in service of that oath.
– Comforting Presence: Allies find presence heartening. Increased recovery rates.
– Hammer of the Ayr: Stun an enemy with a well placed blow.
– Soothing Presence: War animals follow. Bonus to animal handling and ride.
– : Gain the initiative on an enemy
– Sidereal Guidance: Bonus to ranged attacks
– Respected: Social bonus due to reputation and status among selected group.
– Measure: Celestial instinct reveals an individuals heart. Discern intent/motive/honesty of a target.
– Bulwark: Place oneself in defense of others. Attacks against allies gain defensive bonus
– Sanction: Opprobrium carries additional weight. Social penalty on a target
– Challenge: Divine authority mandates a response. Enemy who does not attack suffers penalty.


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