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Ilbaestr is an expansive farming community set on open and rolling plains and fed fresh water from Lake Nalulani. The terrain is more Luxian than Svertan and what woodlands exist are sparse and thin, more so since they’ve been heavily harvested for wood to build Ilbaester. The growing season is the longest in Svertheim and Ilbaester produces an abundance of grains and feed animals which are traded with neighbouring cities. The summer climate is drier than many of the Luxi settlement areas but hard winter storms with significant snowfall are common due to the presence of the vast nearby lake.

The name Ilbaester actually encompasses dozens of distinct farming enclaves and outposts known as borgs covering an area roughly 200 square kilomters in range. These borgs are each scattered around denser hub towns called Ora’s, which are themselves scattered around the main keep and “city” on the edge of lake Nalulani. Most of these enclaves is the property of an Ilbaester noble family and most make some provision for security, with wooden palisades and simple earthworks built around large semi-communal residential areas. These precautions are the result of a history of conflict with bandits and savages from the vast Tobalar Forest to the west, and the occaisional stampede of wild Daedon, Rhinock, and the occaisional Mammut herd. The Thane, Sarma Feirdin, also compels his nobles to maintain small standing forces of huntsmen, wardens, and soldiers who patrol the roads and edges of the area, keeping any threat to the communities at bay.

The exact population of the many borgs of Ilbaester fluctuates by season as grain and livestock traders pass through the area in large numbers during the summer and fall and then dissappear until the hard winter months have passed. Most estimates suggest a population of near 10,000 in the winter which ballons up to 13,000 in the more temparate months.

The economy of Ilbaester is entirely driven by agriculture, with the bulk of its citizens being farmers and the craftsmen that support them. The heart of this endeavour is the Ancient Granary, a massive first age structure used to store the products of the region before being sold to traders.

Talobar Forest: A vast and untamed wilderness said to house countless ruins and riches alongside its ample threats. Local legends suggest is inhabited by the spirits of ancient dragons, which explains its name: the world Tobalar is actually a mixture of the Luxi word for Blood and the West Svertan word for Dragon.

Ancient Granary: The granary is an enormous first age cylindrical structure, built of Orick, steel, and stone. The granary is located at the heart of the settlements of Illbaester and dwarfs all other structures in the region, including the Thane’s keep which is nearby.

The Bulls Inn Tavern: The most popular tavern in Ilbaester is a sprawling structure that acts as a second home to traders and farmers alike.A place where ale, gossip, and fist fights are found alongside delicate trade negotiations and traveling musicians. The tavern gets its name from the great bronze bull that is set in the center of the main room as well as the fact it was converted from a stable and feedlot in ages past.

The Thane’s High Garden: An extravagent construct of the Feirdin family, the high garden is a terraced garden that is part of the Thane’s keep. The garden houses a wealth of rare and distant botanicals maintained at considerable expense by the Thane’s Gardener, Albastru Pekalo. The surest way to get into Feirden’s good graces is to present to him a new plant.

Temple of Oxo: The caretaker’s temple is the main religious structure in Ilbaester, and was built atop a raised earthwork only a short distance from the Ancient Granary. The temple is a square structure with an open courtyard with a 4 meter tall, 3 faced marble statue of Oxo. The people of Ilbaester sacrifice a white Daedon in the temple each year.