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Website Last Updated: February 20, 2018
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  • Advanced Calling: Vaeti
  • Quasi-Humans: Bellatori
  • Other Changes: New navigation implemented on index pages (See Bestiary and Cultures pages for examples)

What is Aeldos?

The world of Aeldos is vast, a super-continent populated by numerous cultures, nations, characters, and creatures. The shared mythology of Aeldos tells of a cruel and rapacious creator known alternately as the One or the First, a terrible celestial entity who shaped the world and populated it with all manner of beast solely for its own amusement. Clever humans, unique among the beasts, became a prized target for this venal god, suffering a long age of torment at the hands of the One and its vicious creations. Hunted, maimed and tortured, humanity seemed destined for eternal anguish. Salvation came in the form of a group of young gods known as the Ayr. These potent celestial beings went to war against the One, casting it down, and guiding humanity into a golden age. A grand unifying empire arose and humanity ascended to rulership over Aeldos, patiently guided by the Ayr, who became objects of worship. But the age of light and prosperity washed piety, humility, and reason from humanity. Growing greedy and envious of their gods they turned on the Ayr, killing, binding, or otherwise banishing them from the world. In recompense the Ayr cursed humanity, casting it back into a dark age of plagues, war, and ignorance. It is now the fourth age and humanity has clawed its back from the brink after millennia of strife. While the world remains a perilous place and the future very much uncertain a new age of adventure dawns…

Aeldos is an original fantasy world. On this page you can find a comprehensive and ever growing Codex for reference.

In Aeldos you can…

  • Encounter a variety of technologies powered by Helion, a rare crystal believed to have been crafted by the lost human progenitor empire. This includes a variety of artefacts of the ancient empire, from data storage devices known as Luminar to potent firearms known as Canna to mechanical sapients known as Artilects.
  • Explore a vast and lethal wilderness filled with bizarre predatory creatures, cruel savages, mad cultists, deadly weather and ancient mysteries.
  • Discover a myth-history based around a cruel creator and a pantheon of liberating celestials known as the Ayr
  • Engage with a variety of speculative technologies and an original system of magic inspired by modern physics, biology, and psychology.
  • Create a character that hails form one of the distinct Aeldan cultures, many inspired by human history…

    • Ossandria: A grand miltary empires united under a holy Imperator
    • Victra: A mercantile nation ruled by squabbling aristocratic houses
    • Nehep: An ancient desert dominion in decline, struggling against imperial rule
    • Subin: A hedonistic island nation devoted to pleasure and excess and enabled by first age relics.
    • Mujin: A reclusive country of warlords plagued by an arcane mist filled with monsters
    • Lux: A vast and semi-nomadic democracy threatened by the imperialism of others
    • Selene: A dense city-state, in possession of a variety of technology far in advance of the rest of Aeldos
    • Badlands: A vast swath of ruined land ruled over by warrior tribes, raiders, and the half-mad.
    • Svertheim: A sprawling alliance of feudal states nestled in the forests, plains, and mountains of northern Aeldos
    • Vandar: A disparate country of anarchistic and liberty obsessed clans unified only by language.
    • Granden: An ambitious theocratic monarchy descended from the Vandar and built on the discovery of lost artefact technology.

…plus ample room for player defined minor dominions; kingdoms, clans, tribal villages and more lingering at the edges of the great cultures.

  • Or create a character of more exotic origins, a member of one the other sapient Aeldan species including…

    • The Bellatori, a rare and alien race of hunter-warriors gifted with preternatural grace and a genetic martial capacity
    • The Heliar, Artilects gifted with self-awareness and self-determination
    • The Kaeki, blind quasi-humans gifted with perception of the world of force and probability rather than matter and light
    • The Oneiri, diminutive dream crafters gifted with abnormal intellect and intuition
    • The Tamaa, androgyne humanoids with plant like features, gifted with alluring beauty and personality
    • The Tollam, powerful quasi-humans gifted with strength, resilience, and an unending appetite for battle

  • Join or challenge numerous pre-existing organizations, mercenary and trading companies, governments, clandestine organizations, temples and monasteries, honour societies and more.
  • Choose from a variety of Callings for your character including base callings such as Alchemist, Aristocrat, Dancer, Diplomat, Drudge, Entertainer, Explorer, Fighter, Gambler, Guard, Handler, Hunter, Lorekeeper, Merchant, Savage, Soldier, Spy, Surgeon, Thief, Tinker, and Trader as well as dozens of advanced and legendary callings for characters to grow towards.

Aeldos is under continuous development, with new lore, characters, creatures, and stories expanding the world. This project is still in an alpha state with considerable visual and textual work to do.

The purpose of this website is to organize and present information for the author, participants in virtual tabletop role playing, and those interested in passive and interactive fiction, within Aeldos.

Feel free to check out the Rules page for more crunchy content.

Current Metrics
6 Unique sapient species
23 Unique wild species
12 Cultures
21 Archetypal callings
31 Advanced setting specific callings
3 Arcane callings
6 Species specific callings
… and a lot of other stuff.

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