Domara are tame, adaptive, or placid creatures of generally negligible risk to humans. This includes:

Auroch: Enormous and powerful bovids used by Ossandrians and Tollam for food and labour. //Common Theria//.
Brontling: Enormous herbivores almost entirely lost to the creeping sands. //Rare Megatherka//.
Cephalapea: Flying squid-like creatures which sustain lift via lighter-than-air pouches. //Rare Theria Volat//.
Dactarg: Colossal mostly docile tree eating mammal. //Uncommon Megatherka//.
Daedon: Enormous boars with herd mentality found throughout Aeldos. //Common Megatherka//.
Immanitherium: Gargantuan thick skinned and docile ungulates. //Uncommon Megatherka//.
Kirna: Cervids imbued with arcane healing abilities. //Rare Divinara (OXO)//.
Leputherium: Large herbivorous rodents also known as Lagomorph Rex. //Common Megatherka//.
Magnachilis: Huge territorial cervids with immense antlers. //Rare Megatherka//.
Pax: Enormous twin-tailed eyeless birds capable of emotional projection. //Rare Divinara Volat (OXO)//.
Pitkalange: Six limbed Syrinal omnivore possibly related to Grommen and Bellatori. //Uncommon Aberrant Theria//
Rhinock: Large durable horned ungulates resistant to attempts at domestication. //Common Megatherka//.
Sneevler: A soft skinned mischievous mammal somehow able to traverse space instantaneously. //Rare Theria//.
Vangris: Large docile barrel shaped semi-aquatic rodent. //Common Theria//.
Ventacor: Snake bodied opportunistic desert quadruped. //Uncommon Theria//.
Whiptrap Twelve limbed animate sessile fungoid and aural predator. //Rare Veridan//.

Domara are not the same as domesticated. Aeldan humans have tamed a wide range of creatures. The list below has a variety of examples.


Granden – Raptors, Spiders
Lux – Kusimanse, Monkey, Tayra
Mujin – Ailuran, Striges, Mantids
Nehep – Felids, Scorpions, Tuatara
Ossandria – Canids
Selene – Felids
Subin – Laonastes, Stingless Bee, Gliders
Swertheim – Corvids, Eira
Tollam – Ursids, Bustrad, Condor
Vandar – Canids, Chiroptera
Victra – Paca, Urvogel, Mustilidae
Remnant – Aenigmamus

Aenigmamus (Enigma mouse)
Ailuran (Clever Mujin Cat-Bear-Dog)
Chiroptera (Bat)
Eira/Tayra (Dangerous Mustelidae, known as Wolverines)
Kusimanse (Energetic Lux mongoose)
Laonastes (Rockrat- inhabitant of stone, seaside)
Mustelidae (Weasel)
Paca (Affectionate Dog sized rodent found Victra)
Tuatara (Three eyed lizard, 200 yr old)
Urvogel (Aka Archeoptryx or Clawbird)