Eras and Ages

-The Before, The Grey Age, The Age of Myth
-This era composes an undetermined length of time prior to the Urul empire during which humanity was first created, then tormented, then elevated by the Ayr. The end of this era is marked by the fall of the One and the first conquests of the wilds. Much of the knowledge of this era comes from myth and folktale as there is virtually no surviving documentation.

First Era
-The First Age; the age of the rising empire; the Golden Age (3347) – Age of the Craftsmen
Named the first era by scholars using the Selenian calendar, this era marks the first usage of said calendar. This era composes the three millennium during which the great Urul empire rose to prominence, uniting the diverse tribes of humanity towards the taming of the world. People of this age are often referred to as Ancients, Precursors, or Progenitors. It was at the beginning of this era that the Tenth Ayr, the Vox, gave humanity the Lingua. Few documents survive from this era. Little is known and much is speculated. It is generally believed that this period was a golden age unlike any before or since.

Second Era
-The War Age; the age of schism; the Falling Age; the Blood Age – Age of the Warrior
This era composes the five hundred years (533 years) during which the Urul empire fractured and fell to civil war and internal corruption. It was during this era that the Lingua saw widespread use and many argue that it was obsession with and reliance on the power of the Lingua that triggered the fracture and fall of the ancients. Millions, perhaps billions of people died during this period and it was during this era that ancient horrors of the wild, thought eliminated or tamed, began to reappear, and new species of dangerous aberration sprung into existence. With the exception of Selene little historical documentation survives about this era.

Third Era
-The Dark Age; the age of darkness; the Ebon Age – Age of the Scourge
This anarchic era composes two millennium (2079 years) of chaotic backlash and revolt against the traditions, structures, and institutions of the Urul empire. The fractured factions of the empire themselves isolated into local tribes and kingdoms and this era is marked by a number of terrible trends; religious fervour overwhelming reason, destruction of key technologies and infrastructure, violent persecution of linguists and severe declines in literacy; widespread starvation due to failure of major agricultural centres; the spread of horrific diseases; and near constant warfare. While documentary accounts exist regarding this era they are rare as what records hundreds of years of violent chaos did not destroy, centuries of fear and neglect did.

Fourth Era
-The Imperial Age; the dawning age; the Silver Age – Age of the Voice
This is the current era in the narrative. The Vaultbound chronicle starts at year 2401 of the third era. In general reckoning it is the year 8360 since the inception of the Selenian calendar. Most scholars tie the inception and progression of the Fourth Era to the rise of Ossandria and its Emperor, though this is not universal.