Celestial Features

Sil & Nyx & Viator- The three moons of Aeldos; the day moon, the night moon, and the voyager moon.

Environmental Features


The region to the north of the Sword Peak mountains is hostile to all but the most aberrant organic life. With temperatures that progress from -30c on the edges to -90c on the interior, just breathing the super cooled air can be lethal, causing damage to the lungs and C02 solidifies. Exposure in most of the region leads to death within minutes and even those who come prepared struggle to survive for more than a few days in these temperatures. Frostbite and Hypothermia are not merely likely, they are virtually assured.
As if the ambient bitter cold wasn’t enough the Chillwaste also experiences ‘breakstorms’ where the temperature dips further and many materials become so brittle they shatter or are frozen in place, Cryoseisms or ‘Frostquakes’ which shatter the land with terrible explosions, and ice volcanes and geysers which spew liquid ammonia, methane, and helium.