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Index of Completed Records


Herd Animals

Natural Predators

Pseudo or Proto-homonids


The Bestiary contains a record of the beasts, creatures, monstrous aberrations of Aeldos. This record is sorted into the following types:

Domara are tame, adaptive, or placid creatures of generally negligible risk to humans.

-Auroch: Enormous and powerful bovids used by Ossandrians and Tollam for food and labour. Common Theria.
-Brontling: Enormous herbivores almost entirely lost to the creeping sands. Rare Megatherka.
-Cephalapea: Flying squid-like creatures which sustain lift via lighter-than-air pouches. Rare Theria Volat.
-Dactarg: Colossal mostly docile tree eating mammal. Uncommon Megatherka.
-Daedon: Enormous boars with herd mentality found throughout Aeldos. Common Megatherka.
Domesticated[doesn’t exist]: Aeldan humans have tamed a wide range of creatures. This entry lists a variety of examples.
-Immanitherium: Gargantuan thick skinned and docile ungulates. Uncommon Megatherka.
-Kirna: Cervids imbued with arcane healing abilities. Rare Divinara (OXO).
-Leputherium: Large herbivorous rodents also known as Lagomorph Rex. Common Megatherka.
-Magnachilis: Huge territorial cervids with immense antlers. Rare Megatherka.
-Pax: Enormous twin-tailed eyeless birds capable of emotional projection. Rare Divinara Volat (OXO).
-Pitkalange: Six limbed Syrinal omnivore possibly related to Grommen and Bellatori. Uncommon Aberrant Theria
-Rhinock: Large durable horned ungulates resistant to attempts at domestication. Common Megatherka.
-Sneevler: A soft skinned mischievous mammal somehow able to traverse space instantaneously. Rare Theria.
-Vangris: Large docile barrel shaped semi-aquatic rodent. Common Theria.
-Ventacor: Snake bodied opportunistic desert quadruped. Uncommon Theria.
-Whiptrap Twelve limbed animate sessile fungoid and aural predator. Rare Veridan.

Ferus are fierce or feral creatures which represent a marginal danger to humans.

Ferus[doesn’t exist]
-Babaecalus: Large bird beaked biped with powerful build. Believed to be related to Skalrot. Rare Artefactum Vorax.
-Bacoon: Cruel semi-sentient jungle carnivores known to hunt in packs. Common Theria.
-Boneskipper: Large insectile marrow eaters rife with debilitating disease. Uncommon Theria.
-Brog: Foul smelling bog-dwelling scavengers, capable of primitive tool use. Uncommon Anthromorpha Theria.
-Burster: Volatile barbed amphibian capable of expelling defensive quills with force. Rare Theria.
-Byrnoc: Aggressive semi-intelligent flying serpents with necrotic poison. Uncommon Theria Volat.
-Drake: Large opportunistic reptiles with lethal bacterial saliva. Uncommon Theria.
-Flitter: Dangerous swarming insectiles with toxic barbed tails and voracious appetites. Common Theria.
-Grot: Foul and cannibalistic scavenger pests found across Aeldos. Common Theria.
-Hexagorge: Carnivorous six limbed arachno-reptilian ambush predator with lethal saliva. Uncommon Theria.
-Naga: Reclusive sapient salt-water serpents. Rare Theria.
-Pyre Beetle: Large carnivorous coleoptera drawn by all forms of heat. Common Theria.
-Setarg: Enormous semi-bipedal hoof footed creature with jagged teeth and lethal claws. Rare Aberrant Vorax.
-Skalrot: Large semi-bipedal carnivorous rodents with skeletal faces. Uncommon Anthromorpha Vorax.
-Skulk: Territorial opportunistic bog beasts with a taste for meat. Uncommon Anthromorpha Veridan.
-Sujalat: Voracious and solitary biped known to lay dormant for centuries. Extinct Artefactum Vorax.
-Velonacula: Agile desert therapod pack hunters. Uncommon Theria.
-Vocovore: Eyeless serpentine tongue eaters. Rare Artefactum.
-Yeligwi: Bat faced climbing mammals and opportunistic predators. Uncommon Theria.

Dirus are dire or dangerous creatures which represent a critical threat to humans.

Dirus[doesn’t exist]
-Atrox: Large, semi-bipedal and territorial thick skinned mammals. Rare Theria.
-Cythral: Horrific skull faced corruptions. Aenigma.
Faeles: Family of sapient felines found in and around Selene. Common Artefactum Theria.
-Fugan: Enormous flying aberrations known for eating horses and their riders whole. Rare Aberrant Vorax Artefactum.
-Glutor: Insatiable devourers driven by constant hunger and capable of digesting anything. Uncommon Vorax Divinara (AIA).
-Grommen: Clever six limbed pack predators from the Syrinal family. Common Aberrant Theria Divinara (OTO).
-Karcharoena: Prowling biomechanical horrors that stalk the creeping sands. Uncommon Artefactum Vorax.
-Karnak: Biomechanical First Age weapon and offspring; Hemato, Anthro, and Cerebrophage. Unique Artefactum Anthromorpha.
-Kelthia: Massed semi-sentient jungle vines with aphrodisiac spores. Rare Anthromorpha Veridan.
-Merrow: Aggressive humanoid amphibians believed to be related to Brogs. Uncommon Anthromorpha Vorax.
-Mistborn: Ephemeral entities capable of inhabiting attire in order to mimic material life. Rare Divinara (IVI)
-Svertverm: Spongey bodied acid spewing hexapod. Uncommon Theria.
-Tesataros: Blanket term for otherwise unique quadrapedal entities. Unique Artefactum.
-Tyrn: Large bipedal saurischian scavengers. Uncommon Theria
-Ursu: Huge solitary and territorial ursine mutations capable of great destruction. Uncommon Divinara (AMA)
-Uzhas: Eyeless spine crested carnivore. Unique Artefactum Vorax
-Wyrms: Colonies of predatory gestalt consciousness ‘worms’ capable of acting en mass and possessing an alien intelligence. Uncommon Aberrant Vorax.

Calamitas are calamitous creatures which represent a catastrophic threat to humans.

Calamitas[doesn’t exist]
-Cambion: Unique corrupted entities. Aenigma
-Castleback: Creatures with eponymous enormity of size spoken of in stories of the first age. Extinct Aenigma.
-Evicar: Vicious and resilient tripedal predators that destroy settlements and ecosystems. Rare Vorax.
-Omens: Unique celestial engines of war. Unique Divinara Vorax.
-Roga: Immense bio-mineral juggernauts. Rare Divinara (OTO).
-Ryong: … Unique Divinara (Vox).