Necessity may be the mother of invention, but curiosity was the father and gelt was the midwife.
-Marcus Vansen

Also Known As: Mechanist, Antiquarian, Jacksmith, Technician, Lux.-Urtohunga, Gran.-Eszkez, Vic.-Innleadair, Sub.-Tikara
Prerequisites: Intellect 3, Tech 3, Craft 3


Artifex are gifted engineers and creators, adept at translating visions into working technology. Often characterized as the Chosen of Omo, Artifex represent one of three driving forces behind the mythical Sige, conceiving of and crafting everything from Artilects and their Clatterjack bodies to novel bio-genetic augmentations and flying ships known as Aerials. While the age of the Sige ended with the fall of the Imperium, the Artifex live on in Selene, quietly forging new wonders and relics and ensuring the survival of the Silver City with their genius.


Artifex are not merely able to use technology but can actually understand it and, as such, are the most skilled at repairing, maintaining, and enhancing relics and artefacts, and synthesizing new ones. Given the right scrap, the right tools, and some time, an Artifex craft seemingly anything. They can restore, optimize, and maintain their allies tech, craft the perfect nexus query, and craft security geists to prevent others from meddling with a cadres gear. They are able to craft novel Artilects known as Daemons to act as companions. Their understanding and skill also improves their ability to deal with Artilects who otherwise often find humans primitive and dull. Their abilities also make them highly valued in most cultures.


Artifex are reluctant travelers, hard to draw away from their workshops. They are driven to craft and tinker and find it stressful to spend time doing things other than creating. The rarity of Artifex skills also make them valuable slaves and targets of extortion and kidnapping.


Artifex are gifted engineers, mechanists, and craftspeople, highly valued throughout Aeldos for their ability to not just maintain, but genuinely understand technology. Along with Sibyla and Urangi, Artifex represent one of three branches of the gifted, descended from the mythical Sige of the first age.

Artifex are quite rare in the current age, with the largest concentration found in Selene, where there remains a vast library of technical knowledge available to inspire young Tinkers and Mechanics to pursue this difficult path. As crafters and creators, Artifex also require materials and tools for most of their work and most find it useful to establish a permanent workshop where they can follow their calling; this makes Selene a perfect locale due to the ample materials and resources available within the Silver City.

Not all Artifex are sedentary folk though. Much of the remaining technology of Aeldos remains buried or lost in the ancient wreckage of the Imperium, in distant ruins and lost caverns and so more than a few Artifex equip themselves with their powerful inventions and venture forth into the world to retrieve the riches of the ancient world, both in scrap and knowledge.

Becoming an Artifex requires intelligence and creativity, but most find that even this is not enough and it is common to apprentice to another Artifex who can pass on valuable knowledge and skills. In Selene, the Collegium Artifex is the heart of such endeavours, coordinating hundreds of brilliant inventors, jacksmiths, and technicians in pursuing this path.

Artifex advance in their calling by creating, upgrading, and inventing mechanisms and refining their understanding and inductive ability to the levels of the Sige.

Artifex are highly valued in all technologically advanced cultures and are often accorded considerable courtesy and leeway by local nobles, aristocrats, and merchants. They are also a key resource for adventurers who often find employment with them, or seek them out to repair their relics and gear. Conversely, in less technological cultures they are less appreciated, often seen as dangerous by virtue of their knowledge of matters often considered taboo or magical.

Artifex are often well appreciated by Artilects and Heliar for their understanding and ability to repair and maintain their complicated shells.


Calibrator: Artifex know how to keep everyone’s technical gear in the best shape. Assuming their cadre allows for it, an Artifex enhances the tech of any cadre, passively granting a +1 bonus to all rolls with party tech and removing the need for maintenance.
Compar: An Artifex is to a Machine or Artilect, what a Surgeon is to a Human. Their knowledge and nature endear them to Artilects and Heliar, granting a bonus to Social rolls with these entities equal to their level in Induction.

Monomania: Artifex are at their best when surrounded by their work and the resources and tools necessary to further it. An Artifex may leave their workshop in body, but their minds tends to linger. Artifex are at a social disadvantage with people when interacting beyond their domain, suffering a penalty on social rolls when outside their workshop equal to their level in Induction.
Creative Urge: The nature of the Artifex calling is to make things, and those who follow this path find any day not spent doing so stressful. Artifex maximum stress is reduced by 1/2 for any day they do not spend at least three hours working on creating something, either crafting schematics, polishing designs, upgrading gear, or crafting new inventions. This is particularly evident when traveling.

Core Trait

Induction: The creative gift of the Artifex is represented by their Induction. This trait represents their ability to understand and innovate and their capacity to both innovate and synthesize. For many Artifex the concept of Induction is simply a representation of their knowledge and comfort with complex technology, but for others it represents celestial inspiration, the genius of the Ayr as expressed through their hands. While the conception may differ, the path to advancing Induction is common among all Artifex; study, practice, experimentation, and review.
Ability levels cannot exceed the Artifex’s level in Induction.


Daemon Companion: Artifex are able to create a special type of advanced geist known as a Daemon. These ephemeral intelligence’s are often confused for Artilects, but Daemons are distinct due to their deep and integral attachment to their Artifex creators. Where an Artilect can operate on its own, long after any mortal creator has died, Daemons are more of an extension of the Artifex, influenced and enabled by their creators neurology and uniquely molded to it.
Each Daemon is unique to the Artifex who created it and their capabilities can be as broad or narrow as the Artifex requires. In their base state a Daemon can only interact indirectly with the physical world, through Luminars, Lightwalls, and Lenses. In order to give a Daemon a physical form the Artifex needs to improve the Daemon Frame (below).
Mechanics: Daemons are versatile and useful entities that can assist with technology, conduct research, and provide companionship according to their creator’s desires. For example, an Artifex can set their Daemon to conduct research while they continue working on their latest invention, or work on cracking a locked door while the Artifex repairs a broken device, or even just act as a sounding board for their creator’s latest ideas. Additionally, for each point in this ability the Artifex can add one of the following features, or come up with a new one with the Storytellers consent:

  • Scribe: A research function that assists with lore (+1 to Lore)
  • Locksmith: A function to open first age locks, doors, and decrypt information (+1 to Tech Larceny).
  • Artisan: A function to assist crafting (+1 to Extended Craft)
  • Necromancer: A function capable to rebuild otherwise irrecoverable first age operating systems (+1 to Complex Tech Repair)
  • Translator: A function for translating languages (Universal Language Trait)
  • Specialist: These require access and connection to specific pieces of hardware (lenses, mendikits, audio devices) to work properly. A specialist can enhance the user’s ability with medicine, mercantile, observation, stealth, investigation, technology, travel, and survival – essentially acting as an ephemeral adviser in a given skill.

Daemon Guide: Artifex can become so attuned with their Daemon that they can use them to enhance their abilities even further.
Mechanics: Pick one feature the Daemon possesses such as Scribe, Locksmith, Artisan, Necromancer, Translator, or Specialist. The bonus this feature gives is now equal to their level+1 in this ability. This can only be taken for one feature.

Daemon Frame: Daemon are incredibly useful entities but are limited by their immaterial forms, able only to act indirectly with most technology, and not at all with non-technological items. For this reason, many Artifex seek to find or create a Frame or Shell for their Daemon; a clatterjack through which they can interact with the world. While some Artifex are content to house their Daemon in an extant frame this can be limiting as the unique nature of Daemon necessitates special considerations to properly instantiate in a physical body. This trait represents the amount of effort put into properly modifying or crafting a form to properly fit the Daemon.
Mechanics: Taking this trait does not obviate the need to make craft checks to actually create or alter the form, but it does increase the level of integration between the frame and the Daemon.

Daemon Possession: Using this ability the Artifex can enable their Daemon to possess any sufficiently advanced device.
Mechanics: For each level in this ability the Daemon can take control of progressively more complicated and powerful devices.

Troubleshooting: The Artifex is adept at identifying and rectifying any issues that are preventing a device from operating.
Mechanics: For each level in Troubleshooting the Artifex can retry a failed repair roll with a bonus equal to the Artifex Induction.

Varsit: The Artifex are the only people able to create and calibrate a Varsit. This ability reflects their skill in doing so. Without this ability, all attempts to create or calibrate such suits end in failure… often messily.
Mechanics: For each level in this ability the Artifex can craft or enable additional features of the Varsit.

White Hood:




Urul Shadow:


New Webwork:

Serum Synthesis:


Ability 14: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 15: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 16: Description. Mechanics.

Unused Tech Source:
Tech Attack
Breach Locks
Access Areas with Traps/Defenses
Harvest Resources
Eavesdropping and Monitoring
Interrupt Tech
Helion Engine
First Age Armour
First Age Weaponry – Melee