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Aarnivak Ruin

Aarnivak is a vast ruin, the boundaries of which are difficult to discern due to the thick growth of forest. By most accounts it was a first age city, rendered empty and uninhabitable by terrible destructive forces. The ruin is filled with low mounds of Orick, the remains of buildings reduced to slag by lost technologies. The few structures that remain were shattered and warped, difficult to navigate and now home to a variety of dangerous wildlife. During its destruction the city was subsumed by a great upheaval of land creating an cave system composed of natural fissures and sunken structures. The ruin is haunted by a variety of dangerous creatures.
Aarnivak is located five days travel north of Allfrerhem. There is a narrow logging and mining road that cuts deep into the woods but the final portion of the journey is through dense northern wood.