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First Age Weaponry

“A sword does not care who it serves, only that it cuts.”
– Ishtigar

A grim truth of the modern age is that of all the technologies of the Urul, their weaponry is the most highly sought after. From firearms that can cast a bolt of metal across a battlefield and through a dozen soldiers in the blink of an eye, to blades that can cut through steel as easily as water, to traps and grenades that can rend a person to ribbons, the Urul had no dearth of methods for killing. Unfortunately for the bloodthirsty, few of the precursors weapons have survived to the modern age intact, making them valuable advantages for anyone to possess in combat. Unless otherwise noted the information given below represents fully functional artefacts.


No first age weapon is quite so feared as the Firearm or Canna. Capable of killing a plate clad warrior from beyond unaided sight, the thunderous report of a Canna is enough to make the most battle hardened warrior seek shelter. Relatively simple to use, but difficult to master and expensive to maintain, Urul Firearms are potent weapons capable of propelling specially crafted bullets at enormous velocities using arcane forces. Crafted from alloys and materials that generate a structured but mutable energy field which, when paired with a helion power source, can be shaped to cast munitions afield, the materials used in Urul firearms have proven impossible to replicate by modern means. Even the most advanced attempts to replicate the technology using modern designs and materials almost invariably end in disaster. As a result, every surviving firearm is a true relic of the first age, restored to operation by skilled Tinkers from either a single recovered device, or dozens of them pieced together with enormous precision.
The indiscriminate power of the Canna has led them to be prohibited in many locales and cultures; while many lords are willing to permit outsiders to carry blades or bows, few are willing to risk one armed with a device that can breach the very walls of their keep. In the case of tactical weapons such as Thunderers, the mere approach of such a weapon can be considered an act of war.
The culture most associated with firearms is Victra, where the early ruler of the culture uncovered a vault filled with hundreds of operational Canna, granting the nation martial supremacy over many of its neighbors. Selene also fields a sizable number of the tactical Thunderers on their defense force of Battlejacks and Warjacks. These warmachines have proven adept at repelling entire Ossandrian legions with embarrassing ease.

Firearm Type Damage Capacity Reload Traits Description
Hand Canna 6d 6-12 Piercing, priceless, prohibited 1 Rd A handheld firearm that can be easily wielded at close or medium ranges. Sacrifices range and power for maneuverability.
Longonn 9d 6-20 Piercing, priceless, prohibited 2 Rd A two-handed firearm that is excellent for medium to long range engagements. Sacrifices maneuverability for power and range.
Thunderer 12d 6 Piercing, priceless, prohibited 6 Rd Manual, 2 Rd CJ A deadly heavy firearm that launches 2-8kg bullets capable of bringing down walls and shattering shield formations. Capable of indirect fire. Primarily found on large Battlejacks though the Victrans can field a handful using a team of dedicated soldiers.
Mighty Thunderer 18d 3 Piercing, priceless, prohibited, explosive 4 Rd CJ A legendary Thunderer capable of launching 15kg explosive shells. The only version known to have survived to the third age is wielded by the Selenian defensive Warjack Menchit.
Hailfire Thunderer 9d 3 rds / 6 Burst Piercing, priceless, prohibited, automatic 10 Rd Manual, 3 Rd CJ A weapon seen only on advanced Battlejacks, the Hailfire Thunderer is capable of firing a constant stream of projectiles without reloading, shredding targets in short order.

Folding Weapons

Folding weapons, as with other folding technology, utilize a complex construction that uses a folding design to store large volumes and surface areas within a small space. Folding technology utilizes adaptive somatic systems, highly charge-flexible materials with shape memory, magneto-gravetic manipulators and joiners and finely tuned helion power supplies to collapse a full sized broadsword or spear into a simple hilt or grip. This makes folding weapons subtle, stealthy, and reduces the encumbrance, making them a pragmatic choice for adventurers. A warrior with a folding blade carries less weight, is less obviously armed and can surprise unprepared opponents when combat breaks out. Even more important to most warriors, the rare materials and necessarily advanced crafting makes folding weapons more lethal and durable than later age weapons. Nearly any bladed weapon can be converted to a folding blade by a skilled mechanist or tinker.
Mechanics: Folding weapons gain the trait Hidden and also receive a +1 to damage. The cost of folding weapons varies but can range from 10 to 20 times the standard price for the base weapon.
Example Folding Weapons: Dagger, Shortsword, Shortbow, Longsword, Greatsword, Staff, Spear


Sandblades are crystalline edged weapons of unparalleled sharpness, designed to inflict debilitating wounds. The razor sharp but brittle blade almost always shatters on insertion, leaving the wound filled with grit. Even worse for potential victims, the sand in the blade can be infused with toxins or specific reagents to harm resilient enemies. In most instances the technology behind the blade causes it to regrow over the next hour but rumors of sandblades capable of regrowing rapidly persist. Sandblades are rarely found outside Nehep and are often in various states of disrepair.
Mechanics: Fully functional Sandblades inflict critical on 19 and 20 and can be infused with toxins by simple immersion. The rate of blade regeneration depends on the state of the weapon.
Example Sandblade Types: Dagger, Stilleto, Shortsword, Rapier, Bayonet

Sige Weapons

According to legend, the Urul faction known as the Sige were masters of First Age technology and weapons built by the Sige are said to possess hidden abilities that can only be unlocked by individuals with the right heritage and skill. This is done through a process known as Calibration, a careful realignment of the weapon’s helion that unlocks the new features. While the process of improvement requires special traits and talents, the weapon’s new abilities can be accessed by any user with at least 1 point in a related weapons Focus Skill.
Mechanics: The weapons listed below can be Calibrated by a character who possesses the Sige Advanced Calling. This character must make a Calibration check, an extended Intellect or Intuition + Technology against the new level of the weapon multiplied by 20. For example, Calibrating a Gravity Spear to the third level requires 60 cumulative successes (3 x 20). Once a weapon has been advanced to a new level it remains at that level regardless of the wielder. Unless otherwise stated, higher level bonuses replace lower level ones and are not cumulative (e.g. a Level 5 Helion Blade has +2 Damage and +3 Armour piercing)

Helion Blade

A sword using fitted Helion and an array of filaments woven throughout the material to charge the blade, granting it the ability to carve through armour and inflict grievous wounds on foes. Requires a Grace of 3 to wield without risk of injury; wielders with less than 3 Grace injure themselves on any critical failure.
Damage: Based on sword type

Level 1

  • Shear I: +2 Armour Piercing
  • Spark Blade: 1/combat ignore ½ target armour. Target rolls Power vs. 15 and suffers -1 penalty to actions for rounds = to failure. Machines roll vs. difficulty 20

Level 2

  • Slice I: +1 Damage

Level 3

  • Shear II: +3 Armour Piercing
  • Charge Blade: 1/combat ignore ½ target armour. Target rolls power vs. 18 and suffers -2 penalty to actions for rounds = to failure. Machines roll vs. difficulty 23.

Level 4

  • Slice II: +2 Damage

Level 5

  • Charged Edge: Blade now criticals on 19
  • Lightning Blade: 1/combat ignore target armour. Target rolls power vs. 20 and suffers -3 penalty to actions for rounds = to failure. Machines roll vs. difficulty 25.

Tremor Hammer

A massive Orick warhammer capable of devastating the sturdiest of foes and which can be cast against the ground to create tremors and quakes. Requires power of 4 to wield.
Damage: 8D

Level 1

  • Reverberate: Ignore ½ of armour on hard armoured targets. Level x/combat uses

Level 2

  • Smash I:Damage to objects and the environment is doubled.

Level 3

  • Tremul: 1/combat the hammer can be used to create a minor local tremor requiring all combatants to make a successful grace check or suffer -2 to actions

Level 4

  • Smash II: Damage to objects and the environment is quadrupled.

Level 5

  • Quake: 1/combat the hammer can create a punishing blow that reverberates through multiple opponents – attack damages all enemies in 5m range.

Gravity Spear

A deadly first age spear which uses a Helion core to generate gravity fields which can cast enemies back and unmoor them from the ground. Requires an Intellect of 3 to wield without affecting allies.
Damage: 5D, +2 Parry

Level 1

  • Repel: 1/combat command a repelling force which knocks an opponent back. Target rolls Grace + Athletics to remain standing or be knocked prone.

Level 2

  • Burst: 1/combat command a kinetic burst at a single enemy. Target must roll Power + Athletics. They are cast a number of meters = to failure spread.

Level 3

  • Great Repel: Repel now affects all enemies within 5m.
  • Ayr’s Arrow: 1/combat the spear can be thrown with incredible force. +5 to thrown attack. All excess successes count as additional damage.

Level 4

  • Blast: Burst now affects up to 3 enemies
  • Elevate: 1/combat the spear can be planted in the ground to generate an antigravity effect 5m in radius. Though anyone touching the spear is unaffected all others are left helplessly floating in air for 1d10 rounds (-3 to actions)

Level 5

  • Ayr’s Lance: As Ayr’s Arrow but +10 to thrown attack
  • Barrier: Spear can be planted in the ground to project an anti-projectile shield in a 5m radius that lasts 3 rounds.


A Sige variant of a firearm that combines features of both crossbow and canna, Longshots are versatile weapons which can propel bolts and bullets with incredible force and accuracy across tremendous distances. Where Canna utilize material generated fields in the barrel of the weapon to propel ammunition, Longshots generate a variable ‘cable-field’ which acts somewhat akin to a crossbow cable. This design allows the weapon to utilize a greater range of ammunitions, propel them at more variable velocities, and impart additional rotational forces to direct a shot along an altered trajectory. Longshot bolts must be specially crafted to survive the high velocities.
Damage: 8D, Reload 1rd

Level 1

  • Guidance: The user of the longshot can sacrifice up to 6 damage for an equivalent bonus to hit the enemy. Can be used Longshot level x/combat

Level 2

  • Simple Scope: +1 to hit

Level 3

  • Scattershot: The longshot ammo can be set to fragment peppering nearby enemies with shrapnel. 1/combat a single shot can be fired at close range. Enemies who fail grace defense suffer 4D and are stunned for 1 round.

Level 4

  • Advanced Scope: +2 to hit, Autoloader feature

Level 5

  • Antijack: Using special Orick ammunition the Longshot can cast a bolt that rips through most armour. The weapon must be emplaced and the attack suffers a -5 due to the recoil but all damage is doubled (Natural 20s are Quadrupled)

Traps and Grenades

The Urul utilized a wide array of clever and devastating area denial and area effect weapons, a few of which are listed below. Unless otherwise stated, the devices below can be deployed as either a trap or grenade. These devices are rare; Only the most wealthy or powerful figures can afford to spare helion for such limited use devices.

Triggers: Motion, Proximity
Modes: Thrown, Planted, Omni-surface


An innocuous device the size of an apple but wrapped in razor sharp wire. When triggered the device unfolds rapidly in a shearing motion causing a half dozen long spinning wires (akin to binding wire) to lash out in a windmill, shredding anything in range. Buzzwire inflicts extremely gruesome and debilitating wounds.


A small polyhedral device that emits a deep and disconcerting noise that causes intense nausea and disorientation in most organic entities within three meters. The effect lasts as long as victims stay near the device. Outside the radius the sound of the Growler, a deep and pulsating tone, is what gives it its name.


Dizzy’s are similar to Growlers but uses a disorienting mix of light which dazes victims within eye sight, causing dizziness and nausea.

Solar Spike

A device composed of one or many rare crystalline facets that can be arranged to affect a specific target area or opened to face all directions, when triggered the Spike releases a burst of intense energy in the form of light and intense heat. Depending on the charge this can do anything from blinding or immobilizing targets to disintegrate them.


A device charged by lightning (natural or shaper born) which discharges an intense electrical current in an area, electrocuting enemies within range.


A device which emits a clever chemical compound that causes hypersensitivity in the victim’s experience of all smells and taste. A few particles of *any* scent become nausea inducingly strong and the smell of the modern battlefield becomes paralyzing.