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Old Western Tower

The low tower blends in to the grey sky, the sun revealing the worn stonework and mortar. Standing no more than 5 stories and clearly in disrepair, it sits in the middle of farm fields (you can see a few thin, dirty and grumpy looking men arguing with a horse in one of the closer fields).

The tower was abandoned several years ago, replaced by a newer structure further from the city. Since its replacement the old and slightly dilapidated tower has been converted into a makeshift warehouse, used by the guard for a variety of purposes such as a relay point for supplies stored for patrols and a ferrier for the scouts horses. Empty crates and bales of hay are stacked outside the locked front door.

Anyone entering the tower is greeted with the smell of dust, smoke, and slightly stale food. The interior of the tower is open, with a ring of beds pressed up against the walls for overnight patrols. A cook stove smoulders quietly in the centre and a an array of crates sit under neat the curving staircase that leads to the upper levels which are also filled with dusty old crates filled with arrows, whetstones, lanterns, and other gear. Barrels of dried and preserved foods as well as a few fresher goods can also be found. Rays of light piercing the towers arrow slits are supplemented by the lanterns kept lit on the first floor.

The uppermost two levels of the tower are mostly inaccessible, shrouded in darkness and built upon ancient cracked and floorboards.