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I may not know what it did, but I know what I can do with it!
-Raniera of Kalah

Also Known As: Neh.-Kutarma, Vic.-Skwar, Lux.-Umbusa, Gran.-Ondar
Pre-requisites: Intuition 3, Tech 3, Lore 3


Distantly related to both the Sige and the Artifex, the Urangi are techno-mystic geniuses whose skill is forged more from dearth and intuition than intellect and surfeit. Where their cousins, the Sige, value invention, control, and domination, the Urangi value subversion, cooercion, and the ingenious reuse of what others have made. The Urangi are so skilled at the re-purposing and subversion of technology that they have gathered an almost arcane reputation. While Urangi are most densely found in the Badlands, where salvage is considerable, they can come from any background. To become an Urangi requires a mentor, a keen intuition, knowledge of both tech and lore, and a tenuous grasp of personal safety.


Urangi have access to a variety of tools and tricks to improve their chances of survival, from Arcane Cansiters to Environment Suits and Booms. More importantly however, they seem to develop an almost spiritual rapport with the technologies of the Urul, seemingly able to access areas beyond the reach of others, sidestep ancient defenses and communicate and repair technology that should be far beyond salvation.


The path of the Urangi is fraught with danger and only a few survive long. Beyond wandering in some of the most perilous places in all of Aeldos, Urangi are also often unwelcome in more civilized areas and treated as exiles or outlaws. This persecution by local authorities is often the result of and fear of the forces that Urangi can often disturb in their journeys.


Who are they? What can they do? Where do they come from?

How does the calling manifest? What is the mechanism for acquiring and following it

Where do they range? How are they perceived by those who encounter them? By those who have only heard of them?


Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Positive
Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Positive

Unwelcome: Urangi are poorly perceived by many who fear them for both their abilities and their propensity for waking things that should remain asleep. Many inns will charge double for Urangi and they often find themselves closely watched by local authorities.
: Passive Feature / Social Feature Negative

Core Trait

Resonance: Urangi understand the technologies of the first age at an intuitive level and enhancing their abilities requires developing a deeper receptiveness to their tools. Most Urangi do this by delving new ruins and spending time meditating within, appeasing the spirits of the ancient places.

Ability levels cannot exceed the Urangi’s level in Resonance.


Arcanister: The Urangi creates a housing of first age materials using techniques that blend the traditions of both Occultist and Mechanist, allowing them to condense, capture, and contain a specific arcane phenomena that can then be released later as a weapon or distraction. The richest source of such phenomena is the Badlands where the Urangi are most common, but other locales and individuals and advanced callings can be a rich source as well. The Urangi must capture the phenomena for this ability to work; the canister is merely a device for storing it.

Mechanics: Each type of phenomena listed below requires a custom canister. It costs 10xp to intuit the process for creating a new type of canister. The

It takes 1 day to assemble the canister using salvage from a ruin or appropriately supplied workshop. For environmental phenomena the canister requires an hour of exposure to the relevant source phenomena to capture it.

The trigger for a canister can be defined by the Urangi but is typically impact, tripwire, or manual trigger. Once the canister is triggered the phenomena is released, filling an area of 10 meters squared with the effect being defined by the phenomena. This area of effect remains for a number of rounds equal to the Urangi’s Resonance. The canister can be reused but cannot ‘recapture’ a released Phenomena; the new charge must come from fresh exposure.

For each point in this ability the Urangi can maintain one additional canister

Source Name Description
Badlands Inferna A whirlwind of fire that can and melt metal and flesh.
Badlands Kakaphonia A piercing sound that can wreak havoc on Linguists.
Badlands Kruven A whirlwind of volcanic glass that can shred flesh.
Badlands Bane A toxic shadows that cripples and sickens all caught within it.
Badlands Tempest Lightning in a can.
Badlands Ructor A gas that can melt flesh, fuse metal, or cause instant death.
Chillwaste Chill A whirlwind of ice that can freeze a person solid.
Mujin Mist A dense and obscuring fog that seems to creep with horrors.
Nehep Sandstorm A vortex of sand that blinds and chokes any caught within.
Shaper Forces A burst of arcane force that can lift, push, or pull those caught within.
Shaper Space-Time A burst of arcane force that can slow or hasten those caught within.
Shifter Transbiot Release a burst of resin, sap, spores, or capsaicin.
Shifter Toxifer Release an aerosolized toxin in a cloud.
Singer Emotion Release a sound that can manipulate the emotions of anyone nearby.
Singer Discord Release a sound that can cause physical pain and injury.
Quasihuman Reckoning Cry  
Quasihuman Healing Gel  

Percussive Maintenance: The Urangi is uniquely gifted at getting disobedient technology to behave using violence, even if only temporarily.
Mechanics: For each level in Percussive Maintenance the Urangi can make retry a failed repair roll with a bonus equal to the Urangi’s Resonance. The first repair check must fail for this ability to be used.

First Age Friends: For some reason the artilects of the Urul are are better disposed to the character.
Mechanics: The Urangi gains a bonus to personality and socialize rolls with artilects equal to their level in this ability. For each level in this ability the Urangi gains it affects a new class:

Level Artilect Type
1 Geists, Dafts
2 Inepts
3 Average
4 Genius
5 Trans-Sophonts and Heliar

Whispered Key: To a true Urangi, no lock is truly secure, not even those crafted by the Urul.
Mechanics: Each level in this ability represents a new understanding of the techniques used by the ancients to lock away their secrets. This doesn’t typically mean fast access, but it does mean access.

Environment Suit: Urangi have learned to survive in the Badlands using a variety of methods and technologies, but none is so important or personal as the Environment Suit. Crafted from all manner of first age source, the suit grants protection from the many otherwise lethal conditions found in the world.
Mechanics: Urangi who focus on this ability are able to improve the functionality of their suit. For each new level they can add a new form of protection from the following list:

Modification Effect
Heat Guard The suit can compensate for extreme environmental heat and even survive within fires for a short time.
Cold Guard The suit can compensate for extreme environmental cold and even survive within a deep chill for a short time.
Desert Guard The suit can compensate for sand and arid desert conditions and recycles lost water.
Toxic Guard The suit integrates oxygen storage and recycling and can protect the wearer from Banes, Ructors, and toxic clouds and even provide limited aquatic capacity.
Storm Guard The suit can endure badlands storms such as Kruven, Inferna, and Tempests.
Armour The suit’s armour value is enhanced by 1/1/1. This protection can be taken multiple times
Impact Guard The suit has mechanisms to compensate for and protect the wearer from falls.

Short Circuit: The Urangi are intuitive technicians, often approaching technical problems from a different angle than trained mechanists. As a result they are often willing to do things others might consider unconscionably dangerous. Using the short circuit ability the Urangi can not just disable a piece of technology but cause it to go haywire. A clatterjack may fall into a berserk, a door may begin opening and closing seemingly at random, or a luminar may begin emitting blinding blasts of light. The exact results of this ability are random, but the general effect is always the same; breaking something in a disruptive manner.

Woven Code: The Urangi approach to crafting or mending code for mechanisms such as Luminar and Clatterjacks is an idiosyncratic one, making it difficult for others such as Mechanists and Sige to modify or hijack.
Mechanics: For each level in this ability the Urangi can increase the difficulty of Intellect + Technology checks to alter the machine by 2.

Jackal’s Touch: The Urangi knows how to destructively derive the maximum worth from a relic or piece of technology.
Mechanics: The Urangi can sacrifice an intact relic to extract the valuable components. These components can be easily carried and derive 5x the value of the intact relic in trade.

Rootkit: The Urangi can modify certain relics like Clatterjacks and Luminar to record and keep information on the user and even transmit it back to the Urangi’s own devices, creating a covert eavesdropping device.

Cryptcode: The Urangi can fully encrypt the code for a device making it nearly impossible to modify or alter it without the Urangi’s consent. (Trans-Sophonts and Master Sige can challenge this)

Creaking: The Urangi learns key phrases in Clatterspeak that can grant them vocal access to devices that would otherwise not respond to them.

Orienteer: The Urangi is never lost and always has a rough idea of which direction is the best to take.

Echo of the Urul: The Urangi is not targeted by First Age technology as others might be and can pass through traps, doors, and defenses without triggering them.
Talk to Walls: Not all Urul Ruins are those of the Sige; some were built by Shapers, Shifters, Singers, or federations of the various groups, using occult or unusual techniques and technologies. The Urangi can gain access to these more arcane or organic buildings using this ability.

Memories of Orick: The Urangi have learned to ‘read’ the embedded memory of Orick, performing crude acts of psychometry, learning something about the ruins they delve.