Welcome to Aeldos

The world of Aeldos is a vast super-continent populated by numerous cultures, nations, characters, and creatures. The shared mythology of Aeldos tells of a cruel and rapacious creator known as Amth or ‘The First’, a terrible celestial who shaped the world and populated it with all manner of rapacious beast for its own amusement. 

Humans, unique among the beasts for their cleverness and capacity to suffer, became a prized target for this venal god, enduring eons of torment at the hands of Amth and its vicious creations. Humanity was hunted, maimed and tortured by the First, seemingly destined for eternal anguish, until salvation came in a group of young gods known as the Ayr. These potent celestial beings went to war against Amth, casting it down, and guiding humanity into a golden age, during which humanity ascended to rulership over Aeldos, patiently guided by the Ayr. 

But the age of light and prosperity could not last. In time Humanity turned first on the Ayr, killing, binding, or otherwise banishing them from the world, and then on each other. 

A dark age of plagues, war, and ignorance consumed the world. It is only now, after thousands of years, that humanity has clawed its way back from the brink after millennia of strife. 

And while the world remains a perilous place and the future very much uncertain, a new age of adventure dawns…

This is the website for a fictional world called Aeldos and an associated storytelling game system called Praxis. Pages and articles here detail everything from the cultures, creatures, technology, and religion of this fictional world to the rules and tools useful for running a role-playing game in that world. 

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