The Shifting tongue grants the ability to manipulate biology and alter one’s own form according to whim and will. Master Shifters are capable of slipping between different bodies as easily as others change clothing.

Also Known As: Slipskin, Werecreature, Skinthief, Therianthrope, Protean
Restricted to: Humans
Power over: Emulation, Combination, Originality, Healing

Shifters have learned the words that define their very form, and by doing so have learned how to change it. The earliest iteration of their power typically manifests as a particular affinity for, and gift at communicating with certain breeds of beast. Shifters gain forms by learning the words used to create the myriad species they mimic. In the process of shifting the way one thinks also shifts. An ever present danger lies in the potential to become so bestial in form that reverting to ones ‘original’ body becomes impossible. Shifters do not need to speak aloud to change, it is enough to merely think the quicksilver thoughts of a Shifter to change oneself. The words do need to be vocalized to have a direct effect on others, and those others must be willing for this to work. A Shifter cannot shift an unwilling subject. The duration of a shift is as long as a Shifter wishes but the longer held, the more difficult it becomes to revert to the original form. The more proficient Shifters are capable of feats beyond mimicry of the beasts; they can hybridize or combine multiple features from various sources to create specialized forms. Shifters can also be gifted healers with the ability to heal themselves and others.
The danger of Shifting is that one can fall wild and become trapped in the body and mind of a beast.

Shifter Core – Morpheme

This represents the general skill of the shifter. Advancement costs 5xp times new level. The Shifter cannot advance any specific shifter ability above their Shifter core level. For example, if they have a shifter core of 2 they can have a maximum Active Regeneration value of 2.


Each of the abilities below must be purchased and leveled up separately. Advancement costs 5xp times new level


Passive Regeneration

All shifters passively heal an additional point of health/week equal to their base level in Shifter. They gain the ability to heal from more grievous wounds as well, such as missing limbs or organs.

Active Regeneration

The Shifter can channel a portion of their focus to enable rapid regeneration. This can be done 1/day and requires a Will + Morpheme + Active Regeneration check. The results of this roll are compared against the Lingua Self-Healing column of the healing table or the or the table below.


Also known as Accelerated Recovery, this ability allows the Shifter to use the Lingua to modify a targets biology and accelerate their natural healing rate. The target of this ability must be willing and the Shifter must both physically touch them initially and maintain regular proximity to the target for the duration of this ability to work (12 hours without conversational proximity ends the effect).
The Shifter takes 2 Stress to activate the ability and the target gains a bonus to their natural healing rate equal to the Shifter’s level in Pluripotency. The Shifter can apply Pluripotency to a number of targets equal to their rank in the ability, but each new application costs 2 additional Stress.
This ability only works at half its normal rate for forms which the Shifter is not familiar with. For example, a Shifter with level 3 Pluripotency using this ability on a Bellator can only grant a bonus of +1 to their healing rate, however if the Shifter knows the Bellator form the bonus is the full +3.
Shifters already benefit from Passive Regeneration and cannot use Pluripotency on themselves or other Shifters to accelerate that rate further.

Chirurgus Cascade

Also known as Mend Wounds or Healing, the Shifter is able to heal others wounds directly and rapidly by passing a mutable portion of the Shifter’s own protean body and then controlling this portion of their form to trigger a controlled healing cascade. The target of this ability must be willing and the Shifter must maintain physical contact with them during the healing.
The Shifter takes 3 Stress to activate the ability and must then roll a **Will + Medicine + Chirurgus Cascade** check. The results of this roll are compared against the Lingua Heal Other column of the healing table or the table below.

ResultActive RegenChirugus
2-1001 dmg
Natural 201010


Shifters regenerative abilities make them highly resistant to death or permanent disability due to disease but that does not make them immune to the effects, direct or otherwise. The Crucible ability represents the Shifters capacity to both consciously adapt to disease in order to hasten recovery *and* the ability to analyze a disease in order to discern treatments and cures for others. To use this ability the Shifter must focus on their body, engaging senses that are unavailable to others and manipulate their internal biological environment directly. This process can take up to several days depending on the severity of the illness.
The Shifter takes 3 Stress and must roll a **Will + Morpheme + Crucible** against the target defined on the table below. If they are successful they gain the following benefits:

  • They are cured of the illness and inoculated to future infections of the same
  • They gains a bonus to Medicine checks regarding that illness equal to their level in Crucible
  • They are able to use the Chirurgus Cascade ability to cure others of the disease

A roll of 2 always indicates a failure and may result in a worsening of the infection or a mutation of the disease. Conversely a roll of 20 always indicates success.

Disease TypeExamplesCrucible Target
LowCold, Flu, Dysentery, Gonorrhea12
MediumErgotism, Malaria, Measles, Smallpox, Typhoid14
HighLeprosy, Plague, Cancer, Autoimmune, Parasites16
DeadlyFlux, Sleeping Sickness, Rabies, Black Fever, Amoebic Encephalitis, Prion18
EngineeredIndomire, Aeger, Labryonch22


The Shifting tongue allows the Linguist to take a form similar to that of any creature they are sufficiently familiar with.

Gaining familiarity entails close exposure to the species in their natural habitat over a length of time. As a result, there is considerable danger for those Shifters who seek to learn the forms of the most dangerous wildlife. Due to the limitations of mass/size differences the Shifter form is often noticeably larger or smaller than a natural example of a natural version.

To learn a new form the Shifter must first seek out a specimen of the species they wish to learn. For wild species this may involve a survival and animal handling or stealth check to find and remain close to the subject during study. Once they have found a target the Shifter must then learn its form. This process involves studying both the physiology and behaviour and typically takes several days or weeks as they learn the unique features and quirks of a new biology.

Mechanics: Learning a new form requires an extended skill check with a number of stages equal to the difficulty of the form divided by 4 (rounded up). For each stage Shifter must roll an **Intellect + Observation + Morpheme** check vs. the form difficulty. Each success represents progress towards the new form but the Shifter cannot take this form until they have successfully passed all stages. Failures indicate no new progress has been made towards learning the form for that day.

This check can be made once per in-game day spent focusing on the studying the form. It is possible to study a form while engaging in other activities such as travel, but the Storyteller may impose penalties to the learning roll as is appropriate. A Shifter can learn multiple forms concurrently but the effort is taxing and is limited to learning a number of simultaneous forms equal to ones Will. The Shifter also suffers a penalty to each form roll equal to the number of forms concurrently being learned.

Difficulty Modifiers

Shifting VariableDifficulty Modifier
Size, Tiny4
Size, Small2
Size, Medium0
Size, Large2
Size, Huge4
Size, Gargantuan8
Type, Common1
Type, Unusual3
Type, Rare4
Type, Unique5
Danger, Prey/Pack0
Danger, Predator2
Danger, Apex Predator4
Danger, Hyper Predator6
Engaged in Combat2
Practiced Form (Used at least once)-1
Aberrations (e.g. Gluthor, Evicar, Brog)5
Quasi-human (Bellator, Oneiri, Tamaa)10

Examples of Difficulty Targets and Stage Values

SpeciesTraitsBase DifficultyStages
DaedonLarge, Common, Pack Animal = 12+2+1+0154
WolfMedium, Common, Predator = 12+0+1+2154
Faeles FatalisLarge, Rare, Apex = 12+2+4+4246
EvicarMedium, Unique, Hyper Predator, Aberration = 12+0+5+6+5287
UzhasHuge, Unique, Hyper Predator, Aberration = 12+4+5+6+5328
TamaaQuasihuman= 12+10226
BellatoriQuasihuman = 12+10226

Practical Example: Fleet wishes to learn how to shift into a Wolf. She has found a pack and, through her Fox form, is now shadowing it for study. Wolves are medium size, common predators which makes their base change difficulty 15 so in order to learn this form Fleet needs to succeed on 4 checks (3.5 rounded up). She can make one check each day she studies and the first three days she succeeds in the roll, gaining 3 stages. Unfortunately on the fourth and fifth day she fails and on the sixth day she is forced to deal with a bandit attack, which imposes an additional +2 to the difficulty since she could not focus. Fortunately she rolls a 20 and on the sixth day she succeeds, finally learning the form.

  • Kaeki are able to reduce the number of stages for a given form by 1/2.
  • Apotheosis Level 1 reduces all stages by 1/2.
  • Genomic Transmission allows for a single check to transfer forms but still requires a stress expenditure and forms gained through this method retain a penalty.

Each form a Shifter learns entails a special subset of knowledge and most find it difficult to learn more than a handful of forms. Each level taken in Shifting grants the Shifter 1.5 form slots. E.g. at level 1 they can know 1 form, at 2 they can know 3 forms, etc.

Once the Shifter has finished the arduous task of learning a form they are then able to attempt their first shift. Taking on a new form is no simple task. The Shifter must maintain their concentration through the breaking of their bones, twisting of muscle fibre, sliding of skin and reconfiguration of their very organs. To take a new form (including their original form) the Shifter must take 3 stress to roll a Will + Morpheme + Shifting with a base difficulty of 12 + the difficulty modifiers shown on the Difficulty table below. Failure on a roll indicates the Shift failed and the character takes an amount of health damage equal to 1/2 the range of failure. A character reduced to zero health by a failure is left comatose for a number of hours equal to the failure range. A roll of 20 or double the target, indicates a flawless shift and the Shifter can refund the stress spent on the roll. A roll of 2 always indicates a failure.

Shifters who spend too long in an alternate form often find their mind pulled by the natural urges of that form. For example, a Shifter who takes on a predatory form for too long may find it harder and harder to control their prey instinct, turning on their allies, while a Shifter who takes on a herd or prey form is constantly fighting the instinct to flee.
Each time the Shifter resists the urge to return to their base form they become slightly less focused, increasing the difficulty to shift to any other form by 1. The higher the Shifting level the longer they can sustain alternate forms without risk of losing control and the easier it becomes to resist that urge.

RankDuration of ShiftWill Check to Sustain
11 hourWill check every hour after, target 18
212 hoursWill check every 12 hours after, target 17
324 hoursWill check every 24 hours after, target 16
41 weekWill check every week after, target 15
5+IndefiniteNot Required

After the spending the listed period in a form the Shifter must spend at least an hour in their human form and not use any other Shifter power during that period before they can attempt another Shift.

Each form has its own set of attributes. Consult the form table below for example values but consult with the storyteller to determine the exact traits of the form.

Example Animal Forms

Form TypeExample SpeciesAspect ModifiersAbilities and Attacks
Small PredatorFox, Weasel, Snake, Monitor+1 Grace, -1 Intellect+2 Survival, +2 Stealth, 1/2 Environment Penalties
PredatorWolf, Hyena, Lion, Alligator, Yeligwi, Jaghund+1 Grace, + 2 Power, -1 Intellect, -1 WillLow Light Vision, +2 Survival, Attack: Claws – 4D, Attack: Bite – 3D + Grapple
Apex PredatorVargr, Bear, Grommen, Faeles Ur+3 Power, +2 Grace, -1 Intellect, -2 WillLow Light Vision, +3 Survival, Attack: Claws – 5D, Attack: Bite – 4D + Grapple
Hyper PredatorUrsu, Tyrn, Uzhas +5 Power, + 1 Grace, -2 Intellect, -4 Will Health +5, Stress + 10, Attack: Claws – 6D, Attack: Bite – 5D + Grapple
Pack or HerdHorse, Camel, Llama, Daedon, Elk. Gazelle+2 Power, +1 Intuition, -2 Will+50% Speed, +2 Athletics, Attack: Trample (3D)
PreyRabbit, Hog, Rat, Lesser Primates+2 Grace, +1 Intuition, -3 Power, -3 WillKeen Senses (+1 Perception) Evasive (+2 Defense)
AvianRaptor, Raven, Condor, Urvogel, Bat+3 Grace, -3 PowerFlight, Evasion (+5 defense), Attack: Rake – 3D

How does Shifting into a quasihuman form work?
A Shifter can take the form of a quasihuman, though they are some of the most difficult forms to take. Learning a quasihuman form grants access to the physical form only. Arcane and Advanced Calling abilities generally remain out of reach.

QuashumanAspectsPhysical FeaturesNotes
Oneiri+2 to Intuition, +1 Intellect, -2 PowerPrehensile Tail and ClawsRequires studying them without their guise
Bellatori+2 Grace, +1 Intuition, -2 Appearance, +3 HealthMimicry, Additional Limbs, Claws, and Climate Sensitivity
Tamaa+2 Appearance, +1 Personality, -2 WillRegeneration, Tentillia, Keen Sight, Flammable, Emotion Sense (no nutrition)
Tollam+2 Power, +1 Will, +5 Health, -1 IntellectFearful Aura, Sharp Senses
  • Note: Shifters cannot take the form of a Kaeki or a Heliar.

Example Form Abilities

The following abilities are intended to be an list of inspirations and are not comprehensive.
Basic: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Digestion, Natural Armour, Resistance to Poison, Enhanced Healing
Advanced: Electrical Discharge, Echolocation, Magnetic Sense, Direction Sense, Gills, Hibernation, Longevity, Non-verbal communication, Venom/Toxins, Silk-weaving

Atavistic Form

The Shifter is able to assume an enhanced version of a known form. For each level in Atavistic Form the Shifter can apply one of the following traits to that form.

Sturdy+5 Health
Focused+5 Stress
Powerful+2 Power
Graceful+2 Grace
GiganticIncreased Size
TerrifyingDouble Stress Effect on Targets
Keen+2 Perception

Favoured Form

The Shifter selects 1 particular form. This form becomes easier to take and leave, can be maintained for longer, and gains benefits to its stats. All other forms become more difficult to take and leave. Shifting to a favoured form incurs only 1 stress, the difficulty is reduced by 5, and the Shifter is not damaged by failures. This ability comes with a penalty to Shifting to all other forms; the Shifter now incurs double stress and *all* failures incur damage.


The Shifter takes on aspects of a form they know without fully transforming. This allows them to take on specific traits such as gills, claws, fangs, venom sacs, etc. The Shifter takes 1 point of stress for each trait they wish to adopt and can only take on a number of traits equal to their level in Hybrid with a maximum of 5. Taking on Hybrid traits is easier than taking on a full form but the Shifter must still roll a **Will + Morpheme + Hybrid** against a target of 10 with the following results.

2A roll of 2 always indicates a failure
20Flawless shift and the Shifter can refund the stress spent on the roll

The duration the Shifter can maintain their Hybrid traits is indicated on the table below.

Hybrid RankDuration of Shift
11 hour, Will check every hour after, target 18
212 hours, Will check every 12 hours after, target 17
324 hours, Will check every 24 hours after, target 16
41 Week, Will check every week after, target 15

A list of example traits is provided below.

Claws, Small3d Natural Weapon, +2 to Climb
Claws, Large4d Natural Weapon, +2 to Climb
Talons4d Natural Weapon, Brutal, +3 to Climb
Fangs3d Natural Weapon
Horns/Spines3d Natural Weapon
Venom Sac, AverageTarget of 14 to resist
Venom Sac, LethalTarget of 17 to resist
Venom Sac, ApexTarget of 19 to Resist
Scales, NormalArmour B1-S1-P1
Scales, ThickArmour B2-S2-P2
Scales, ApexArmour B3-S3-P3
Prehensile Tail+2 to checks for balance, distraction, or manipulation
GillsWater breathing
Webbing+2 to Swim
Digitgrade Legs+2 to Athletic Checks
Fur+2 to cold weather endurance
Tapetum lucidumLow light vision
EcholocationNavigate in full darkness
SyrinxMimic any sound
Lethal Toxin-Neutralizing FactorImmunity to Venom
Enhanced Senses, Olfactory+2 to Perception, Survival
Enhanced Senses, Vomeronasal+2 to Perception, Survival
Enhanced Senses, Magnetoreception+2 to Navigation
Gliding WingsSlow falls, Increase Balance
Hollow BonesReduces weight, +2 to Jump, -3 to Health, Needed for Flight
Flight Musculature+2 to Athletics, Needed for Flight
Flight WingsPaired with Hollow Bones and Flight Musculature, allows for sustained flight
Decreased Size1/2 Power, x2 Grace
Increased Sizex2Power, 1/2 Grace


The Shifter takes on a personal form that is unique or blends traits from known forms. This is also sometimes referred to as a Trueform or, for some Shifters, a Warform. The Shifter’s Trueform has is composed of a number of features determined by their level in the Trueform ability multiplied by 2. The Trueform can combine features from the following Shifter Abilities:

  • Hybrid
  • Transbiota
  • Atavistic Power (Persistent Increase to Power by Level in Ability)
  • Predatory Grace (Persistent Increase to Grace by Level in Ability)
  • Symmetry (Persistent Increase to Appearance by Level in Ability)

Note: The exact features of this form must be approved by the Storyteller.

The personal connection between the Shifter and this form makes it easier to enter and exit. As with a normal Shifting roll, the Shifter must take 3 stress to roll a Will + Morpheme + Trueform but the target difficulty is 10 with the following results.

2A roll of 2 always indicates a failure
20Flawless shift and the Shifter can refund the stress spent on the roll

The duration the Shifter can maintain their Trueform is indicated on the table below.

Trueform RankFeaturesDuration of Shift
121 hour, Will check every hour after, target 18
2412 hours, Will check every 12 hours after, target 17
3624 hours, Will check every 24 hours after, target 16
481 week, Will check every week after, target 15


The Shifter takes a form with multiple bodies such as a pack or swarm. Each splinter is a fraction of the whole Shifter, a single node in a greater network. Very few Shifters possess the skill or will to take form in multiple bodies. Most Shifters who attempt it fail in transition, and the handful who succeed still face a considerable risk of losing any sense of coherent identity. Taking the form of a hundred bats each diverging slightly, each pulling further from the axial personality. For the very few who can successfully transition and maintain control of a swarm the act is has significant benefits.

  • The Shifter cannot easily be killed
  • The Shifter can undertake multiple simultaneous actions
  • The Shifter can be in multiple places simultaneously

Each Level in Splitting reduces the difficulty of taking a splintered form.

Splitting Table

Splitting RankInjury RangeDamage TakenSuccess Range

Bestial Power

The Shifter modifies their body, altering the composition and increasing the density of their muscles and bone to temporarily increase their Power for one roll. The Shifter takes 2 points of stress and gains a bonus to their Power equal to their level in this ability. The Shifter can use this ability as many times in a row as they like but each new roll incurs an additional 2 points of stress.

Predatory Grace

The Shifter modifies their body, altering the structure and composition to temporarily increase Grace for one roll. The Shifter takes 2 points of stress and gains a bonus to their Power equal to their level in this ability. The Shifter can use this ability as many times in a row as they like but each new roll incurs an additional 2 points of stress.

Natural Symmetry

The Shifter modifies their body to improve aesthetic quality, refining features and increasing bilateral symmetry to temporarily increase Appearance for one roll. The Shifter takes 3 points of stress and gains a bonus to their Appearance equal to their level in this ability. The Shifter can use this ability as many times in a row as they like but each new roll incurs an additional 3 points of stress.

Enhanced Sapience

The Shifter modifies their brain, increasing the density of neuronal connections to temporarily increase Intellect for one roll. The Shifter takes 5 points of stress and gains a bonus to their Intellect equal to their level in this ability. The Shifter can use this ability as many times in a row as they like but each new roll incurs an additional 5 points of stress.


Shifters can turn their ability to survive disease to darker purposes, becoming asymptomatic carriers, able to spread terminal illness with a touch. The Shifter must have a Crucible ability of level 3 or higher to take this ability. The Shifter must first become infected with the disease they wish to be a Vector for and then succeed in the relevant Crucible check to eliminate their own personal symptoms. The Shifter’s level in Vector determined how easily they can spread the disease and the difficulty to resist it.
To spread the disease the Shifter takes 2 Stress and rolls a **Will + Morpheme + Vector**. This creates the target others need to beat to survive the disease.


While most Shifters contain their metamorphoses to the animal kingdom, a few explore more exotic forms of biology including the fungal and the floral. While there are no records of a Shifter fully assuming a floral or fungal form and returning to speak of it, it is possible to take inspiration for traits from these domains. With this ability the Shifter can acquire hybrid traits from non-animal species and assume abilities from fungal and floral sources. The Shifter spends 5xp for the Transbiota class of abilities and can then purchase the following traits for the listed prices. Shifters wishing to learn the Tamaa form must have the Transbiota ability.

Transbiota TraitEffectXP Cost
Thorns2d Natural Weapon5
BarkArmour B2-S2-P25
BioluminescenceGenerate Light5
PhotophagyConvert sunlight to energy removing need for food though they do still require water10
Spore NoduleExpel an obfuscating cloud that can trigger allergic reactions10
Resin NoduleExpel a durable adhesive polymer that can be used to bind things together and a substance which can soften said resin for removal or manipulation (Mechanics below)10
Toxic Sap NoduleExpel a blinding or acidic sap-like secretion10
Capsaicin NoduleExude a disabling spray of burning chemicals15
Cerbera TouchToxic touch that is incredibly deadly20

Resin Mechanics: First the Shifter must generate the gland which costs 1 stress but incurs no roll and is always successful.
Next the Shifter generates the resin or resin softening agent. The amount, duration, and hardness a Shifter can generate depends on their level of Morpheme.
Use: For each point in Morpheme they can generate 1 use of either resin or softener per day. The amount generated is typically enough to do one of the following:

  • Bind three or four medium sized, or one or two large items together
  • Disable a single normal size individuals hands or feet
  • Seal one normal sized doorway closed.

Drying: The drying time for resin is 1 minute or more as needed and the softener takes an equal amount of time to work on hardened resin.
Duration: Resin does not last forever and will begin to breakdown naturally after a period of 2 days per level of Morpheme. A Shifter can extend the duration of an application of resin by focusing and spending an additional point of stress. This allows them to triple the duration (it has no effect on the hardness).
Hardness: Resin can be broken with sufficient power or external force. The hardness of the resin is determined by the Shifter’s skill. Someone seeking to break the resin makes a Power + Athletics or Combat check with a target of 14 + the Morpheme level of the Shifter.

Example: Khai has Morpheme of 4 and can generate enough Resin to bind four individuals by the hands and feet. He would not be able to free them until the following day. Alternately he could bind two individuals and save the remaining uses of this ability to generate the softener necessary to free them. If his prisoners sought to escape they would need to make a Power + Athletics vs a target of 18. If someone else sought to free them using a weapon they could make a Power + Combat vs the same target. If Khai left them bound it would take 8 days for the resin to deteriorate on its own (though the difficulty of escape checks would decrease in a linear fashion over that period). If Khai spent an additional point of stress he could extend the duration for one of the four prisoners to 32 days.


The Shifter is able to enter a form of biosis that sustains them in hostile environments; this can include cryobiosis to survive in deep cold, chemobiosis to survive high levels of toxins, anoxybiosis to survive the absence of oxygen, or anhydrobiosis to survive the absence of water. For each level taken in Biostasis the Shifter chooses a new form of Biosis they can take. They gain the benefit of all known Bioses when in biosis. A Shifter in biostasis typically reduces their size significantly and encase themselves in an extremely hard shell. The Shifter takes 5 Stress when transitioning to this form and the length of time they can maintain this state is dependent on their Rank in Biostasis.

11 day
22 week
31 yewar
410 years


The Shifter can learn to generate pheromones to increase favour with other species. The Shifter must know the form of the species they wish to generate Pheremones for. The Shifter takes 2 Stress to activate this ability and gains a bonus to all animal handling and social rolls with that species equal to their level in Pheremone. This bonus lasts for 1 hour per level of the ability. This ability does not work on humans.

Genomic Transmission

The Shifter is able to transmit or receive knowledge of a form directly to, or from, another Shifter, allowing them to take a form without the typical prerequisite study, by making a single learning check with a bonus of +3. Both the tutor and the student must have this ability. Transmission can only be attempted once per day as the act of transmission takes 12 hours of joint meditation without interruption and both the tutor and student take 5 stress during this period. Forms gained by Genomic transmission are 2 points more difficult to take or leave.


The Shifter is able to generate a personal toxin. The effects of this toxin and the method of application, are determined by the Shifter’s level in Toxifer. The roll to resist the Toxin is against a target set by the Shifter’s Will + Morpheme + Toxifer + 1d10

RankMethod of ApplicationEffects
2BloodToxifer Level in Damage
3BiteToxifer + Morpheme Rank in Damage
4SpitToxifer + Morpheme + Will Rank in Damage
5ContactToxifer Roll in Damage

Storage Organ

The Shifter is able to create an organ which can store food or items within the body. The capacity of this organ is dependent on the size of the Shifter’s current form. For example, a Shifter in the form of a mouse cannot have a storage organ that holds a greatsword.


An ability thought lost to the ages, Federate allows two or more Shifters with this ability to merge their biomass, creating a biological melding with a variety of effects.

  • Aspect Merging: The Federated Shifter is able to attain a higher physical potential than any human. The maximum aspect value is 5 plus the highest level in Federate among participants but the Federated entity adds the aspects of all participants to get the new value.
  • Many Minds: The Federated Shifter gains the highest level in skill among all who participate.
  • Biomass: The Federated Shifter’s health is increased by 5 for each Shifter who joins.

While at low levels this effect is temporary, high level Shifters can choose to federate permanently, effectively creating a new entity that shares traits with both of the previous Shifters.


While many naturally occurring animal forms are huge, given sufficient time and energy, master Shifters can adopt forms of truly staggering proportions. This ability is exceedingly rare among Shifters as such forms tend to take extended periods to assume and can prove impossible to depart without assistance. Moreover, the anatomical, kinetic, and thermal limitations of biological life dictate that truly titanic forms are often strange and alien; the larger a Shifter gets the more they must rely on aberrant biology and inorganic features to sustain their great mass. According to legend, the Behemoths of the Urul perfected this technique, permanently assuming roles as mobile habitats, biomes, or even citadels; this resulted in these collossi gaining the nickname “Castlebacks”.

RankMax SizeReference Example
030 meters, 150 tonnesGreat Whale
145 metersAtavar Serpents
2100 metersKaihaj
3500 metersLeviathan
41 kilometerCastleback
53+ kilometers?

Heart Stone

A rare and taxing ability available only to fifth level Shifters that enables them to create an embryonic replica of themselves granting Shifters a crude sort of immortality. This hardened replica is inert until the Shifter’s death at which point the ‘stone’ awakens, a diminished copy of the original. Creation of a Stone is no small task, requiring the Shifter to sacrifice 4 points in Will and 2 Power and take max health -1 damage as they literally duplicate their body. This damage cannot be healed with active regeneration. The replica cannot awaken until the original dies and the replica’s memories are foggy and limited to the period prior to their creation. The Replica’s aspects are all 1 lower than the original Shifter.


Shifters who develop a truly profound knowledge of the Lingua Arcana come to understand the true nature of shifting and form bending, attaining an altered state of existence known as Apotheosis. In this state the Shifter abandons any sense of ‘true form’ and becomes perfectly mutable. To begin the path towards Apotheosis the Shifter must master five separate forms. Each time the Shifter wishes to ascend a level in Apotheosis they must spend a full day and night in formless flux, maintaining the state between forms. During this period, they are entirely helpless as their body and mind are lost between forms. In this protean state they are a magnet for ancient beasts and aberrations guided by a deep instinctual desire to destroy the Shifter. If they survive this the Shifter achieves a new state of being. By the end of this path the Shifter is closer to Celestial than human.

Level 1: The Shifter no longer needs to spend extended time with a creature to learn its form. The number of stages required to learn is reduced by 1/2. They also find it easier to take on significantly larger or smaller sizes, growing able to draw or shunt organic material from or to the environment to increase their bulk. Shifting penalties for size are halved.
Level 2: The Shifter regenerates at an astonishing rate. All known regeneration effects are tripled.
Level 3: The Shifter can change the forms of others who are willing, to grant them minor alterations. Their own hybrid traits can now be sustained indefinitely.
Level 4: The Shifter can apply significant alterations to the forms of others who are willing. This includes placing others into an entirely new form or reverting Shifters lost in an altered form to their original form. Maximum subjects = Apotheosis level.
Level 5: The Shifter can become protean at will and gains the ability to communicate directly with Celestial entities without risk of madness. They take no damage from mundane weapons and can create temporary doppelgangers at will.


The uncomfortable truth of Shifters is that their Lingua has the capacity to make them quite inhuman, and in doing so, alter their perceptions of the boundaries between human and animal. While many Shifters maintain a firm stance on the subject of procreation outside of their human form, this is not universal and the optional abilities below are meant to address some of the less common but no less important scenarios that arise from that fact and the associated questions.


Some Shifters become so enamored with the species they emulate, spending whole lifetimes in their alternate forms, that they seek to procreate as one. In most cases the act is futile as the act of Shifting does not modify the gametes of the Shifter. Some Shifters have learned how to overcome this limitation however, via the Klepton/Snycklepton ability. A Shifter with this ability is able to impregnate or be impregnated by any member of a species for which they know a form. This process often produces Chimera, offspring possessing traits not normally found in their species and which is often deeply loyal to their progenitor. Some particularly degenerate Shifters use this ability to produce unique abominations and horrors which are then compelled to serve their parents. Gestation and maturation periods are unaffected by the use of this ability.
To attempt such an act of procreation the Shifter must take 5 Stress and roll a Will + Morpheme + Klepton. The results are determined on the table below.

2Grotesque Failure: The procreative partner is killed and the Shifter is reduced to 1 Health
3-10Failure: No offspring is produced
11-15Success: Normal offspring are produced
16-18Success: A single chimeric offspring is produced with 1-3 traits
19+Success: A species appropriate number of offspring are produced with 2-4 traits each
20Success: The Shifter determines whether the offspring is chimeric or normal. If Chimeric they can add one additional Hybrid trait


Some Shifters eschew sexual reproduction entirely, choosing instead to produce offspring via a sophisticated use of the Lingua that enables asexual reproduction. The Shifter literally self-fertilizes and then carries their clonal child to term.
To attempt such an act of procreation the Shifter must take 10 Stress and roll Will + Morpheme + Agamogenesis. The results are determined on the table below.

2Grotesque Failure: The Shifter is reduced to 1 Health
3-16Failure: No offspring is produced
17+Success: The Shifter is now gestating a clonal child
20Exceptional Success: The gestation period for the clonal offspring is halved or the Shifter produces clonal twins