Aeldar & Quasi-humans or the ‘wise’ species as they are sometimes called, are entities which display advanced intelligence and are able to think in abstractions, grasp higher reasoning, and craft enduring cultures. An alternate religious definition is that Aeldar represent the chosen of the Ayr and their intelligent descendants, though this definition is sometimes perverted to include only humans.

Within the Aeldar there are several sub-groupings of note:
**Ayr**: The vast and powerful celestial creatures credited with creation of Aeldos as it is. Considered Gods by most but not all Aeldar.
**Aythrin:** Mortals said to be chosen by the Ayr to represent them.
**Ayrkin:** Mortals descended from a pairing of Aythrin and mortal.
**Ayrsworn:** Mortals who swear a pact of fealty to a specific Ayr.
**Quasi-humans:** Mortal Aeldar other than Humans.


== Aythrin ==
**Also known as:** the Elevated, Demiayr, or Metamortal
**Summary:** Mortals said to be chosen by the Ayr to represent them.
According to legend and lore, Aythryn or the Elevated were the chosen heralds of the Ayr. Mortal creatures raised by the Ayr into divinity. The Aythryn were gifted a portion of the Ayr’s power; In raising the Aythryn the Ayr gave them command of the Lingua and the gift of seeing beyond sight. As heralds and emissaries it was the Aythryn who spoke for the Ayr, translating their vast and incomprehensible wills to the mortal realm. The elevated chosen were themselves no longer fully mortal, and while they were more able to relate to mortals than the Ayr, their minds worked differently from either. The elevated inspired and frustrated the mortal Linguists of Aeldos for they possessed innately what most linguists spent their lives pursuing; mastery of the languages of the gods. Most Aythryn avoided human politics and entanglements, acting only as messengers, however a handful were permitted to spend their lives amongst humans, acting independently or at the alien wills of their creators. As with any being living in the world these Aythryn made connections to the mortal world, building domains and families and pursuing goals both common and arcane. It was out of this small group that the Ayrkin arose.

== Ayrkin ==
**Also known as:** Ayrborn, Ayrblood, or Ayrkyn
**Summary:** Mortals descended from a pairing of Aythrin and mortal.
Stories that tell of the Ayrkin place them as the descendants of Aythryn and mortal pairings. These rare beings possessed in their blood a fraction of the celestial powers imbued upon their ancestors.
Ayrkin humans were slightly inhuman in their appearance but almost universally attractive. They had no blemishes, and their skin healed without scar or mark. They were taller than most and had sculpted musculature. Their limbs were long and powerful and they moved with grace and confidence even in the most uncertain of circumstances. Ayrkin faces were ideal, almost ethereally beautiful, with features in perfect proportion to one another.
Beyond their appearance Ayrkin received several boons from their blood relations:
* Strength, agility and robust constitutions
* Strong wills that granted them a ready mastery of the Lingua
* Immunity to most disease and illness
* The ability to heal quickly from injury
* A portion of the gift of sight allowing them to perceive things humans cannot normally
* Near perfect recall

The Ayrkin inherited a few negative traits from their ancestry as well
* Sensitivity to profane materials
* Compulsions towards certain behaviors and fear or avoidance of others, often related to their progenitors nature
* Diminished fecundity and fertility
* A tendency to be drawn into important events and to suffer because of it
* Reputations that drew dark folk to pursue them as slaves or for their grace

Legend suggests that the Ayrkin were not confined to humans. Some of the Ayr preferred to elevate other Aeldar and even animals and the relationships of the Aythrin were many and complex.

**Rumours regarding the Ayrkin**
** The Tollam were created using the blood of Ayrkin mixed with
* The Ayrkin can read people’s thoughts
* Eating the heart of an Ayrkin can bestow immortality
* The sacrifice of an Ayrkin can open a connection to speak to the Ayr

Most believe that the time of true Ayrkin is long passed, and the power residing in their blood has been diluted. This does not mean Ayrblooded folk do not exist, only that they are more limited and less obvious than their ancestors.

== Ayrsworn ==
**Also known as:** Ayrsworn are referred to by their associated patron; Voxsworn, Lawsworn, Booksworn, Voidsworn, Tyrantsworn, Caresworn, Warsworn, Craftsworn, Deathsworn, and Wildsworn.
**Summary:** Mortals who swear a pact of fealty to a specific Ayr.
See the [[Mythos]] page for more info.

== Quasi-humans ==
**Also Known as:** Strangelings, Vai.-Bakotik, Muj.-Malgol, E.Sve.-Outo, W.Sve-Ekimar, Oss.-Subhuman, Vic.Rhaifed, Lux.-Teinak, Neh.-Yabanki
**Summary:** Quasi-humans are mortal Aeldar other than Humans. These Aeldar each have their own page.
Each Quasi-human has its own page with associated details. Click below for more information.