“But don’t you think that behaviour presages some intelligence?”

“I didn’t say they weren’t clever; probably more than some people. But what do they use that cleverness for? They’ll pull a live pig apart by the legs to use the stumps as clubs… then beat each other to death with the stumps. They’ll fill a pit with spikes and shit and laugh when prey stumbles in… then they’ll eat it! Intelligence isn’t all its’ cracked up to be.”

Silas Calford, Victran Hunter and member of Anhur Company

Also Known as: Pesuaani, Rawero, Rakara
Habitat: Jungle, Savannah, Hill
Hazard Level: Medium


Bacoon are cruel, semi-sentient jungle carnivores known to hunt in packs. Primates with black and grey fur that grow up to 1.2 meters tall, they are capable of rudimentary tool use and possess a startling innate viciousness and cruelty. Most natural philosophers believe the species is related to the crude proto-humans and the Urpan. Bacoon are primarily found in Luxi and Subin. They are aggressively territorial and in constant competition against other Aeldan wildlife. The species survives by dint of cleverness, tool use, and arboreal agility paired with a high fecundity. They have a short natural lifespan of 20-30 years and prefer to fill those years with as much cruelty as possible.


Bacoon are a nasty carnivorous jungle creatures sharing traits with both apes and procyonids. They have black and grey striped markings, a pronounced muzzle, and long sharp canines. They tend to walk on their knuckles but are able to stand upright for short periods. The species is known for its penchant for cruel mischief.

Bacoons are considered semi-sentient as evidenced by their crude armour, tool use, and domestication of various reptiles and rodents. Some accounts suggest the species has even domesticated select canid species to act as mounts. Between 80 and 120 cm in height and up to 50 kg in weight, individually they are not typically a danger to a traveler, however they operate in packs and use clever tactics against their targets. Bacoons are typically described as brutish and mean, and attempts to communicate or deal with them are almost always painful or deadly failures. They seem to view humans with a profound hatred and are known to seek out humans to torment and kill in brutal ways. Bacoon cruelty is not restricted to humans. Their are reports of them torturing their food-prey before eating them alive. Bacoons are typically found in the Luxi jungles, though some variants of the species have been reported in Mujin, Subin, and the Southern Mire.

Bacoon vocalizations are a diverse set of barks, howls, chirps, and grunts. The meaning behind most utterances is typically reinforced with a physical movement.

Lorekeepers record that the creatures existed across Aeldos even prior to the Urul empire, and have always been a danger to humans. Efforts to exterminate the species were apparently modestly successful, restricting their habitat severely. Some settlements plagued by the creatures offer bounties for their hides.

Bacoon weaponry tends towards salvaged items and sharpened sticks but they are known to use fire, water, filth, and poison against enemies and prey.

Bacoon social structure appears to be entirely anarchic and tribes are driven by physically dominant individuals or groups. Whoever is strongest or most aggressive on a given day leads and the rest follow. The species is known for practicing cannibalism, particularly against incautious leaders. The species does demonstrate some elements of group solidarity such as dragging wounded individuals from battlefields, but they do not risk their own lives to do so.


Dog Riders

Some Bacoon have succeeded in dominating various Canid or Hyaenid species, turning them into mounts. Riders or Dog-back Bacoons are used as scouts and vanguard, wielding sharpened sticks or clubs to harry pray. The cruel nature of the Bacoon makes this relationship fragile at best and an over-aggressive rider cam easily end up the next meal of their mount. Conversely, disobedient mounts are often fed to the tribe.


Translated from the Luxi words for “metal thief” the Ritahae are Bacoon who equip themselves with salvage, crafting crude armour and weapons or scavenging from human victims. While most Ritahae are members of a larger tribe, some break off as loners or form their own tribes. These are widely considered the most dangerous form of Bacoon, not because they are particularly skillful, but because they demonstrate the least fear or apprehension about raiding human caravans or settlements.


Translated from the Subinese word for “slug eaters” the Lughana or Lugha are those Bacoons who consume insects and fungi with potent narcotic effects, altering their biology and granting them the ability to frenzy. Lughana are stronger, faster, and highly aggressive, lacing any sense of fear. Fortunately the Lugha are also the most easily fooled type of Bacoon, easily lured into traps and ambushes.