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**Capital:** Tollar
**Demonym:** Tollam
**Government:** Tribal Council
**Example Names:**
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A tribal society of devoted warriors ruled by three Scepters, one from each of the major phyles. The Tollam need not concern themselves with agriculture due to a first-age artefact called the Fostrian which allows them to convert any material into nourishing food. Over generations the effects of the first age Fostrian food and a process of natural selection has led to a distinctive Tollam sub-species; 7-9 foot tall with powerful builds and anatomical augmentations such as stronger bones and enhanced internal organs. The Tollam augment these evolutionary advantages by donning thick full plate armour and charging into battle like living tanks.

Stahleri: Warrior
Fosters: Tenders of the Fostrian

Tollam Gear: Tollam use their size and strength to craft and wield massive weapons and armour which would be impractical for non-Tollam use. Cleaver blades, ballistic shields and warplate armour for example are demonstrations of the strength and stamina of their wielders.

Notes: Martial prowess, loyalty, and legacy – While warfare shapes much of Tollam society, loyalty and the retention of lore and record of exploits are also valued, hence the Skalds and the Cadence. Germanic.