Antiquary Guild


Also Known As: Bonehunters, Antiquarians, Delvers

The term ‘Antiquarian’ or ‘Antiquary’ is commonly used to describe a wide array of individuals across Aeldos from any number of background, who compose a loose knit and informal network of treasure hunters and artefact seekers. While these informal Antiquarians share a common interest in delving ruins in search of relics and history this is not the same as the members of the Antiquary Guild. The guild is a group with formal membership and leadership aimed at organizing those who would search the dangerous ruins. The Bonehunters, as they are sometimes called, maintain guildhouses in many cities where members can meet to swap lore, maps, stories, and sometimes artefacts.

Who are they?
What are they about?
Where do they reside?
How are they perceived?
What makes them special?

Why do they exist?
What is their history? How do they relate to the Urul (if at all)?
Where can they be found?
What are the members like? What unites them? What makes them special?
What is their reputation?
How are they recognizable? What distinguishes them from others if anything?
What is their infrastructure like?
What is their rank and social structure like? Are their novel ranks?
How does the organization sustain itself?
How does the organization relate to other orgs or cultural powers?

Rank 1: Majority
Rank 2: Administrators
Rank 3: Specialists
Rank 3: Leadership

What quirks does the organization have? Competitions?
What is the symbol of the organization?
How does one join the organization?
How does one advance in the organization?
What advantages does one get for being a member of the organization?