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Drengr Skali

There is a a low and smoky wooden hall squatting outside the eastern wall of Allfrerhem, as old as any structure in the city itself. The hall is adorned in grisly fashion, with dozens of inhuman skulls mounted on poles and pikes; trophies donated by the membership within. A banner of sun-faded red hangs from the front of the building, adorned with three arrow-heads arranged in a triangle with the tips of each facing outwards.

At the front of the hall are two wooden boards with a dozen hand-bills of various quality posted. Bounties for beasts and bandits with crudely drawn likenesses and simple maps; offers of employment with caravans and guard retinues, complete with terms; and a few smaller sheets bearing the mark of the hall and issuing personal challenges between members.

The interior of the hall is lit by a log fire that glows through a smog that fills the room, the result of the array of smoking pits dominating the back of the hall.

The smell of smoked meats is overwhelming, settled in to every surface and fabric.

The Skali is filled with rough hewn men and women, clad in armour and carrying swords, spears, and bows. They laugh, drink, and boast about their latest exploits and few pay you any attention.

A pair of enormous kegs on the southern wall are manned by a haggard and grumpy looking woman with ghost white hair, thin lips, and a perpetual half-scowl. She is tall and wide shouldered but thin with age. She alternates between doling out drinks and loudly directing a pair of adolescent boys who are tending the smoking pits.