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The noble district, known locally as the Kahstrand, looms over the other districts, a symbol of power and wealth carved into the Maurlog crag. Kahstrand encompasses a dozen major estates and several dozen more minor ones. The houses are carved oaken facades over extensive mountain chambers, owned by titled landholding nobles, such as the Stakkyr, Veor, and Hafn families each of which has sworn fealty to the Thane and Theuda. The lesser estates are owned by untitled lesser landlords, prosperous merchants, and other wealthy figures. The streets are well kept and patrolled regularly. The portions of the mount which have not been carved into homes are split between adornments of hanging gardens or great granite reliefs, each one commissioned by a Thane in honour of their father. Each relief tells a story in the history of Allfrerhem;

The Great Calamity is a grim depiction of the Urul cataclysm as a firestorm, consuming the people and the land. Great beasts of unknown name make up the background, their claws tearing furrows in the earth, their jaws consuming armies.

A block away The Dark Age relief is another bleak depiction of the scattering of the people of the north, showing the people chased from their homes by monsters and savages.

Further along the strand, The Reclaiming relief is a depiction of the first Theuda, a grand and enormous figure, clad in plated armour and carrying a staff topped in light. The relief shows the Theuda (Maghnus Serdheim) leading his army to victory against monsters, savages and Vandar invaders.

There are over a dozen more reliefs, but the most recent one, commissioned by Thane Einarr, remains under construction.

Variously, it depicts the former Thane chasing cloaked figures from the city, cracking the Huldra mountain, and setting a skull faced, and elk horned colony of Wyrms.