Also known as: Oss.-Vincula, Catena, Vic.-Sreang Ré (Bloody Wire), Lux.-Dyrmiro (Demon Rope), Muj.-Saagadag (Evil Strand), Neh.-Etesici (Meat Cutter)

Vicious devices of ancient fashion and cruel simplicity able to dismember their wearers with a word.

With as many names as there are nations who hate them, Bindings are first age penal devices that were discovered and re-purposed by the Ossandrian Empire to control their slaves. These cruel devices are considered instruments of barbarous cruelty by virtually all nations, with only Ossandria and Granden using them. From a mechanical perspective Bindings are relatively simple; thin, flexible, and resilient pieces of alloyed metal materials, ‘wires’ or ‘strands’ which are wrapped around a slave’s arms, legs, and neck with each thread connecting to a central control unit, a palm sized disc. Upon command or when tampered with the threads constrict causing deep lacerations, amputation, or dismemberment depending on the desire of the controller. Unfortunately the relative simplicity of the technology has enabled Ossandrian engineers to replicate them in considerable numbers, strengthening the stability of the slave nation that it would otherwise lack. Bindings can be keyed to multiple words, with each one causing a different level of injury. They can also be configured to trigger based on other criteria such as physical proximity to a control device or based on a countdown timer that must be reset by the devices master. Disabling a binding is a perilous task, requiring steady hands, keen intellect, and a stout heart since a single misplaced tool can cause the grisly death of the wearer. Bindings can be hidden beneath clothing, but many slaves are forced to wear them openly as a sign of their subservience.

Ossandria: Bindings are used extensively in Ossandria to control slaves including domestic, industrial, and military. A binding signals the less than human nature of the wearer to all Ossandrians. Ossandrian bindings are produced primarily in the capital of Ossandor and exported across the Empire.
Granden: Bindings are a recent acquisition for the Mirage Kingdom, the result of favorable trade with Ossandria. The small supply means they are reserved for particularly obstinate slaves or criminals. Rumors suggest that Granden engineers are beginning to increase their production, making many in the north increasingly nervous.

If an individual wearing a binding violates a condition placed on them they can experience one of three circumstances; lenient, standard, and strict.

  • Lenient: If the master of the binding has set the device to be lenient the wearer experiences 1 point of damage per turn until they have ceased the violating act or are disabled.

  • Standard: If the master of the binding has set the device to a more standard setting the wearer experiences 3 points of damage per turn until they have ceased the violating act or are disabled or dead as the master chooses.

  • Strict: If the master of the binding has set the device to a strict setting the wearer experiences 4 points of damage per turn until they have ceased the violation or are dead.

Disabling a Binding: The most typical configuration for Bindings prevents the individual wearing them from being able to disable the device themselves. Instead it requires a third party to embark on the task. This would be saviour rolls the lower of their Grace or Intellect + Tech versus a difficulty of 19. A success on this roll releases the target but a failure triggers the device causing 4 points of lethal damage and necessitating a second check at difficulty 21 to prevent the wearer from being killed outright.