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Helion Engine

Also Known As: Engine, Motor, Lux.-Ukaha, Muj.-Fayong, Vic.-Inneall

A machine capable of converting the seemingly limitless energy of refined Helion crystals into mechanical, thermal, or electromagnetic energy.

At the heart of every advanced mechanical technology lies some form of the Helion Engine. These devices translate the mysterious ambient energy field produced by Helion into usable energy, typically mechanical but also thermal, and electromagnetic, enabling a wide variety of civil, industrial, and military uses. From small and relatively weak hand portable units that can be used to for carving and detailed craft to enormous highly engineered and incredibly powerful traction engines that can pull hundreds of tonnes worth of goods and supplies across the landscape. The Helion requirements for an engine are largely a factor of the size and needed torque, with large engines requiring proportionally more Helion to operate correctly.

While the underlying engineering principles behind the creation of Helion Engines is relatively well understood, the actual mechanisms of Helion energy remain highly debated.

The widespread use of these potent artefacts are limited by both the high engineering tolerances required for their creation and more importantly by the scarcity of Helion itself. As a result functional engines are highly valued, and often play a pivotal role in a given locales industry.

Here are a few examples of types of Engine that can be found in locales across Aeldos:

Traction Engine: Perhaps the best known type of engine are those used in road locomotives. These wheel mounted vehicular engines are used by a small number of militaries and trade companies to move heavy loads across the landscape and are capable of pulling massive amounts of cargo the vast distances between cities and outposts.

Civil Engine: Large and complex engines used to power infrastructures in fortunate cities and outposts. Civil engines power lights, heaters, elevators, and other low intensity/high availability energy needs. A single civil engine is typically connected to outputs via hidden energy conduits.

Industrial Engine: Used in a variety of settings for industrial purposes, these engines are typically large and stationary and a single engine is typically designed to provide a range of energy types to an array of facilities and tools. This type of engine is used across the continent, from resource extraction and refinement in Svertheim to assembly factorum in Victra. These engines provide incredible advantages when properly leveraged, powering mines, smelters, lifters, conveyors, thermal tools, and numerous other tools and facilities. A single Industrial engine is typically connected to numerous outputs via hidden energy conduits.

Relics and Clatterjacks
Many relics incorporate their own advanced Helion Engines in order to enable their incredible feats; Foundries, Looms, Armourers, and Aerials all utilize integrated engines for power. All Clatterjacks integrate highly specialized and often miniaturized engines.