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Who are they? How are they perceived? How do you become one (short version)?

The first age was replete with miraculous technology; from thinking machines and flying ships to artificially evolved creatures engineered at the genetic level to handheld weapons and armour of devastating power. In many ways these technologies rivaled the arcane powers of the Lingua, granting humans agency and power over the world itself. It was the Sige, the gifted master craftsmen and elite engineers of the First Empire that were the source of such marvels. These individuals formed a faction, also known as the Silent, that represented one of the four cultures of the Imperium, alongside the Shifters, Shapers, and Singers. Even in the First Age the Sige represented a less vocal but no less powerful faction, more concerned with the infrastructure of the Imperium and indirect control via the demand for their creations. Even the mightiest Shaper Praxitor would seek out the Sige and offer tribute in return for custom servitors, aerials, or devices to contain their own arcane experiments.

As with so many of the great powers of the Urul, most of the Sige were brought low by the cataclysm, and in the long ages since few have survived. They have not vanished entirely though; those few who persist are eternal Heliar, humans raised up by hidden artilects and Intravellum, or apprentices to such figures.

The Sige/Silent were the master craftsmen and elite engineers of the First Empire, largely responsible for the creation of advanced technologies, from Artilect and Clatterjack to Fostrian and Lightcaster. The advanced calling revolves around access to, and creation of, otherwise locked artefacts and direct control of technology. Sige in the modern age are mostly extinct but those who do exist are either themselves ancient typically acquired their calling by interfacing with ancient Artilects, Intravellum, or other First Age relics.

The Sige are more than just master engineers and craftspeople and their advantage comes from something more than mere talent or inspiration. The gift of the Sige is their integration with technology; all true Sige possess a combination of markings and implants that allow them to synchronize with, control, and accommodate technology within their bodies. To outsiders these ‘Sige markings’ look like a series of circuit-like tattoos, metallic body piercings, and materials woven into the skin and bone of the Sige. These markings and implants are typically installed by certain rare first age relics, surgeon artilects, or master Sige.




Who are they? What can they do? Where do they come from?

How does the calling manifest? What is the mechanism for acquiring and following it

Where do they range? How are they perceived by those who encounter them? By those who have only heard of them?


Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Positive
Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Positive

Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Negative
Feature: Passive Feature / Social Feature Negative

Core Trait

*Name**: Description of the core trait
Neural Mirror: The technology utilized by the Sige which grants them direct control of technology. The mirror is implemented via a set of implants and markings that look like circuitry. The neural mirror allows the Sige to interface with most forms of first age tech on a more foundational level than Luminars and light plugs and also enter the webwork shadow world as an avatar. It also grants a direct connection between the Sige and their machine familiar.

Ability levels cannot exceed the characters level in Core Trait


Ability 1: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 2: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 3: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 4: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 5: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 6: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 7: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 8: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 9: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 10: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 11: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 12: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 13: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 14: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 15: Description. Mechanics.
Ability 16: Description. Mechanics.

– Short Directive: The Sige can give a machine a direct command, typically only a sentence and not complex, and the machine will obey, regardless of its normal controller. The higher the level the higher the bonus to the roll and the higher the complexity of the machine that can be controlled.
– Shutdown Command: The Sige can attempt to remotely deactivate a machine with a silent command. This leaves the machine dormant until it can be reinitialized. The higher the level the higher the bonus to the roll and the higher the complexity of the machine that can be shut down.
– Wake on Command: The Sige can attempt to remotely awaken a machine with a silent command. The machine must go through any standard initialization that may be required. The higher the level in this ability the better the roll and more machines or more potent the machine that can be awakened.
– Cascade Discharge: The Sige can attempt to trigger a Helion cascade within a powered device, causing it to generate a shocking static field that affects anyone in contact or within 2 meters of the device. The higher the level in this ability the more damage is triggered on its use.
– Wiretap: The Sige can perceive through the sensorum of a machine, turning any relic into a listening device. The higher the level in this ability the longer and further they can maintain it.
– Synchronize: The Sige can ‘pair’ with an animate machine and both perceive and act through it. The higher the level the in this ability the more machines they can control or the more potent the machine.
– Read Only Memory: The Sige can quickly skim the ‘memories’ of a machine, learning what it has heard, seen, or done. The higher the level in this ability the further back the memory they can access.

Black Hood: The Sige can deny other mechanists access to a technology, modifying a Clatterjack to ignore external commands, or creating code that makes it extremely difficult for others to alter a given relic. The Sige can even replace the code that operates a machine, changing it’s purpose or breaking another person’s access to it.

-VÄ«cira: The Sige can house an artilect within their own body. This artilect acts as a complement to the Sige’s abilities, granting them features such as:

-Perfect Recall
-Increased Intellect
-Increased Intuition
-Increased Variable Skill Pool
-Autonomic control
-Automatic healing

-Companion: Sige are known for their machine companions who are often entirely unique constructs.