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Trade District

The Allfrehem trade district coils up the base of mount Maurlog, following the cities main road from the gates to the Kahstrand district. The path through the district is dotted with squares and plazas, several built up around the low and overgrown remains of ancient ruins. At the heart of the district is the great Bazaar, an open market where vendors from near and far hawk goods for sale and trade from stalls and caravan carts; Here the smell of dried fish from the coast and smoked meats and corn from the interior of Svertheim mix with Luxi spices, grains, and preserved fruits. The sound of a half dozen languages can be heard between the hammer falls of hard looking smiths hawking arms and armour from Victra and Selene. The wide streets are dense with carts and people and you must navigate carefully though the crowd and the occasional line of merchants and customers gathering around small counters selling freshly cooked meats and cream filled pastries.
There are fewer ruins in the trade district. Most buildings here are low and sturdy, built of stone and wood and studiously maintained. The most notable structures in the district are the guildhall, built into the recovered remains of a Urul estate, and the properties of the Obrais Trading Company, a tall wooden hall built in the Victran style and at odds with its surroundings.