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The Thane’s Keep

Perched atop the highest plateau of Mount Maurlog the Thane’s Keep is an even mix of modern construction and recovered first age ruin. Orick walls once sheared in half by some terrible power have rebuilt using modern materials. The high walls of the keep are topped with walkways and outlooks that peer out over the surrounding area and the whole structure has been rebuilt with security in mind; indeed with the main gate closed the keep is nigh impenetrable and the only structure taller than the keep is Korkea Tower.

The interior of the keep is grand and extremely Svertan with decor consisting primarily of game trophies, arms and armour, great tapestries, and iron fixtures. Curiously the main hall is dominated by a low set of stairs leading up to a great fireplace but there is no throne. Instead the Thane has arranged a large table carved of corewood and a dozen seats where he invites advisors and guests to dine with him.