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King Rotta’s Tavern

King Rotta’s Tavern: The name means Rat King, and its’ patrons wear the low-culture name of Rotta’s like a badge. King Rotta’s was built out of a tapped out iron mine and descends several levels into mount Maurlog. Built of cheap lumber, frequently replaced, and with all the style of a midden heap, the whole tavern smells of sweat, iron, cheap meat of dubious origin and considerable spice, and barely drinkable booze. Walls and support pillars are placed haphazardly and even patrons find Rotta’s difficult to navigate… until they’ve had a few and the drunken logic of the place begins to make more sense.
The dominant sound in the tavern is a din of laughter, yelling, and incoherent song. Every now and then a minstrel or bard will offer to play but it’s doubtful anyone ever heard them.
The lower levels of the Tavern are composed of cheap common rooms occupied frequently by patrons, vagrants and travelers. The lowest level is a great fist fighting ring where the cities low folk come to sort out their differences away from the gaze of the law.