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Aarnivak Ruin

Aarnivak is a vast ruin, the boundaries of which are difficult to discern due to the thick growth of the Poinvek forest. Records and accounts describe a first age city, rendered uninhabitable by terrible destructive forces. Many of the structures that remain were shattered and warped and become home to a variety of dangerous wildlife. During its destruction much of the city was subsumed by a great upheaval of land creating an cave system composed of natural fissures and sunken structures. There is also the fragmented remain of an elevated road system connecting some parts of the ruin.

Aarnivak is located five days travel north of Allfrerhem. Travelers must first pass through the Stakkyr logging camp and cross the Renbar river. From there they take a narrow logging road deep into the Poinvek forest which leads to an ancient relic road partially maintained by the foresters.