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Ardal: A district controlled by one of the controlling families of Victra
Baile: A Victran term that refers to a recreational area
Dotted Line: Railway runs through this portion of the city and out the Railgate Bastion

Factions of Note

– The Noble Houses:
– The Red Hand / Llawgwaed Family: An old and powerful crime family who survive by using clever means to hide their criminality, and blackmail or violence to control their enemies. The most powerful criminal group in the city.
– The Silent Pyre / Siopyra Chambers: An ambitious foreign criminal enterprise making inroads and known for their skillful brutality.
– Roughnecks: Hardened criminals , mostly former factory workers and drudges.
– Dockside Dusters: Violent waterfront gang, mostly former sailors and privateers.
– Tenebrae Club: A group of nobles who are known to revel in bad behaviour. They meet around the city.

The Ugly Boys / Lelike Seun / aka Zeka, Uglies

A Zekside gang known for their rebellious nature and affinity for violence, the Uglies are the dominant power in their slum and have managed to keep the guard and even the more powerful Red Hand syndicate out of the area. Dealing in violence and crime both organized and un, the Uglies greatest advantage may be their reputation for being unpredictable and crazy. They defend their relatively meagre holdings with lunatic tenacity, making it unprofitable to challenge them. Uglies are easily distinguished by their profusion of tattoos and piercings and heavily accented use of argot and naval slang. Despite their general intransigence towards the law-abiding parts of Zekside, most prefer the Uglies to outside influence and are willing to tolerate and even protect them if it means keeping other interests out of the district. The Uglies are led by a man going by the name of Prawn (Watkin Visser) who has somehow escaped execution by the guard multiple times and has become a symbol of defiance.

Areas of the City


Set against the southeastern wall of the city, Dirgetown is named for its primary feature; the Victran Necropolis, where dirges to the dead are regularly heard. Here, centuries of Victran dead lie in repose in graves, tombs, and vast mausoleums, set in the shadows of cavernous and shadowed temples and shrines to the Tenebrae. The residents of Dirgetown are a mixture of coffin makers and priests and the lower level clerks and servants of the Cromarty’s and the Banks and some masters of the Weithfall factorum. Dirgetown is generally considered both a cursed and sacred area of the city; many relay stories of echoes that haunt the area and its occupants are often painted as occult spiritualists, mystics, and worshippers of the Tenebrae.


A seaside district that clings to the shorelands, at the base of the cliffs that arch up into the political heart of the city. Sturdy structures with a view but exposed to the salt spray and storms from the gulf. Supposedly named after the Black Mast, a venerable tavern built in an abandoned lighthouse. Nestled between the Zekside slum which is renowned for its rowdy sea folk gangs, Dwyrside Industrial hub with its massive factorum, and beneath the Sable Spiral, a relatively new district that spawned out of Mastsides more prosperous and elevated inhabitants… literally, it’s built at the top of the cliffs.


A wall district between Steelside and Omo Ardal, Maestown is old and its occupants are largely soldiers, guardsmen, and apprentice artisans. A mixture of old wood and newer stone structures in good repair. Mixed reputation for being both secure and rowdy due to the occupants. Its position between the forges and foundries of the Omo Ardal and Steelside also make it renowned for the constant din of smith hammers and soldiers in parade. Sits at the base of the hill that leads up, through Steelside, to the Arsenal fortress.

Shaw Ardal

The Shaw Zoo

The Shaw family are well known for their collection of oddities. The family has long been associated with explorers and treasure hunters, ruin delvers. Their estate in the Shaw Ardal is rumoured to be replete with everything from working warsuits and clatterjacks, to the non-euclidean texts of master Linguists. Even more noteworthy however is the Shaw Zoo, an enormous structure in the Shaw Ardal that houses all manner of wild species from around the world. The Zoo is said to be a replica of a Urul zoo, recreated with the vast Shaw wealth, and its master, Tessa Shaw, youngest daughter of the Shaw family, is said to spend her days in the care and study of its occupants. The Zoo’s specimens are diverse and include everything from Bacoons, Striders, Drakes, and Faeles, to savage Tollam, feral Tamaa, and even a rumoured Bellator.
While the Zoo is typically closed to all but those members willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money to become a Patron, once a year Tessa runs a lottery to permit members of the lower class to visit.

Hywel Ardal

HMS Rahab

The largest ship in the Victran fleet is the Hywel Dreadnought Rahab. Seen a few times a year in the harbour, the Rahab is the ornate and deadly semi-permanent residence of Lord Benjamin Hywel. The Rahab is an immense, helion driven warship built from the salvaged hull of a first age vessel and measures 350 meters long and 40 meters at the beam. In addition to an ornate design that emphasizes motifs of sweeping waves and aquatic horrors in every curve and thread of ths ship, the Rahab is equipped with a prodigious array of powerful canna weaponry and advanced technology salvaged, stolen, or purchased at great cost to the Hywel’s. The Rahab fulfils a variety of roles from pirate and monster hunter to trade ship and artillery support for littoral combat. The ships potency is legendary, having single handedly destroyed multiple pirate fleets and hunted vast oceanic leviathans and even Selenian ships keep their distance. Its greatest weakness is the incredible amount of energy required to move the vessel, which limits its duration at sea considerably.


The Weaver

A popular urban legend of Victra, particularly around the Tenebrous months, the Weaver is said to be a gigantic black arachnid that dwells in the depths of the darkest alley’s and sewers of the city and is master to all the smaller black spiders that can be found in the city. In most accounts the Weaver is a baleful monster that haunts any who wander too far into the knotted depths of the city, but some stories place the Weaver as not entirely malevolant, focusing its hunger primarily on the fat nobles and merchants who stumble into its domains. Claims to encounters with the Weaver are common, though most amount to little more than a frightful spidery shadow seen in a deep alley or a dozen glowing eyes peering up out of a well. A few of the more creative accounts talk of escapes from vast webs or parleys with orchestral voices in the night. The small and largely harmless black spiders that can be found throughout the city are considered by many as the Weaver’s eyes and ears, and treated with either revulsion or deference as a result.