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Vanhin’s Library

The Allfrehem library is a large, nearly windowless circular building, several stories tall. The first floor walls look to be of Orick, signs of a reclaimed Urul ruin, while the upper floors are well crafted brick that has been carefully mortared to the Orick base. The circular Urul door mechanism is gone and in its’ place is a pair of steel doors with a smaller wicket built in. The wicket is unlocked.

Entering the library you are hit with the smell of dust and paper. As your eyes gradually adjust to the dim light you can see that the majority of the outer wall of the library is packed with shelf upon shelf of books, ascending the full height of the tower. A stairway curves along the outer wall to the upper levels which are supported by enormous granite pillars. Several additional rings of curved bookshelf mark the interior of the library, but the center of the building is mostly filled with pillows, an expensive but dirty looking carpet, and a lectern, making a crude but comfortable teaching area. Despite the ample shelf space numerous stacks of books are scattered throughout the library.

A single black cat chases mice through the stacks.