“A contract for Gulo fur?! Might as well be asking for Ayr skin – you’d get as many takers.”

Panapa Redbane, Luxi Hunter

Also Known as: Gulo, Isoahma, Urbarsuk
Habitat: Mountains, Forests, Plains
Hazard Level: High


On first glance Gulogar appear similar to canids; a furry quadraped with a long snout filled with sharp teeth. In actuality the species is a type of over-sized mustelid, a dangerous ancestor of badgers. Standing 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder, with a broad stance, these creatures are solitary hunters, renowned for their ferocity and known to face down packs of Vargr and Urpan over a kill. The Gulogar’s preferred method of hunting is ambush, often from height, or stamina hunting; injuring a target then pursing it over huge areas, wearing them down until they die of blood loss or the final kill is relatively simple. Gulogar are powerful and resilient enough to endure a direct conflict but are clever enough to avoid them. Gulogar fur is black, white, and grey, patterned on the back and arms. Gulo are opportunistic predators, gorging themselves on any food they can find or reasonably expect to kill. They inhabit massive territories, moving regularly as they hunt prey, but sticking primarily to the arboreal forests and mountains of Svertheim and Lux. Gulo ferocity has given rise to numerous tales of caravans being forced off the road by a single murderous animal.