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Recaps from the online game “The Encircled Path” will be posted to this page.

Premise: In the north of Aeldos there is the country Svertheim; an alliance of city-states in the shadow of the Sword Peaks. Here in the frigid and dangerous lands of the north the hardy and clannish people of Svertheim have carved a life from the dense forests, vast plains, and treacherous mountains using cunning, hard work and sheer will. Fortified settlements, some hundreds or thousands of years old, have grown into bastions in a dangerous wilderness. These loci, at the heart of farming, foresting, and mining communities, linger under constant threat of attack by savages, monsters, and bandits.
The characters start in one such bastion known as Allfrehem, nestled in the eastern forests, on the edge of Svertheim lands. Drawn together by unseen forces these locals and foreigners alike share one specific feature; a strange sigil encircling their left wrist. At some point in their life, recent or remote, this arcane black symbol appeared after a strange dream has been with them since. For one reason or another the sigils have drawn them together, but to what end? In the absence of immediate answers there’s always work to be found in Allfrehem, particularly for the courageous and skilled…