Mercenary Companies

Also Known As: Free Companies, Great Companies, Merc Bands, W.Svert.-Leiesoldat, E-Svert.- Palkkasoturi, Lux.-Mōna, Neh.-Paralı, Muj.-Taka, Sub.-Kirāyi

Mercenary companies can be found across Aeldos, trading their skill with steel for coin and prestige. While local attitudes towards mercenaries vary as much as the behaviour of the companies themselves, most are recognized and officially sanctioned within their areas of operation and many play a key role in the maintenance of trade roads, caravan safety, and even political stability.


Summary: A small company of Svertan warriors organized into Rotten (teams). Founded by an exiled Tollam and equiped with Tollam tactics, the Rotters are frequently employed against Vandar bandit and raider companies and have a considerable reputation among the same.

Carter Company

Summary: A large Victran mercenary group specializing in caravan protection and founded by an infamous former highwayman named Carter who was pardoned by a Victran lord after saving his daughter. Carter uses his knowledge of the Victran bandit companies and their tactics against them.

Red Company

Summary: An Ossandrian company well known for their effectiveness and the colour of their surcoats. The Red Company is composed of ex-slaves and gladiators. No Legionaries allowed.

The Iron Guard

Summary: Outland company based on the edges of the Nehepi scouring sands and named for the effectiveness of their defensive skills. Best known for contributing to the defense of Nehepi settlements against Ossandrian invaders and much storied in Nehep.

Yaga’s Hand

Summary: Semi-religious mercenary force based on the edge of Ossandrian, Luxi, and Badlands territory. Identifiable by the ritualistic scars shaped as reptilian claws that they wear on their face. The Yaga are a disciplined force that willingly works for the highest bidder but never betrays a contract.


Summary: A broad grouping of individual Luxi companies whose name roughly translates to “contractors” and derives from the contracts they sign with clients. There are numerous Kirimar groups but most prefer to operate as free agents rather than establish enduring companies.

Branka’s Boars

Summary: A Svertan company that employs several Svinfylking; boar berserkers. Branka’s Boars are chiefly monster hunters and have amassed an impressive number of trophies in their guildhall in Herlavik.

Blood Hawks

Summary: A Vandar company somewhere between mercenaries and bandit-assassins, known for their gratuitous use of the ancient and brutal ritualized method of execution of the same name. Victims, often those targeted by wealthy and particularly cruel nobles, have their ribs severed from the back and organs pulled through the opening to create a pair of “wings”.

Oto’s Talon

Summary: A small company led by a Bellator which operates out of Threshold. The Talon finds regular employment with Nehepi traders and southern rulers, acting as guards for key trade and diplomatic caravans and rebuffing Ossandrian forays into the Rothult.

Peacemaker Company

Summary: A large Victran company that has found employ in the courts of many great houses. The Peacemakers make their coin by protecting key trade routes and hunting creatures, bandits, and outlaws throughout the southern scythe.

The Hunt

Summary: A cold-blooded company made up of former Nehepi convicts and murderers who have sought sanctuary under Ossandrian rule and now make their money hunting monsters, escaped slaves and free Nehepi alike.


Summary: A Mujinese company who claim to be the wandering descendants of the elite guard of Jyudan Eru, a lost stronghold in the heart of Mujin. The Warsong have no single base of operations and instead travel in a huge caravan between Mujin, through eastern Svertheim and into Lux. The Warsong survive by keeping the roads clear for trade and selling their martial talents for temporary shelter in the many cities they pass through.


Summary: A Granden company that works across the north, the vaingloriously named Valiants, clad in plate armour and mounted atop destriers, adhere to a chivalrous code and consider themselves a noble order with ancient origins. None of this reduces their willingness to work for the highest bidder.

Vapour Fist Company

Summary: A small group of Selenian mercenaries equipped with advanced armour and weapons technology. The VF operate out of Threshold and are exceedingly expensive, finding employment only with the wealthy and powerful. Despite this the Vapour Fist make ample coin acting as bodyguards and caravan escorts for adventurous nobles and aristocrats.

Anhur Company

Summary: A relatively small but well-armed and effective mercenary group with honourable reputation.
The Anhur Company is a well known mercenary group operating across the southwest of Aeldos and frequently employed as bounty hunters and guards for villages and merchants. Anhur offices can be found in Threshold, west Victra, southern Nehep, the Badlands, and the contested lands between Lux and Ossandria. With a small core group of highly skilled ex-soldiers and fortune seekers, Anhur relies on expertise over number and grace over force. What others achieve with brutality, Anhur achieves with cunning and skill. Anhur is led by a deadly ex-Selenian Sentinel who is very selective in the work they take. They have maintained a reputation for honour and skill and guard that reputation fiercely. They take their pay up front and refuse all jobs predicated on plunder or pillage. They maintain a significant source of military assets and a hidden stronghold in the south Eastern badlands. The company name is based on a legendary first age soldier, Anhur, known as one of the chosen of the Warrior and supposedly elevated to demi-god status by the Ayr. The company maintains a shrine to Anhur in its stronghold and all members have a tattoo of the symbol of Anhur on the back of their left hand as well as a personalized sigil on the back of their right. Anhur’s success is no doubt enhanced by their access to a variety of first age technology.

Though it is difficult to prove some rumors suggest that Anhur also works for the Lady of Selene, engaging in actions where it would be detrimental to have an official Selenian presence,

Members: Kaelic Surma, Turia Quinn, Eod Ka, Byrne, Luteus Inceo, Ito Qyn, Whitlock Grey, Ember Roth, Ankou Vanth, Cyr Mal, Kaid Alkar, Maol Walker, Ir Se Tor, Caleb Vadus, Connar Cuin, Silas Calford, Jan Deacon, Olm Von Deeter
Quasi-Humans: Anhur’s most notable members are also some of the most rarely encountered, the Relic Bellatori named Kytus, the Tollam Skald Vorumund Crow-Caller, and the Heliar named Task.

Skinners Legion

Summary: A vicious southern mercenary group led by Tollam outcast.
Skinners Legion is a large mercenary group operating out of Ossandria and southern Lux. The Legion employs anyone with the gear and the bloodthirst necessary to survive in the outfit and survives off loot and pillage. The group is headed by an outcast Tollam named Vigand Skinner, a figure known for his brutality and strategic skill and the group’s name comes from their grisly predilection for skinning disobedient members and targets. The standard for the group is a stylized skinned body with black eyes, a sword and shield. Skinners legion is a legion in name only; they lack the organization or endorsement of Ossandria and ‘the Skinners’ often clash with real legions who find their appellation an insult to the order and discipline required of true legionaries. Despite this the Skinners have found infrequent employment with Ossandrian nobles, suppressing rebellious communities and taking on proxy work harassing Luxi and Mujin border communities. Unofficially Skinners legion has engaged in bloody warfare with the Luxi and the Mujin with limited success. Leaders in both Lux and Mujin know that Ossandria is behind the attacks, but the Skinners status as mercenaries makes their involvement deniable and Ossandrian diplomats are adept at avoiding imperial culpability, often pointing to the contested nature of the areas in which the Skinners operate.
The estimates regarding the number of Skinners currently in operation range from several hundred to several thousand but the most accurate reports suggest around 5,000 members. That’s still 5,000 poorly equipped and barely organized marauders, kept in line primarily be fear of their leader. While no threat to any organized force of soldiers from the greater nations, they are a sizable force worth reckoning, and certainly a threat to smaller communities.

Teras Muin Company

Role: Research and Artefact Recovery
Composition: Combat Crew = 5, Administration/Clerical Crew = 5, Patron = 1, Tinker = 1
Operates out of a guildhouse in Threshold, Teras Muin is home to the very definition of rag-tag cadre; a group of people from diverse backgrounds who coalesced by chance. Each member has a troubled background but they have each found belonging and family in Teras Muin. Teras Muin makes its money via research and recovery of artefacts. Its scholars are odd but gifted and uncannily skilled at securing site details and identifying sites with valuable salvage.


Summary: A group of mercenary Dervishes operating in Nehep and rumored to be equipped with Thorns.

Venatores Victa

Summary: Skilled company of Ossandrian hunters and trappers operating in the south. Reputed for their ability to capture animals and creatures otherwise believed impossible to capture.