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Aia’s Flask

Aia’s flask dominates a portion of the northern square in the trade district. It is sprawling wood building three stories tall and clearly well tended to. Hedges and small trees form a wall around the outer part of the building. The entrance is always open and the sound of music and smell of fine wines and food flow from the front door. A couple sits caressing each other on the front step under the watchful eye of a tall Luxi man who is almost certainly a guard.

As you enter the antechamber you are greeted by a young woman in scanty dress, her face well made and smiling. She greets you and ushers you in to the main room, a large hall with a dozen tables, a long bar and a stage where a musician and dancer are currently plying their respective trades. The smell in the Flask is intoxicating; a mix of rich alcohol, rich food, and sex. A variety of courtesans and escorts mingle with the guests, serving drinks under the gaze of discretely placed guards.