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The former home of Gjerta and Hatala Skalpr is a tall stone and wood building, three stories in height and set against the mountain in the lower Kahstrand. The sits a small way back from the strand, behind a short wall. A balcony on an upper floor looks out over the city as do many windows


– Training area
– Garden

Floor 1
– Entryway / Mudroom
– Main hall and Staircase
– Dining room and secret cellar entrance
– Kitchen
– Lavatory
– Parlour
– Arming Room Closet

Floor 2
– Hallway and staircase
– 1 small guest bedroom with storage chests
– 1 large bedroom with harpsicord and sitting area
– 1 office

Floor 3
– Hallway and staircase
– 2 small bedrooms
– Trophy Room (Trophies: Daedon, Vargr, Great Elk, Urpan), Chest
– 2 Large Bedrooms
– Bath and stove
– Closet
– Balcony

– Larder with minimal Stores
– Hidden Shrine
– Hidden First Age Doorway

The Deed lists Otrey, Sylla, Sarv, and Intan as joint landholders.