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The great temple of Allfrerhem known as the Ayrhof is one of the cities oldest structures. Sitting between the Haggen and the Warrens, and built in the shelter of the crag, beneath an enormous relief depicting the ten Ayr, the Ayrhof is a long vaulted hall built of stone and wood with a great golden chain hanging over the gable. The golden chain seems to glimmer, even at night, a beacon to those seeking to worship. The pillar-posts of the hof are are each carved in blocky runes that recount the many names and deeds of the Ayr worshiped within. An enormous and deep fire pit, a central gathering place for celebrations and ceremonies within the city, sits before the main doors to the temple. The doors themselves are made of ancient oak, carved into rings and whorls common to ancient Svertan architecture.
The interior of the hall is ripe with the smell of incense and smoke and the murmur of worshipers can be heard both day and night. The hall itself is divided into ten alcoves, each one housing a statue of an Ayr, and each statue is set upon a dais encircled by candles, offerings, and written prayers left by believers. Clerics and temple servants can be seen tending offerings and maintaining the interior and exterior of the hof studiously. As in many places there is no high priest of in Allfrerhem worship; instead worshipers are expected to tend to their own spiritual health. Clerics exist to tend the material needs of the temple and provide spiritual direction and advice only when asked.
While the devout attend temple weekly and sometimes daily, many Allfrerhem visit the Ayrhof only during festivals and holidays and an equal number keep their worship private.
The temple is open to all and no rank or title is used in its walls. Thane Einarr is rarely seen in the Temple, save for special days. Some rumours suggest he maintains his own private hof in the Keep, while others believe he prefers to cloak himself for his visits.