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Red Circle Tavern

Located on the boundary between the Noble and Trade districts of Allfrerhem, the Red Circle is the most respectable tavern in the city, owned by the Stakkyr noble family and run by a prominent merchant-son. The tavern is a masterpiece of Allfrerhem construction; stone and timber blended in equal parts with considerable skill and large glazed windows looking out over the nearby fountain and manicured trees dot the area around the Tavern. The two story building is immaculately kept, particularly for a tavern, and its front doors are manned by a pair of Stakkyr house guards clad in fine uniform.
The interior of the tavern is much the same as other taverns, with a low bar on one wall numerous tables throughout the rest of the room, but the difference is in the quality of the furniture and decor. It looks as though little expense has been spared and you see ample sign of silver and steel where iron and wood would do. The patrons of the Circle are clearly the upper class, traders, and travelers, as evidenced by their dress. The tavern stocks the finest imports, well above the capacity of most locals to afford and the kitchen cooks fine food from a variety of origins.