The Shaping tongue grants the ability to manipulate force, energy, and matter. Attaining mastery of the Shaping Lingua is fraught with risks but a master Shaper is capable of truly terrifying feats of power, devastating entire cities and armies or raising and flattening mountains with a few words.

Also known as: Shaper, Mage, Warlock
Restricted to: Humans
Power over: Forces, Materials, Space, Time

The most storied of the Lingua Arcana is also one of the hardest to master and potentially the most powerful. Shapers learn the words necessary to bend the very forces of the verse to their will. Fundamental features of the material world, such as electromagnetism, gravity, matter, energy and, at the highest levels even time. Shapers are capable of awesome feats and terrible evil, and the cost of this language is accordingly fierce. Intense discipline and a precise tongue is essential for a Shaper. An errant thought can rend ones body to paste or turn flesh to ash, or even unbind the very bonds that keep ones atoms together. Few Shapers possess the discipline of mind necessary to avoid grisly fates and those who do are frequently forced into seclusion by the fear their power invokes. A Shaper need not be heard to be dangerous but they must be masters of concentration to shape when distracted. The range of Shaper abilities is vast and potent but they are limited. Shapers cannot create materials wholesale, but they can transmute them. Equally, Shapers cannot ‘create’ energy, but they can release it from matter. A single stones energy can fuel world shifting acts in the right Shapers hands. Certain materials lend themselves better to such conversion.
The danger of Shaping is that a single stray thought or dream can undo the forces binding a Shaper, his friends and the nearby countryside together.

Shaping Terms

Praxis: Embodied or realized skill or knowledge
Eupraxia: Good praxis
Dyspraxia: Bad praxis, or misfortune

Shaping Titles

Thamator: Powerful
Praxitor: Practised
Eupraxitor: Highly skilled
Dyspraxitor: Restricted or diminished

Shaper Core – Syntax

This represents the general skill of the shaper. Advancement costs 5xp times new level. The shaper cannot advance any ability above their core level. For example, if they have a core of 2 they can have a maximum Crush level of 2.


Each of the abilities below must be purchased and leveled up separately. Advancement costs 5xp times new level unless indicated otherwise. Utilizing any active ability requires the Shaper to take stress equal to the level of the ability being applied to make a Will + Shaper Core + Ability roll. Results are indicated on the result table below.

Modified RollResult
2-6Failure, take 2 damage
7-14Failure, take 1 damage
15-16Failure, no effect
17-19Success, effects apply as indicated
20+Effects apply as indicated, no stress cost


The basis of many Shaping powers is the manipulation of physical forces of differing complexity and Shapers must master some Forces before they can learn others.
A Shaper must reach level 3 in at least 2 single vectored force abilities before they can begin advancing in multi-vector forces and 3 in at least 1 multi-vector force ability before they can advance in chaotic or intricate forces.

Note that targets with above average aspects can attempt to dodge, resist, escape or defend against Force shapings. They must roll an appropriate defense and exceed the modified value of the Shaping roll.

Single-vectored Forces

Lift: The Shaper applies perpendicular force to a target, lifting them.
Push: The Shaper applies a parallel force to a target, pushing them away.
Pull: The Shaper applies a parallel force to a target, pulling them towards.
Barrier: The Shaper creates a barrier of perpendicular force that stops attacks and projectiles.

150 kgStun/ProneStun/Prone3 Damage
2500 kg 100 kg > 1m / = 2 PWR1m9 Damage
35 m. tons100 kg > 10m / = 10 PWR10m27 Damage
4500 m. tons100 kg > 100m / = 20 PWR100m81 Damage
55,000 m. tons100 kg > 1km / = 30 PWR1km243 Damage
Multi- vectored Forces

Crush: The Shaper applies simultaneous vectored forces to crush target.
Throw: The Shaper applies simultaneous vectored forces to throw a target in a particular direction.
Slam: The Shaper applies simultaneous vectored forces to lift and then slam a target into the ground or other surface.
Hold: The Shaper applies simultaneous vectored forces to immobilize a target.
Ruin: The Shaper applies a shearing force to a target, tearing it apart with fundamental forces.
Projectile: The Shaper can guide a physical projectile towards a target at speed.

1Stun/ProneStun/Prone2 Damage50 kg3 Damage3 Damage
250 kg100 kg > 1m directed6 Damage500 kg9 Damage6 Damage
3500 kg100 kg > 10m directed18 Damage5 m. tons27 Damage9 Damage, 3 Targets
45 m. tons100 kg > 100m directed54 Damage500 m. tons81 Damage12 Damage, 4 Targets
5500 m. tons100 kg > 1km directed162 Damage5,000 m. tons243 Damage18 Damage, 5 targets

Chaotic Forces

Burst: The Shaper applies a rapid compression and expansion force to create an explosion. Note that as most Shaper skills require line of sight incautious use of this power, particularly at higher levels is very likely to backfire on the Shaper
Blast: The Shaper creates a spherical blast of kinetic energy centred on themselves, causing a blast wave that injures anyone in range and knocks them prone.

1Firework / 0 Damage1m, 1 Damage
2Low Explosive / 5 Damage5m, 1 Damage
3High Explosive / 100 Damage10m, 2 Damage
4Ultra High Explosive / 1000 Damage100m, 2 Damage
5Nuclear Detonation*100m, 5 Damage

Intricate Forces

Sound: The Shaper can create a wave of sound.
Magnetism: The Shaper can create a magnetic force that effects ferrous metals.
Electricity: The Shaper can create electrical force.
Heat: The Shaper can agitate particles in an object or area.
Cool: The Shaper can still particles in an object or area.

11m sizeStun+6°-4°90dB SPL (Distracting)
210m sizeInjure/Revive+36°-16°110dB SPL (Distracting)
3100m sizeKill/Revive+216°-64°130dB SPL (Pain, temporary deafness)
41,000m sizeRuin+1296°-256°150dB SPL (Shock, Permanent deafness)
510,000m sizeDisintegrate+7776°Absolute Zero200dB SPL (Wounds, Permanent Deafness)


Transmute: The Shaper is able to convert a quantity of raw matter (stone, water, air) into a more useful form.
Shell: The Shaper is able to manipulate a particular state of matter to create a defensive structure.
Control: The Shaper is able to exercise limited control over a particular type of matter.

1Base Matter (Iron, Copper)Gaseous (Concealment)Gaseous (Zephyr)
2Base Alloy (Steel, Bronze)Liquid (Deflects)Liquid (Thread)
3Advanced Matter (Silver, Gold)Solid (Absorbs)Solid (Pillar)
4Advanced Alloy (Arc Steel)Plasma (Destroys)Plasma (Sphere)
5Celestial Matter (Helion, Gelt)Condensate (Impervious)Condensate (Fractal)


Slow: The Shaper manipulates local time to slow time in an area. Slow affects a number of targets equal to the ability level and the duration sustained is equal to the ability level in rounds.
Stasis: The Shaper manipulates local time to render a single target inactive. The distance this ability can be used at is indicated on the table below and the duration sustained is equal to the ability level in rounds.
Haste: The Shaper hastens local time to increase a targets speed. The duration this ability can be sustained is equal to the ability level in rounds.

1-1 to actions+1 to actions1m
2-2 to actions+2 to actions5m
3-4 to actions+4 to actions10m
4-8 to actions+8 to actions20m
5-16 to actions+16 to actions40m

Observe: The Shaper imbues a small portion of homogeneous material with the ability to transmit light and sound over a distance, enabling them to covertly view remote areas. The duration this ability can be sustained is equal to the ability level in hours multiplied by two. The distance that the transmission can be received is defined below.


Warp: The Shaper creates a kink in local space-time to enable near instantaneous transit between two points in the world. This extremely difficult Shaping is most easily created between two points the Shaper is already familiar with and has marked with the appropriate sigils. It is possible to create a ‘Blind Bridge’ to an unfamiliar destination but the threshold for success is 19 rather than 17. It takes 30 seconds or five combat rounds to execute a warp. The Shaper can bring a number of other individuals along with them equal to their level in Warp multiplied by 2.

Portal Warp: This ability modifies the Warp ability to allow the Shaper to create a temporary portal, allowing them to transit more than just individuals. Using a portal the Shaper can move mounts, carts, and massed forces across vast distances. Portals are more taxing than normal warps; the Shaper takes the rank used in stress per round while maintaining the portal. The maximum duration this ability can be sustained is equal to the ability level in minutes. Creating a portal warp takes twice as long as a standard warp 1 minute or 10 combat rounds.

RankWarp Distance

Sigil Craft

Crafting a Shaping Sigil enables the storage of a specific Shaping for later use. Crafting a sigil requires considerable patience and focus typically taking weeks or months to complete and sigils are sensitive to the material they are crafted from. A Shaper can maintain a number of Sigils equal to their Core Shaping level.
To craft a Sigil the Shaper takes 5 stress to make an extended action check once per week (Will + Shaper + Sigil Craft) with the target determined by both the level of the Shaping and the material type being used to craft the Sigil. Difficulty formula: Material capacity multiplied by Level of Shaping (e.g. to craft a Rank 3 Sigil in Steel would require a cumulative 120 to complete the work; a Rank 1 Sigil in Gold would require 30). The crafted Sigil can only be used once and is destroyed in the process. The Shaper can choose between a mundane or Shaped trigger, allowing non-shapers to utilize the Sigil.

Material TypeExample MaterialsCapacityMax Shaping Level
BaseStone, Wood, Iron, Copper502
StandardSteel, Corewood, Silver403
AdvancedGold, Gelt, Platinum304
Fine MaterialHelion, Orick205


Many Shapers imbue an item with power to assist them in focusing their abilities, absorbing some portion of the feedback that makes Shaping so dangerous. A focus can take a variety of forms such as jewelry, armour, weapons, or staves. The Shaper can grow the focus in power as they do. Foci often survive their creators and such artefacts are highly valued and sought after by Linguists. Selection of a focus is entirely up to the Shaper, though particular materials are better for absorbing feedback than others. (Each level replaces the one before, bonuses can be traded for special traits with storyteller approval)

Level 1: The focus can soak 2 points of stress triggered by use of Lingua
Level 2: The focus can soak 3 points of stress triggered by the use of Lingua, +1 bonus to the item
Level 3: The focus can soak 4 points of stress triggered by the use of Lingua, + 2 bonus to the item
Level 4: The focus can soak 5 points of stress triggered by the use of Lingua, + 3 bonus to the item
Level 5: The focus can soak 6 points of stress triggered by the use of Lingua, + 4 bonus to the item

Favoured Force

The Shaper selects 1 group of force ability – Single Vector, Multi Vector, Chaotic, Intricate, Matter, or Spacetime. This group of abilities becomes easier to use while all others become more difficult. The stress taken to use this group of abilities is halved, (to a minimum of 1) and the Shaper is not damaged by failure. Conversely all other groups cost double stress and inflict twice the health damage on failure.


The act of Shaping typically requires the wielder to speak the Lingua aloud or inscribe an arcane equation using their hands. Stillcasting is the ability to enact Shaping by sheer will alone. To do so the Shaper takes additional Stress as they internalize forces not meant to be internalized. The Shaper cannot use a focus to soak this stress. Advancing in Stillcast reduces this additional stress.

Level 1: 8 Stress
Level 2: 6 Stress
Level 3: 4 Stress
Level 4: 3 Stress
Level 5: 2 Stress


Also known as Ruckspace or Hammerspace, using these words allows the Shaper to create a small pocket of space-time isolated from the world in a sub-dimension of reality. This pocket lacks the necessities to sustain life but is ideal for storage of equipment and goods. There is no stress cost to create the space but each act of opening or accessing it costs 1 stress, though the Shaper can add or remove as many objects as they want.
For the purposes of tracking the Bagspace has enough room for 10 slots worth of items per point in this ability.


The Shaper creates a small pocket of space-time isolated from the world in a sub-dimension of reality. The size and properties of the Sanctum vary depending on the level of the Shaping. The Shaper can maintain a single, fixed point of entry to the Sanctum per level in the ability. The Shaper has control over the entrance ways and can lock them to mundane outsiders however other Shapers with at least 1 level in Sanctum can attempt to force their way in with an opposed Will + Shaping + Sanctum check. The Sanctum is intimately connected to the Shaper and they are always aware of someone entering or leaving, even when they are not in or near to it. Shaping done within the Sanctum is easier for the Shaper; they do not incur any stress and take no damage from failed Shapings. As a result many Shapers utilize Sanctums as training spaces. A Shaper can maintain only one sanctum at a time.
The unmodified area within a Sanctum appears as a flat surface of sheer marble, the edges of which seem to fade into mist. Any attempt to ‘leave’ the area leads the occupant back to the same space. The temperature of the Sanctum can be controlled by the Shaper from within the Sanctum. One curious property of Sanctums is that 4th and 5th level Sanctums cease the aging of all occupants.

Level 1: The sanctum is 1 cubic meter of dark, airless space and can be used as a storage location.
Level 2: The sanctum is 10 cubic meters of dark space filled with unlimited breathable air and can be used as a small shelter.
Level 3: The Sanctum is 100 cubic meters of dark space filled with unlimited breathable air and can be used as a large shelter.
Level 4: The Sanctum is 1 cubic kilometer of space filled with unlimited breathable air and lit or unlit as the Shaper chooses.
Level 5: The Sanctum is 10 cubic kilometers of space filled with unlimited breathable air and lit or unlit as the Shaper chooses.

Mind Seed

While few can rival Shapers for raw destructive power perhaps their most terrible ability is not raw force or nuclear fire but the Mind Seed. This difficult and painful ritual, available only to fifth level Shapers, creates a dormant replica of the Shaper’s mind in a shard of specially prepared Helion. This seed is inert until two conditions are met; first the Shaper must die and second the Seed must be plunged into the body of a living human. When this occurs the mind of the Shaper takes over that of the victim, functionally resurrecting the Shaper. Creation of a seed is no small task, requiring the Shaper to sacrifice 4 points in Will and 1 Intellect and take max health -1 damage as they forge a replica of their mind. This damage must be healed naturally. The seed does nothing until its creator dies and the memories of the reborn Shaper are foggy and limited to the period prior to their creation. The reborn Shaper’s aspects are all 1 lower than the original.


Shapers who develop a truly profound knowledge of the Lingua Arcana come to understand the true nature of reality, attaining an altered state of existence known as Praxis. Attaining this state of being is difficult and dangerous. Regardless it is the final goal of many Shapers. To begin the path towards Praxis the Shaper must be of fifth level in five separate abilities. Each time the Shaper wishes to ascend a level in Praxis they must spend a full day and night in meditation, during which they are beset by terrible visions and revelations regarding reality which render them entirely helpless. They also become a magnet for arcane aberrations capable of bypassing many of the defenses a Shaper can erect. If the Shaper survives their reflection they achieve a new state of being. By the end of this path the Shaper is closer to Celestial than human.

Level 1: The Shaper no longer requires food. They sustain themselves on the conversion of base matter directly into life force. They still require water.
Level 2: The Shaper no longer requires sleep. Their mind is tireless and in a constant state of homeostasis.
Level 3: The Shaper no longer requires oxygen or water. They exist in a state between physical matter and energy.
Level 4: The Shaper ceases to age and is immune to all mundane illnesses and toxins and can grant this gift to a number of others equal to their Praxis level.
Level 5: The Shaper can become incorporeal at will, or can increase their density and become an immovable object. They also gain the ability to communicate directly with Celestial entities without risk of madness. They become immune to any Lingua they have mastered.