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To hunt as a Vaeti you must accept one simple truth; today you hunt, but tomorrow you may be hunted.
-Bellas Asyr

Also Known As: Monster Hunters, Lux.-Kaivai Muj.-Liren, Oss.-Kynigós, Vic.-Helvir, Sver.-Vartya, Van.-Vaya, Neh.-Avji, Gran.-Eztri
Pre-requisites: Hunter Calling 3, Intuition 3


The Vaeti are the most skilled and fearless hunters of Aeldos and are well known throughout the continent either as brave rangers who risk the dangers of the wilds to protect civilization or lunatic huntsman, tempting celestial ire and monstrous retribution in the name of personal glory. While the motivations and goals vary between each individual, their skills are undeniable.
The distinction between Hunter and Vaeti is a fine one with the most critical feature being their devotion to hunting not merely game, but dangerous monstrosities. The path to becoming a Vaeti is highly individual but most find themselves drawn to the calling after demonstrating their mastery over more mundane hunts. Some study the path from texts while others seek out mentors to guide them through the methods of the calling. The methods and skills of the Vaeti are the legacy of generations of knowledge handed down from Vaeti to Vaeti and though they lack a celestial, technological, or biological core, they are no less deadly for it.


Vaeti are able to acquire a deep understanding of their prey, their environment, and the methods and structures that surround both, using them to their advantage. Their abilities are all an extension of this knowledge and the associated experience.


A Vaeti who hunts the wrong prey can upset the balance of a region and bring chaos to the area as former prey become predators and delicate ecological balances are disrupted. This makes the common perception of Vaeti highly variable; some settlements welcome them warmly, while others see them as vainglorious agents of chaos.
The path they exposes them to ample danger and Vaeti are rare and often short-lived, with most keenly aware of the ease with which they can go from predator to prey.


The wilds of Aeldos teem with a panoply of dangerous wildlife, from celestially crafted monstrosities and ancient mutated aberrations to the wide range of prey and predator that have evolved to survive alongside both. This treacherous ecosystem has dominated the landscape since at least the fall of the Urul and has led to the survivors of the cataclysm retreating into the safety of fortified settlements where they rely on sturdy walls, well equipped troops, and massed strength of arms to keep danger at bay. Travel, trade, and migration occur, but the dangers of the wild are always waiting for those who stray too far from the trade roads or too deep into the wild. And while many hunters risk ventures into the wilderness in pursuit of game, most are keen to avoid the more dangerous fauna. They leave that to the Vaeti.

There have been Vaeti since before the age of the Urul and many since have claimed the title; Misetra Vos, Otichyt, Venrak the Marvel, Tauyja the Hidden, Ahbadra, Kyikyrin the Wolf… The names of the Vaeti have grown into legends and represent the most elite hunters of Aeldos, those who have not merely survived in the wilds, but thrived through seeking new challenges and danger to test their mettle against and new threats to conquer.

Vaeti come from every possible culture with one shared goal; to perfect and master the art of the hunt and though any hunter, jaeger or stalker can hear the calling of the Vaeti, few survive the dangers it represents.

The techniques of the Vaeti are all derived from the structure of “The Hunt” as defined in antiquity by Bellas Asyr, an ageless Aythrin hunter known for her conquest of the most dangerous of Aeldan wildlife.

1. Identify a target: Wherein the Vaeti identifies their quarry.
2. Gather information: Wherein the Vaeti learns of their quarry.
3. Plan and Prepare: Wherein the Vaeti uses the knowledge gathered to best prepare their approach.
4. Travel: Wherein the Vaeti ventures forth to the domain of their quarry.
5. Prepare the Site: Wherein the Vaeti prepares the environment to best challenge their quarry.
6. Engage: Wherein the Vaeti engages in the bloody sport.
7. Render: Wherein the Vaeti harvests the spoils of their labour.
8. The Claim: Wherein the Vaeti makes their claim, taking any bounty or honours earned.

The techniques of the Vaeti are not hidden and can be learned from a variety of tomes or apprenticeship under another Vaeti. Mastery however, requires them to pursue new hunts. As a result most Vaeti range far and wide in search of new prey and new methods.


Quarry-sense: The skilled hunter not only hears the whispers of the folk in taverns, and the looks of dread on the caravan master’s face, but knows exactly what it means. Vaeti always know if there is a bounty in an area, though they may need to investigate to find out the details.
Stature’s Bounty: Vaeti can charge a premium for their services. Any Vaeti who has completed at least one successful hunt can demand an additional 10% for a bestial bounty for each level in their core trait.
Rangers Repute: The names and exploits of the Vaeti travel far and wide, particularly among other hunters. For each successful Hunt the Vaeti has completed they gain a bonus to any social check with Hunters or Explorers to a maximum of 5.

Fair Chase: It is one thing to Hunt dangerous aberrations but another to Hunt the mundane creatures of the world, including humans and quasi-humans. The techniques of the Vaeti are only useful against those groups of quarry the Vaeti has studied and they gain no benefit against the more mundane threats of Aeldos.
Prey-drive: Vaeti are driven to hunt, particularly those species for which they have specialized techniques. The knowledge that quarry exists but they are not in pursuit of it eats away at them. Any time a Vaeti encounters but declines to hunt a specimen or bounty for a class of species they have specialized in they suffer 1/3 stress

Core Trait

Range: Vaeti excel by understanding specific species, environments, and conditions in which to hunt and their Range represents the scope of their knowledge and skills. For each level in Range the Vaeti may choose both a grouping of creatures and a biome in which they can utilize their abilities.


  • Arid and Barren
  • Desert
  • Forest and Plain
  • Jungle and Savannah
  • Arctic
  • Mountainous and Volcanic
  • Freshwater
  • Saltwater
  • Urban and Ruin
  • Arcane


  • Artefactum: Mechanical or biomechanical entities (e.g. Karix, Vex, Blast Flies)
  • Aberrations: Mutated variants of more mundane creatures (e.g. Fugan, Carvers, Trogs, Yeligwi)
  • Veridan: Pseudo-floral creatures (e.g. Brogs, Kelthia, Mossfolk, Whiptraps)
  • Sucha: Aenigma from the Mujinese mists
  • Volat: Creatures capable of flight (e.g. Byrnoc, Fugan)
  • Vorax: Beasts driven more by voracious hunger than instinct (e.g. Evicar, Glutor, Gaunts)
  • Collosi: Enormous megafauna (e.g. Atrox, Tyrn, Barrow Apes)
  • Divinara: Creatures crafted by arcane power or the Ayr themselves (e.g. Uzhas)
  • Swarms: Mass quarry (e.g. Vyrmswarm)

Ability levels cannot exceed the characters level in Range.


Knowing Quarry: The Vaeti is able to read between the lines of local gossip and lore to gain a greater insight into a quarries behaviour and abilities. Using this ability allows the Vaeti to better prepare for the hunt.
Mechanics: The Vaeti must spend at least one day researching or inquiring about their target. They can then roll an Intuition + Lore + any relevant focus skill and learn one of the following:

  • Habitat: The Vaeti discerns this quarries favoured habitat.
  • Intelligence: The Vaeti discerns the quarries intelligence.
  • Ability: The Vaeti discerns one of the quarries abilities such as the nature of their venom, regenerative capacity, or armour rating.

This ability can only be used once per hunt.

Gear Up: The Vaeti uses their experience and knowledge to better prepare their gear, making it temporarily more effective against their chosen quarry.
Mechanics: For each point in this ability the Vaeti gains a disposable point that can be used to temporarily enhance the damage of a weapon or trap, or defensive rating of their armour. Example: Tauyja, who is hunting a Rabid Grommen, has 3 points in Gear Up. They use 1 to increase the damage of one trap, 1 to increase the damage of their bow, and 1 to increase their armour soak. The damage increase lasts for the use of the trap, first damaging shot of the bow, and 1 damage absorbed by their armour. Venrak the Marvel who has the same level in Gear Up instead chooses to place 3 points of additional damage in their spear, hoping that the best defense truly is a good offense.

Stalking: The Vaeti has learned how to move in stealth at full speed and leave few tracks sufficient to follow.
Mechanics: For each point in this ability the Vaeti can move a full day’s travel on a stealth check and leave no trace in their wake. They do not need to sacrifice speed for stealth and any enemy seeking to track them must take a full day per level just to locate the trail.

Knowing Territory: The Vaeti is adept at identifying the markings and signs of their quarry.
Mechanics: The Vaeti can discern the territorial boundaries of a quarry without rolling. There are no advanced levels for this ability but the Vaeti can only use it within a biome they have chosen as part of their Range.

Spider in the Web: With this skill and a few days of observation, the Vaeti can discern the position of their target in the greater food web of the area. This allows them to know if the monster is keeping a different, possibly more dangerous population in check, what they prey on and can therefore be used as lures, and what sort of impact, positive or negative, the elimination of the target might have.
Mechanics: To use this ability the Vaeti must spend at least 24 hours observing the area of the quarry or detailed notes and maps regarding the same. They can then make an Intuition + Survival + Spider in the Web with the results indicated on the table below. This roll can only be made once.

Result Effect
2 On any critical failure the Vaeti discerns one piece of information that is incorrect but that they believe to be true
3-12 No effect
13-15 1 piece of information
16-18 2 pieces of information
19-21 3 pieces of information
22+ 4 pieces of information

Long Steps: The Vaeti has learned the quickest paths and shortcuts through familiar biomes.
Mechanics: For each point in this ability the Vaeti is able to travel 10% faster in biomes chosen as part of their Range.

High Ground: Vaeti know that the environment is a valuable ally and can craft an area to engage with their quarry, creating one or more advantageous conditions they can trigger during a fight. This could include favourable footing, ice, deep snow, water, quicksand, or natural barriers or blinds. This ability can only be used within a Range biome and the exact conditions and mechanics are subject to storyteller approval.
Mechanics: The Vaeti must take 8 hours in their chosen hunting ground to identify a condition. The length of time necessary is reduced by 2 hours per level in High Ground. At level 5 the Vaeti is able to find and create advantageous conditions within minutes.

Lure Maker: The Vaeti has learned the best mechanism for attracting a known quarry. This may be a particular animal, raw meat seasoned a particular way, a mating cry, or a complex artefact that has an irresistible draw. Whatever it is, this lure is guaranteed to attract the quarry to a specific area, such as one prepared with High Ground.
Mechanics: For each point in this ability the Vaeti can create 1 lure with the effects listed below.

Level Range Effect
1 1km The Lure imposes -1 to the quarries initiative
2 3km The Lure imposes -2 to the quarries initiative and -1 to their perception
3 5km The Lure imposes -3 to the quarries initiative and -2 to their perception
4 10km The Lure imposes -4 to the quarries initiative and -3 to their perception
5 50km The Lure imposes -5 to the quarries initiative and perception

Trapper: The Vaeti has learned how to construct a variety of traps and the tricks to make them even more deadly.
Mechanics: Once per day the Vaeti can add their level in Trapper to any rolls to craft, set, or conceal a trap.

Live trapping: Killing an aberration or monstrosity is difficult, but capturing one alive is even more so. Once a Vaeti has defeated a quarry they can always attempt to restrain the creature using mundane means but this is risky at best. Vaeti who specialize in this ability understand better than most the dangers and are able to use their knowledge to better contain their captive.
Mechanics: The Vaeti can add their rank in Monster Trapper to the difficulty of escaping or destroying restraints or the durability of enclosures. Each level in Vaeti also reduces the frequency a captive creature can attempt escape.

Hunters Hide The Vaeti is more resilient to injuries from monsters they are familiar with, better able to survive their attacks and the wounds they inflict.
Mechanics: For each level in Hunter’s Hide the Vaeti can ignore one point of damage from a known quarry. This ability can only be used once per hunt.

Evasive: The Vaeti is familiar with the attacks of a given quarry and can anticipate and avoid them more easily.
Mechanics: Once per day the Vaeti can add their level in Evasive to a single dodge check.

Nemesis: The Vaeti has learned the best way to hurt their quarry with a well sharpened trap, well placed arrow, or a single stroke of a blade.
Mechanics: Once per hunt the Vaeti can add their level in Nemesis to the damage of a trap or attack against a known quarry.

Wounding Blow: The Vaeti is skilled at inflicting debilitating injuries on a specific quarry.
Mechanics: For each level in Wounding Blow the Vaeti can select one of the following conditions. On a successful attack against known quarry they can choose to inflict a known condition.

Condition Effect
Lacerate The quarry loses -1 health per round until healed
Concuss The quarry suffers -3 to all Intellect or Intuition related rolls for 1d10 hours
Daze The quarry must make a Will check vs. Target 11 to take multiple actions
Stunned The quarry loses their next action
Hamstrung The quarry must make a Will check vs. Target 11 to run

Subdue: The Vaeti has learned both how to subdue (rather than kill) a quarry and how to keep them subdued, giving them a window to capture it.
Mechanics: This ability can only be used once a quarry has been defeated. They can then declare they are subduing the prey and choose to keep it alive (though whatever injuries were inflicted in combat remain). For each level in this ability the Vaeti can keep a quarry unconscious for 12 hours before it will awaken and react naturally.

Coursing: Many prey are apt to run rather than risk defeat and even the most deadly display some sense of self preservation. A skilled Vaeti is prepared for this and is able to keep pace with even the quickest prey.
Mechanics: Once per day the Vaeti can add their level in Coursing to an Athletics check to catch up with fleeing quarry.

Jacklight: The Vaeti has learned how to construct a simple but potent device that can be used to temporarily blind quarry, placing them at a considerable disadvantage.
Mechanics: As disposable devices the Vaeti must construct a new Jacklight for each hunt and the device can only be used once. Jacklights use fairly common components that can be purchased for 50 gelt at any major market. The device can then be deployed as an action in combat and for each level in the ability the device blinds the quarry for one round.

Bestial Anatomist: Vaeti learn how to extract the most from a kill and are better able to seek either the rarest, most valuable, or most succulent render from a defeated quarry, or the greatest quantity of lesser render.
Mechanics: When harvesting a known quarry the Vaeti may attempt to derive additional render, making one additional Survival roll per level in this ability. For each roll the Vaeti select either quality render or quantity render.

Hasty Harvest: Proper harvest of a kill takes time, sometimes days to extract valuable render without damaging or destroying it. This can be a treacherous prospect in untamed wilds, and so the Vaeti has learned how to hasten this process.
Mechanics: For each level in this ability the Vaeti can reduce the render time by 10%.

Ale-hall Hero: The Vaeti is able to dine on their reputation and mere rumour of their accomplishments, passively reducing their general cost of living when eating at settlements.
Mechanics: For each level in this ability the Vaeti’s costs for lodging and food are reduced by 10% as they are treated as honoured guests by grateful townsfolk, traders, and travelers.