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Aeldos is populated by a diverse cast of characters, including valiant heroes, cruel villains and everything in between. The most notable of these will be listed here. The NPC list only includes those characters who have been encountered by the players.

Player Characters

The Marked
Venya the Steward
Sarv the Dancer
Intan the Tinker
Otrey the Bellatori
Sylla the Wolf Child
Myst the Wolf
Fang the Exile
Khai the Pilgrim
Diisa the Clatterjack

Alala Bravestar

The Cadre
Titles: The Unbinders, The Heroes of Kerv Oss, Chain-breakers, Jackslayers, Wartouched, The Resolute
Haevian Nevarrus
Lilya Vir aka Fleet
Zila Voss aka Fedha
Maair Vansen aka Marcus

The Pride
Doren Asyr
Valen Grey
Cadlen Grey

Non-Player Characters


Thane Olinn Einarr (M) 60, Former adventurer turned Thane of Allfrerhem, seen as stable and just by his people.
Lady Yasa Einarr (F) Deceased, Adventurer and first wife of the Thane who died in a plague shortly after Hakon and Asa’s birth’s 27 years ago
Hakon Einarr (M) 28, The Eldest son and presumed heir. Gallant, warrior, adventurer, and philanderer
Asa Einarr (F) 27, Middle child, daughter, and prodigy married to lesser Granden noble
Lady Idira Einarr (F) 45, The Thane’s second wife and intermediary between the Thane and the nobility
Torald Einarr (M) 23, The young and observant contrarian second son
Cobus Reccar (M) ?, Lesser Granden noble and husband of Asa Einarr
Olav Veor (M) 44, Quiet Svertan noble and owner of the Veor Silver mine
Tarja Hafr (F) 37, Svertan noble and owner of the Hafr logging rights:
Albin Stakkyr (M) 47, Nobleman owner of northern resource rights (timber and iron sites)
Alar Stakkyr (M) 18, Troublemaking son of Albin Stakkyr and heir to the Stakkyr title
Linnea Stakkyr (F) 15, Bookish forgotten daughter of Albin Stakkyr
Goran Sjona (M) 45, Svertan tradesman and noble owner of several Haggen facilities
Balek Rotta (M) 59, Owner/Proprietor of King Rotta’s Tavern
Erla Ilmarison (F) 53, Stately and politically savvy noblewoman in the Allfrerhem court

Edricck Aulisson (M) 35, Propieter the Red Circle Tavern
Vanhin Ilmarinen (M) 83, the Allfrerhem Lorekeeper and oldest man in the city
Olo Niva (M) 41, Renowned Tinker and Mechanist: One of the foremost minds in Svertan engineering
Aylan Jaghund (M) 32, Steward/Guard Captain and leader of the Alfrerhem guard
Virva Kallio (F) 29, Proprietor of Aia’s Flask, (the brothel is owned by Olav Veor)
Kalu and Noe Redrider (M) 23, Luxi brothers and guards at the Flask
Lisken Bekkr (M) 57, High steward of the House of Einarr
Takkan Vigr (M) 76 (looks 40), Half-Tollam master of the Arena
Arjan Iyen (F) 34, Honoured Selenian guest and surgeon of the Thane
Braka Nordson (M) 25, Iron miner, champion boxer, drunkard, and brother of Kuna Nordottir
Kuna Nordottir (F) 26, Clanbar handler, trainer and keeper for the guard and brother to Braka Nordson
Voga Otogan (M) 28, Amiable and insouciant barrel chested sergeant of the Allfrerhem guard
Isirin (F) 25, Blind Ossandrian traveler with a gift for seeing the unseen. Constantly accompanied by Nashak Gaira
Nahsak Gaira (M) ?, Nehepi bodyguard of Isirin who covers most of his body in robes. Bears a mark and a panoply of scars on his arms.
Osota Mesikammen (F) 40, Wildwoman warden and renowned huntress in the employ of Hakon Einarr. Lives in the wild.
Sigmund Kjalki (M) 48, Skilled warrior and loyal bodyguard of the Thane’s daughter Sona Einarr
Helgi Theragar (F) 51, Stern but fair minded head of the Drengr Skali, aided by her sons Jori and Bori

Jaegerbuch Sell-Swords
One-Eyed Atlen (M) 31 – Skills: Trapping, Tracking, Pathfinding, Short blade
Miko Eelisdottir (F) 25 – Skills: Archery, Short blade, Hunting, Ambush
Arild Inn Stórhǫggvi (M) 33 – Skills: Spear, Short Sword, Archery, Tactics, Tracking
Taga Rocksplitter (M) 47 – Skills: Warhammer, Greatsword, Animal Handling, Survival
Makoare “Geist” Crypttongue (F) 30 – Skills: Stealth, Short blades, Ambush tactics
Solin Haafnarly (M) 26 – Skills: Axe, Wrestling, Survival, Hunting
Kuna Nordottir (F) 26 -Skills: Animal Handling, Spear, Tracking, Hunting, Medicine
Eclipsis “Eclipse” (M) ? – Skills: Longsword, Protection, Languages, Lore, Tracking

Ygdr (F) 10 [Clanbar] Companion of Kuna Nordottir
Rasacar (F) 19 [Grommen] Enormous and highly aggressive beast known to menace the northern forest.