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The reckoning of days on Aeldos varies from region to region, but most areas recognize the Urul Calendar, the calendar of the first empire.

10 Months: One for each Ayr, and a 3 day dark period of the one. The calendar is typically depicted as a wheel with spokes representing the months and days marked along the spokes. The wheel is turned from month to month and a marker moved along the spokes to represent the day, with the exception of the 3 days between each year which are considered ’empty days’. These are special days handled in different ways by each culture.

Seasonal periods vary significantly across the continent according to regional conditions, with extended winters in the Svertheim and Vandar regions and minimal seasonal variation in Nehep and the Badlands.
-Alternately: There are 5 Months of Growth (roughly analagous to Spring and Summer) and 5 Months of Decline (roughly analagous to Fall and Winter).
-There are 10 months
-Each month has 37 days.
-An Annum has 373 days (3 un-days)

Months: Voca, Omoth, Oxoth, Aiath, Ototh, Amath, Ixith, Axath, Tenebras, Ahmth (3 days/nights)

The Calendar measures years or Annum in the old tongue starting from the Stellar Conjunction, an event which occured early in the first empire. This conjunction saw the alignment of Aeldos’s two moons and the sun and has not been recorded since.

Aeldos has two moons, but only one is typically visible. The second moons orbit only brings it into visual range once a century.

373 days in an Aeldan year
37 days in a month with a 3 day period at the turn of the year.

Period of Growth
-Voca (Month of the Voice)
-Omoth (Month of the Artisan)
-Oxoth (Month of the Empath)
-Aiath (Month of the Deviant)
-Ototh (Month of the Warrior) Period of Death starts at mid Ototh
-Amath (Month of the Tyrant)
-Ixith (month of the Scholar)
-Axath (Month of the Scourge)
-Tenebras (Month of Death)
The Making
-Ahmth (3 days at the start of the year)