The Singing tones can induce altered emotional states on humans and beasts using their will. The singer sings, hums, whistles, recites, or channels their ability through an instrument to create the effect.

Also known as: Enchanter/Enchantress
Restricted to: Humans
Power over: Calm, Passion, Rage, Affection

The least recognized Lingua Arcana is Singing. A Singer uses an occult language of lyric and tone to incite the emotions of a subject or audience. Singers do not need to know the language of their subjects; their power is not in syntax or semantics but drives from a deeper source. A young Singer is largely indistinguishable from a particularly skilled mundane musician, but as they improve they become capable of truly amazing feats, bending the emotions of their subjects through song, inciting or quelling riots, or turning a single person’s emotions to whatever end they desire. To Sing requires experiencing the full gamut of emotions themselves, and the power is still limited to subjects able to hear it. This power can be ‘channeled’ into, or masked by an instrument, but the Singers concentration is always necessary. The nature of this Lingua is temporary; emotions fade, sometimes quickly depending on how contrary they are to the subject’s natural state. Regardless of brevity Singers are able to inspire love, lust, hate, rage and the whole gamut of emotions.
The danger of Singing is that a Singer may be overtaken by emotion permanently, enslaved to fits of rage, sadness, or unthinking bliss

Singer Core – Tone

This represents the general skill of the singer. Advancement costs 5xp times new level. The singer cannot advance any ability above their core level. For example, if they have a core of 2 they can have a maximum Enrage value of 2. Base Singer abilities can affect only a single individual a range determined by their core level. Singers can increase the number of targets by investing in the Projection ability. All emotions triggered by singing are temporary, and their duration is dependent on the core Singing level.

13 meters1 minute after song ends
26 meters10 minutes after song ends
330 meters1 hour after song ends
4100 meters1 day after song ends
51 kilometer1 week after song ends


Each of the abilities below must be purchased and leveled up separately. Advancement costs 5xp times new level unless indicated otherwise. Utilizing any active ability requires the Singer to take stress equal to 1/2 level of the ability being applied to make a **Will + Singer Core + Ability** roll. All targets with an above average will (Will of 1 or more) can make a Will save against Singing and this save is modified by environmental aural conditions. This innate defense can help mitigate some of the penalties or effects but some tones affect the target regardless of save. A target can only be affected by a song once per day.


The Singer’s tones instill a deep and unfocused anger in the target, causing them to act rashly and without forethought.
Level 1: Annoyed: The target suffers a -1 penalty to all social rolls.
Level 2: Irritated: The target suffers a -2 penalty to all social rolls.
Level 3: Angry: The target suffers -3 penalty to social rolls and -1 to all actions.
Level 4: Irate: The target is incapable of making social rolls, suffers a -2 to all actions.
Level 5: Apoplectic: The target is left in a blind, frenzied rage, an incoherent unthinking lunatic driven by wrath. They are driven to attack anything nearby including allies and friends. -3 to all actions.


The Singer’s tones instill a pervasive gloom in the target, causing them to suffer stress for each round of exposure.
Level 1: Gloomy: Target takes 1 stress/rd
Level 2: Sad: Target takes 3 stress/rd
Level 3: Melancholy: Target takes 6 stress/rd
Level 4: Miserable: Target takes 10 stress/rd
Level 5: Desolate: The target is rendered catatonic, despondent and lost in despair. Max stress and -3 to all actions.


The Singer’s tones are restful and relaxing, causing characters nearby to recover stress more rapidly. Only works once per day, and does not work in combat.
Level 1: Lulled: Target regains 1 stress
Level 2: Soothed: Target regains 3 stress
Level 3: Calmed: Target regains 6 stress
Level 4: Tranquil: Target regains 10 stress
Level 5: Serene: Target regains all stress. The target is rendered placid and incapable of violent action. Roll 2d10 + Grace or Personality + Singer Core + Pacify against Will + Concentration. Spread of difference is number of minutes the effect lasts for.


The Singer’s tones encourage a swelling feeling of joy and happiness, elevating the mood and confidence of the target… to a point. Delight eventually turns to a disabling rapture and at its height a paralyzing euphoria.
Level 1: Pleased: Target gains a +1 to all social rolls.
Level 2: Cheerful: Target gains a +2 to all social rolls.
Level 3: Happy: Target gains a +3 to all social rolls and regains 3 stress.
Level 4: Joyous: Target is suffused with joy, regaining 10 stress but suffering a -3 to all rolls.
Level 5: Ecstatic: The target is left in a paralyzing state of total euphoria, subsumed by absolute pleasure and joy. Roll 2d10 + Grace or Personality + Singer Core + Delight against Will + Concentration. Spread of difference is number of minutes the effect lasts for.


The Singer’s tones are seductive, causing targets to feel an attraction towards them. At first this manifests simply as a general appeal, but in more potent forms it turns towards utter devotion.
Level 1: Affectionate: The target feels positively towards the Singer. +1 to all social checks.
Level 2: Charmed: The target is charmed by the Singer’s tones. +2 to all social checks.
Level 3: Entranced: The target is left entranced by the Singers tones. +3 to all social checks.
Level 4: Yearning: The target is filled with love for the Singer and will embark on difficult tasks or requests on their behalf.
Level 5: Avid: The target is rendered totally compliant by attraction to the Singer. They will give up their life to defend them.

Affect Beasts

The Singer is able to expand the effect of their songs to non-human creatures. Each level in this ability expands the types of beasts affected: Domara and Quasi-humans, Ferus, Lesser Dirus, Dirus, Calamitas


The Singer is able to extend the length of time one specific target experiences a particular emotion. Multiply the duration of the effect by the level in reverberate +1. At level five the Singer can extend a single effect indefinitely. Extending another effect indefinitely ends the previous indefinite effect.


Singers who specialize in projection are able to affect more targets. The higher their level in Projection, the more of an audience they can affect.
Level 1: Maximum 3 targets
Level 2: Maximum 5 targets
Level 3: Maximum 30 targets
Level 4: Maximum 100 targets
Level 5: Unlimited number of targets within hearing range


Singers who specialize in volume increase the difficulty of resisting their tones and mitigate environmental noises that might otherwise degrade the effectiveness of their songs. Each level in volume can be added as a bonus to the base singing roll.

Discordant Tone

The singer’s tone inflicts physical pain on the target. The Singer can make an attack at anyone or a group of targets in range using their Lingua. Take 3 stress to make a Will + Singer Core + Discordant Tone roll vs target Will + Power. On a successful check targets take damage equal to level in Discordant Tone.


The singer’s tone lowers the listener’s sense of individuality and sense of caution. This tone can push individuals or groups towards aggressive or reckless action. This tone has its own dangers as the Singer cannot always control the target of the rioter’s ire.


The singer’s tone loosens inhibitions and lowers the listener’s sense of shame. This tone can push individuals or groups towards hedonism or wild abandon.


The singer’s tone lessens the listener’s self-consciousness and anxieties. This tone can push individuals or groups towards an almost hypnogogic calm.


The Singer is able to influence a sleeping person’s dreams, crafting images, emotions, and experiences wholesale.


The Singer is able to use their arcane lingua to induce the perception of illusory entities. This ability is said to have inspired the Sige technology known as the Lightcaster, allowing even the Silent to craft incredibly detailed illusions.

Mending Song

The Singer is able to accelerate the natural healing and recovery process.


The Singer is able to impart a celestially binding nature to an oath. Those who violate the oath find themselves plagued by visions and sounds only they can perceive; ceaseless discordant music and shadows that remind them of their failure and drain their will and health. The Singer must craft a formal oath, expending 5 stress to do so and making a Personality + Concentration + Oathkeeper roll. If the result is above 12 those who make the oath are bound. For each point in this ability the sworn suffer a penalty to any action against the terms of the contract. Additionally, any oathbreaker suffers an amount of permanent, unhealable stress equal to the Ossator’s points in this ability. If such stress reduces them to zero they take 1 point of damage as well.


The Singer gives celestial weight to a title or kenning


The Singer can tell a story so good it can inspire, educate, or sooth.