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Subin flag

Capital: Subin
Demonym: Subinese
Ruler: Nerqahn
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  • A hedonistic island nation devoted to pleasure and excess and enabled by first age relics. A nation where rule is by the most beautiful and cunning, and the people are controlled by an incredible variety of potent drugs. The Subinese are formed from a Libertine devoted offshoot of the Silent and the Singers of the Imperium.
  • Subin is a culture of pleasure and power, and power in Subin revolves around addiction, both physical and psychological. Accordingly the leadership of Subin is composed of charisma and chemists in equal parts. Subinese manual labourers and soldiers are universally addicted to a variety of substances and, given the lack of stigma attached, few ever seek to leave such a state. It is only through encounters with outsiders that most Subinese encounter the concepts of sobriety. Even then, and despite the negative effects of many Subinese drugs, few seek to escape the chains of addiction, and fewer still survive the process.

The powerful drugs of Subin have a terrible cost for those who cease taking them. A typical addict experiencing sobriety for the first time can expect a variety of awful withdrawal symptoms and most spend weeks or months swinging between suicidal catatonia and hysterical rage.

  • The Alchemists of Subin are masters of chemistry, capable of manipulating human and non-human biology with engineered precision and artistic grace.
  • Nehep: The Subinese leveraged the outcome of the war between Nehep and Ossandria to expand their ketha cults and plant seeds of control within Nehep.
  • Subin, the capital city of Subin, is built atop the skeleton of the first age Sige city of Subinar. The original inhabitants of Subinar died in a mass plague and the city lay unoccupied for centuries before being resettled.
  • Subin slaves are typically addicts, enslaved via powerful drugs for a variety of purposes. Anyone can become a slave to Ketha
  • Many Subinese hold a belief in reincarnation.

*The Ardea: An order of warriors who serve Subin, including a number of Tamaa.

Kaya/Cannibis as a spiritual cleanser (ala Rasta)
Psyclobin Mushrooms and Psychodelics as a core feature of Subinese culture
The Tasp (reference to Niven) is a rare but powerful and highly sought after device. It is a self-grafting first age device which allows the user to manipulate the pleasure centers of another being. This can be done overtly or covertly, allowing for subtle conditioning of targets.

Rough Notes
The Island of Singers. A remnant of the first age in many ways, as the Singers here are obsessed with pleasure. This obsession sometimes takes on a darker tone as the Subin are often bored with the mundane pleasures of the flesh. Subin survives due to its isolation more than any military might. It maintains only a passing army, and it interacts with other nations only sporadically. They are one of the larger purchasers of slaves and they have access to considerable resource wealth. The island is closer to a city state, with only a few settlements. The true pleasure seekers are amongst the royal class, who are served by an indoctrinated and intoxicated underclass of farmers and craftspeople. .

Subin rulers are largely those who are the most beautiful and with the fiercest will to overcome their addictions. Accordingly their ruling class is composed of the unusually attractive and the fiercely independent. This has created a society of constant intrigue between various cliques.

The use of seduction and sex and diverse other physical pleasures as a political tool are raised to an artform amongst the Subin.

The Subinese army is another victim of the ruling classes used of narcotic addiction, with corps of frenzied soldiers who utilize powerful painkillers and hallucinogens to increase their ferocity and durability. This is insufficient to make the Subinese more than a notional threat however, and the sovereignty of the Subinese is largely thanks to their isolated island location. The nearest neighbour is Nehep which is not inclined or capable of launching an invasion.

One of the side-effects of the Subinese obsession with drugs and pleasure is a high level of anatomical and physiological knowledge. Some of the best surgeons and doctors in Aeldos hail from Subin, including artist surgeons who can ‘enhance’ the physical features of their patients using a combination of deft surgery and skilled application of various drugs.

Poison Maidens or Vishakanyas are a uniquely Subinese political tool. These beautiful young women are treated regularly with rare toxins and poisons using first age technology and techniques. Initially maidens are given the ability to incapacitate or intoxicate their enemies but over several years their toxicity increases until they are possessed of a touch that can impart lethal toxicity. These maidens are typically trained in secret and used as assassin-concubines to kill their enemies.

Subin Gear: As an isolated nation with a cultural aversion to war Subinese eschew practical armament with most examples elaborate and exquisite but impractical. Most of their combat comes at sea or through mercenaries. Naval officers wear clever uniforms and rely on ranged weaponry but fall back on Nehepi melee gear and armour. Subinese guards and the limited soldier class are frequently found wearing plated armour and wielding thin and heavily embellished blades.

Notes: Pleasure, experience, and submission. The Subinese are true cyrenaic hedonists, connoisseurs of pleasure interested in the pursuit of all possible pleasures and the encouragement of others to do likewise. India, America